Fanny & Alexander Box Set

Fanny & Alexander Box Set

DVD (Special Edition / Wide Screen)

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Honored writer and director Ingmar Bergman's final masterpiece, Fanny & Alexander, gets a long-awaited deluxe DVD treatment thanks to this magnificent five-disc release from The Criterion Collection. Every inch of this release, from the DVD menu design to the box set packaging, is a perfect example of the classic Criterion style. Things get off to a roaring start with the full-length (312-minute) version of the film broadcast on Swedish television in 1984. This version, which is Bergman's preferred cut of the film, has never been available on home video in the U.S. The film's 1.66:1 aspect ratio looks stunning, and the film, which is split up on two discs, features remarkably sharp picture quality and audio done in an all-new high-definition digital transfer. The second disc features one of the set's first hidden gems -- a new documentary titled "A Bergman Tapestry." This nearly 40-minute retrospective features new interviews with many of the surviving cast and crew members from Fanny & Alexander. Next up is the more familiar 188-minute theatrical cut of the film. While the picture and audio mix appears the same, this disc features an insightful commentary from film scholar Peter Cowie and the film's original theatrical trailer. Between the television and theatrical versions, fans with time to spare can finally compare and contrast the two very different versions of the same story. The set's final two discs consist of a treasure trove of rare items sure to thrill Bergman enthusiasts. First, there is the long-awaited Bergman-directed feature-length documentary The Making of Fanny & Alexander. In the documentary, the viewer has the rare opportunity to get a glimpse into Bergman's on-set behavior, his attention to detail, and his relationship with actors. Next up is a Swedish television special titled Ingmar Bergman Bids Farewell to Film in which we see a very relaxed Bergman lounging on a couch as he discusses his childhood, his career, and why he quit making films. A stills gallery, sketches of the film's Oscar-winning costume design, and video footage of Anna Asp's set designs round off this fourth disc. The fifth and final disc features a fascinating special made once again for Swedish television, only this time in 2003, when we see the 85-year-old director looking back on 11 of his films and offering thoughts on what those films meant to him when he made them and what they mean to him today. For several of the films, the original U.S. theatrical trailers are included. As if all this were not enough, Criterion has included a beautifully made booklet containing choice photos from the film and essays from film critics and writers from around the world. An outstanding DVD package for an outstanding film, Criterion's five-disc Fanny & Alexander will be a prized possession for any serious cinemagoer.

Product Details

Release Date: 11/16/2004
UPC: 0037429197622
Original Release: 0000
Rating: R
Source: Criterion
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Time: 5:12:00
Sales rank: 36,283

Special Features

New, restored high-definition digital transfers; Ingmar Bergman's feature-length documentary The Making of Fanny Alexander, presented here for the first time on DVD in a new high-definition digital transfer; "Ingmar Bergman Bids Farewell to Film," a one-hour conversation between Bergman and Nils Petter Sundgren made for Swedish television in 1984; Audio commentary on the theatrical version by film scholar Peter Cowie; "A Bergman Tapestry," a new documentary featuring exclusive interviews with cast and crew; Rare introductions by Bergman to 11 of his films; A selection of Bergman theatrical trailers; Costume sketches and video footage of the models for the film's sets; Optional English-dubbed soundtrack on the theatrical version; Stills gallery; New and improved English subtitle translations; 36-page booklet featuring new essays by documentarian and film historian Stig Björkman, novelist Rick Moody, and film scholar Paul Arthur

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Fanny & Alexander
1. Prologue [7:30]
2. The Christmas Play [5:40]
3. Celebration and Preparations [6:32]
4. The Big World and the Little World [3:22]
5. The Family Arrives [4:30]
6. Christmas Dinner [8:37]
7. Fireworks [5:49]
8. Bedtime / After the Meal [8:29]
9. Magic Lantern [4:16]
10. The Emperor's Chair [7:40]
11. Helena and Isak [8:03]
12. Maj and Gustav Adolf [5:11]
13. Lydia and Carl [8:48]
14. Alma and Gustav Adolf [:37]
15. Christmas Morning [4:07]
16. Credits [3:13]
1. Rehearsal [7:12]
2. Oscar Takes Ill [8:13]
3. Deathbed [8:54]
4. Grief [2:42]
5. Condolences [6:30]
6. Funeral / The Ghost [4:32]
7. Leaving the Theater [8:18]
8. Lies and an Announcement [10:20]
9. A New Home [6:10]
10. Marriage and Concerns [3:48]
11. Acting Hamlet [8:17]
Disc #2 -- Fanny & Alexander
1. Maj's Troubles [6:33]
2. Poor Children [7:17]
3. Justina's Story [2:03]
4. Ghostly Visit [6:43]
5. Punishment [10:27]
6. Emilie's Confession [4:34]
7. Ghosts In the Attic [3:28]
8. Discussing Maj [8:57]
9. A Family Divided [6:44]
10. Credits [:01]
1. Rescue [9:45]
2. Safe Haven [3:01]
3. Isak's Tale [8:17]
4. Cards On the Table [15:51]
5. The Ghost Returns [3:38]
6. A Long Night [4:18]
7. Aron and Alexander [7:09]
8. Emilie's Revenge [1:55]
9. Ismael and Alexander [5:48]
10. Unfortunate Circumstances [4:09]
11. Return To the Theater [3:10]
12. Epilogue: Christening [7:59]
13. New Beginnings [5:43]
14. A Dream Play [2:55]
Disc #3 -- Fanny & Alexander
1. Prologue [5:03]
2. The Christmas Play [6:13]
3. Celebrations and Preparations [2:39]
4. The Big World and the Little World [3:40]
5. The Family Arrives [4:30]
6. Christmas Dinner / Fireworks [4:54]
7. Bedtime [4:53]
8. Magic Lantern [3:42]
9. Helena and Isak [7:14]
10. Kaj and Gustav Adolf [4:49]
11. Lydia and Carl [4:33]
12. Christmas Morning [5:21]
13. Oscar Takes Ill [9:38]
14. Deathbed [5:25]
15. Grief [2:42]
16. Funeral / The Ghost [4:21]
17. Lies and an Announcement [8:50]
18. A New Home [4:47]
19. Marriage and Concerns [:42]
20. Acting Hamlet [2:07]
21. Ghostly Visit [7:38]
22. Poor Children [5:03]
23. Maj's Troubles [5:59]
24. Justina's Story [2:41]
25. Punishment [2:03]
26. Emilie's Confession [10:34]
27. Discussing Maj [3:34]
28. Rescue [5:21]
29. Safe Haven [8:27]
30. The Ghost Returns [2:24]
31. A Long Night [3:38]
32. Aron and Alexander [3:48]
33. Emilie's Revenge [5:39]
34. Ismael and Alexander [1:55]
35. Unfortunate Circumstances [5:47]
36. Christening [2:41]
37. New Beginnings [5:10]
38. A Dream Play [4:47]
39. Credits [2:54]
Disc #4 -- Fanny & Alexander
1. Saying Hello [3:12]
2. Pillow Fight [3:56]
3. Uppsala [7:45]
4. Blocking [8:57]
5. Camera Movement [7:26]
6. Condolences [7:36]
7. The Christening [4:19]
8. The Puppet Theater [4:16]
9. Christmas Dinner [9:48]
10. Through the Doorway [2:07]
11. The Dolls / The Mummy [5:00]
12. Alexander and Ismael [6:59]
13. Hamlet [4:10]
14. Gunnar Björnstrand [18:52]
15. Funeral [3:27]
16. "Die, You Devil!" [7:10]
17. Fire [1:14]
18. Last Day [3:20]
1. "Like Drilling For Water" [7:37]
2. Bergman's Childhood [7:40]
3. Celebration of Life [9:04]
4. The Bishop / Dogmatism [6:13]
5. Listening [4:39]
6. Children and Grownups [4:26]
7. Life and Death [10:24]
8. Centerpiece / The Women [8:59]

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Fanny & Alexander Box Set 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
drewski4134 More than 1 year ago
I stumbled across Fanny and Alexander by pure coincidence on a popular movie database website. I thought the story seemed very interesting, so I decided to give it a try. I luckily got the Criterion boxed set version on sale at a local Barnes and Noble for 50% off, so I couldn't let the opportunity pass. The boxed set comes with the theatrical 188 minute version, which to be honest, falls short of what the television version has to offer, which clocks in at a staggering 312 minutes. I was a little intimidated at first, with the very long length, but let me be the first to tell you that I became so absorbed in the film, that the movie seemed to almost end too soon. The way Bergman fleshes out his characters, is something that every aspiring director wishes they could do, and he does so, seemingly effortlessly. It is beautifully acted by a cast that really makes you feel like the film you are watching, is real. But the one thing that stood out to me the most, was Sven Nykvist's beautiful cinematography. The way he captures emotion is, in my opinion, perfect. From long takes in the theater, where the camera hardly moves at all, to the intricate dolly shots he uses inside the estate, he never ceases to amaze. I don't want to talk about any of the story, because I want people to see this masterpiece for themselves. If you love beautiful period piece films, that constantly challenge your mind, then I cannot recommend Fanny and Alexander enough. It is a perfect example of why film is not only entertainment, but also art.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago