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Fantastic Mr. Fox/Robots

Fantastic Mr. Fox/Robots

Director: Chris Wedge, Wes Anderson

Cast: Ewan McGregor, George Clooney


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Release Date:
20th Century Fox
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Special Features

Closed Caption; Fantastic Mr. Fox features: ; Behind-the-scenes extras:; From script to screen; Still life (puppet animation); A beginner's guide to whack-bat; ; Robots features:; Filmmakers' audio commentary by director Chris Wedge and production designer/producer William Joyce; Blue Sky Studios technical audio commentary; Deleted scenes; Meet the bots interactive profile; Blue man group music featurette; You can shine no matter what you're made of! character inspiration featurette; Original robots test; Robots multi-player racing game; Interactive games (robot dance, invent-a-bot, fender photo shoot)

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Fantastic Mr. Fox
1. Main Title/Trapped!
2. Living in a Hole
3. Just Buy the Tree
4. Unwelcome Houseguest
5. One Last Big Job
6. Master Plan
7. Whack-Bat
8. Bean's Secret Cider Cellar
9. Tails Don't Grow Back
10. Dig!
11. No Ticks, No Lice
12. The Siege Begins
13. Triple Header
14. Ash's Brilliant Brainstorm
15. Apple Juice Flood
16. Waving the White Flag
17. Redemption
18. Going for Broke
19. On Fire
20. Rescue Mission
21. Less Than a Slice of Bread
22. What a Beautiful Creature
23. A Good Toast
24. Let Her Dance/End Titles
Disc #2 -- Robots
1. Rivet Town's Newest Arrival
2. The Copperbottom Boy (Main Titles)
3. The World of Bigweld
4. The Inventor
5. Follow Your Dream
6. Robot City
7. The Crosstown Express
8. Those Days Are Over
9. Rodney Drops In
10. Magnetic Personality
11. Madame Gasket
12. Scroungers
13. Outmoded
14. The Rusties
15. Aunt Fanny's Boarding House
16. Repairs by Rodney
17. Going to the Bigweld Ball
18. Troublemaker
19. Looking for Mr. Bigweld
20. Fender Under Fire
21. Dad's Advice
22. Bigweld's Back
23. Rodney on the Run
24. Robot Rebellion
25. See a Need, Fill a Need
26. My Right-Hand Bot
27. Get Up Offa That Thing
28. End Titles

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