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Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch

4.3 13
Director: Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly

Cast: Drew Barrymore, Jimmy Fallon


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Nick Hornby's acclaimed memoir about one man's struggle to balance his love of a woman and his love for soccer was the basis of a well-reviewed British film in 1997, and now gets a Americanized rewrite with this picture, in which the game is changed from soccer to baseball. Ben (Jimmy Fallon) is a high-school teacher who meets Lindsay (Drew Barrymore), who has a


Nick Hornby's acclaimed memoir about one man's struggle to balance his love of a woman and his love for soccer was the basis of a well-reviewed British film in 1997, and now gets a Americanized rewrite with this picture, in which the game is changed from soccer to baseball. Ben (Jimmy Fallon) is a high-school teacher who meets Lindsay (Drew Barrymore), who has a successful career in business. Ben and Lindsay don't appear to have much in common on the surface, but they hit it off and are soon involved in a serious romance. But when spring rolls around, Lindsay becomes aware of the true love of Ben's life -- the Boston Red Sox. Despite the team's lamentable record, Ben has been a fiercely loyal Red Sox fan since childhood, and Lindsay finds it hard to compete with his passion for baseball, while Ben is forced to choose between the obsessions of his youth and the enthusiasms of a responsible adult. Fever Pitch was shot in part in Boston during the 2004 baseball season, which to the surprise of the filmmakers saw the Red Sox winning baseball's world series for the first time since 1918.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble
When it was announced that gross-out kings Peter and Bobby Farrelly were going to take a swing at Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch, fans of the novel balked. How could the makers of There's Something About Mary do justice to Hornby's comic memoir about how work, women, and life itself all took a backseat to his utter obsession with London's Arsenal Football Club? Especially when they were moving the locale to Boston and changing the obsession to baseball's Red Sox. Hornby devotees should relax. While Fever Pitch's specifics have changed, Hornby's insight into the mind of the obsessive male -- also seen in High Fidelity and About a Boy -- remains intact, and the result is a winning romantic comedy. (Plus, there's already a faithful 1998 screen adaptation of Fever Pitch starring Colin Firth.) Drew Barrymore portrays a Boston-based, career-oriented young woman who longs for a substantive relationship but finds herself repelled by the self-absorbed men she usually meets. Then along comes a mild-mannered but witty math teacher (Saturday Night Live vet Jimmy Fallon) who charms her with his ready humor and attentiveness. But then comes baseball season, and with it the revelation that the teacher is a truly fanatical Red Sox fan willing to sacrifice anything -- and anybody -- rather than miss a game. Will true love win out or strike out? You can probably guess the answer, but the fun is in watching how this little saga unfolds. The most improbable aspect of the story, however, is that the Sox finally beat the Curse of the Bambino and went all the way in 2004, changing the film's World Series climax. The Farrellys, who've always had a sweet tooth, eschew gross-out gags entirely in favor of true love and fireworks. The contrivances mount near the end, but Barrymore and Fallon work so well together that it hardly matters. Fever Pitch may not be a home run, but it's a solid double that makes for perfect date night material in the off-season.
All Movie Guide - Perry Seibert
The American version of Fever Pitch does a fine job of changing little aspects of the lead character in order to make him both more American and more palatable to American audiences. The original British character, obsessed with the football club Arsenal, was prickly even aside from his obsession. The obsession seemed a natural part of his less-than-pleasant psychological makeup. Jimmy Fallon's Red Sox-loving Ben has had his rough edges sanded down. His character lacks the full-blown misanthropy of the original character, making him more of a man-child than anything else. Fallon smartly underplays much of the film, an unexpected surprise after his manic work in Taxi and on Saturday Night Live. He and Drew Barrymore have a very sweet chemistry together, but it's possible that is more to Barrymore's credit. Considering her track record in these things, it becomes more and more apparent that Drew Barrymore is a big reason this film earns as much good will as it does. Here is an actress, just turned 30, who has figured out exactly what it is she does very well onscreen and is able to shape projects to fit her. Barrymore produced this film and if nothing else she understands exactly how to make films her fans will enjoy while straying just enough from the expected formula to keep people interested. Peter and Bobby Farrelly will never be thought of as visual stylists, but they know to trust their performers and they are sports fans. These two aspects underscore Ben's likeability. This Fever Pitch never comes close to matching the psychological depth of the original adaptation (starring an outstanding Colin Firth), but it does make for a nice time at the movies.
Entertainment Weekly - Owen Gleiberman
It's been a while since a movie made the game of love this winning.
Boston Globe - Wesley Morris
Effortlessly entertaining romantic comedy.

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Original Release:
20th Century Fox
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Special Features

13 delted scenes; Gag reels; Full-length commentary by directors Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly; "Break the Curse" and "Love Triangle" featurettes; Fox movie channel presents "Making a Scene"; Theatrical trailer & more

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Drew Barrymore Lindsey
Jimmy Fallon Ben Wrightman
Jason Spevack Ben (1980)
Jack Kehler Al
Scott H. Severance Artie
Jessamy R. Finét Teresa
Maureen Keiller Viv
Lenny Clarke Uncle Carl
Ione Skye Molly
KaDee Strickland Robin
Marissa Jaret Winokur Sarah
Evan Helmuth Troy
Brandon Craggs Casey
Brett Murphy Ryan
Isabella Fink Audrey
Miranda Black Carrie
Greta Onieogou Tammy
Johnny Sneed Chris
James B. Sikking Doug Meeks
Michael Rubenfeld Ian
Willie Garson Kevin
Armando Riesco Gerard
Zen Gesner Steve
Siobhan Fallon-Hogan Lana
JoBeth Williams Maureen Meeks
Mark Andrada Ezra
Charlotte Sullivan Spin Instructor
Scott Desano Binocular Guy
Lizz Alexander Charlene
Shary Guthrie Christie
Don Gavin Cop
Andrew Wilson Grant Wade
Dan Darin-Zanco Husband
Gina Clayton Lady At Other Table
Wayne Fleming Leon
Bobby Curcuro Loiterer
Bart Bedford Man At Other Table
Jason Varitek Himself
Johnny Damon Himself
Trot Nixon Himself
George King Mr. Munsell
Jackie Burroughs Mrs. Warren
John Boylan Myerson
J. C. Kenny Reporter
Paul Mcguire Reporter
Quancetia Hamilton Rita
Ken Rogerson Scalper
Howard Nickerson Usher
Matt Watts Valet
George Ghali Vern (gym Teacher)
Andrea Davis Wife
Darren Frost Zach
Sharlene Yuen Receptionist
Geoffrey Williamson High School Kid #1
Jim Rice Himself
Dennis Eckersley Himself
Keith Macwhorter Himself
Melinda Lopez Sheri
Sam Dissanayake Mr. Abdo
Peter Gammons Himself
Steve Levy Reporter At Spring Training
Tim McCarver Himself
Don Orsillo Himself
Harold Reynolds Himself
Matthew Peart High School Kid #2
David Klar High School Kid #3
Jermaine Plummer High School Kid #4
Erin Nanstad Female Fan
Johnny Cicco Obnoxious Fan
Brian Hayes Currie Screaming Fan
Bob Weekes Hot Dog Vendor #1
John Ruggiero Hot Dog Vendor #2
Danny Murphy 1980's Vendor #1
Dan Cummings 1980's Vendor #2
Daniel Greene Waiter
Jordan Leandre Himself

Technical Credits
Bobby Farrelly Director
Peter Farrelly Director
Maher Ahmad Production Designer
Craig Armstrong Score Composer
Alan E. Baumgarten Editor
Sophie De Rakoff Costumes/Costume Designer
Drew Barrymore Producer
David Evans Executive Producer
Marc S. Fischer Executive Producer
Lowell Ganz Screenwriter
Alan Greenspan Producer
Nick Hornby Executive Producer
Nancy Juvonen Producer
Matthew Leonetti Cinematographer
Babaloo Mandel Screenwriter
Gil Netter Producer
Amanda Posey Producer
Manish Raval Musical Direction/Supervision
Bradley Thomas Producer
Tom Wolfe Musical Direction/Supervision

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Fever Pitch
1. Fenway [2:29]
2. Main Titles/Numbers [3:21]
3. Juiced [:43]
4. A Schoolteacher? [1:59]
5. First Date [3:02]
6. Sea Gull [:38]
7. Interrogation [5:12]
8. The Season Approaches [1:25]
9. Time to Confess [1:10]
10. Not on TV [3:19]
11. Dancing for Tickets [:34]
12. Opening Day [2:05]
13. Meet the Parents [5:01]
14. Spring Into Summer [2:44]
15. Beanded [3:46]
16. Gay Paree [:41]
17. Who Loves You? [5:04]
18. Gatsby's Birthday [1:24]
19. The Greatest Game Ever [3:44]
20. Bulletproof [:57]
21. The Playoffs [2:38]
22. Winter Guy, Summer Guy [4:43]
23. Making History [1:21]
24. World Champs/End Titles [6:02]
1. Young Ben With Uncle Carl [6:15]
2. Receptionist Greets Students [:40]
3. Lindsey Shows Off Audi [:25]
4. Lindsey on Toilet [:20]
5. Lindsey & Friends at Lounge [1:16]
6. Road Trip [1:46]
7. Lindsey & Ben in Sports Bar [1:25]
8. Lindsey Takes a Bath [:32]
9. Ben Wants a Quickie [2:11]
10. Ben & Lindsey at Airport [:40]
11. Ben Talks to Manny [:47]
12. Lindsey Plays Golf With Dad [1:30]
13. Ben Talks to Players in Bar [1:16]


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Fever Pitch 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I LOVE this movie, it's hilarious and it's a romance, my two favorite mixes. They couldn't have made this movie at any better time, with the world series last year and everything. It has so much great baseball footage and it's sweet. I ADORE this movie. If you a fan of the red sox and you like romances watch this movie.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this movie is one of the best. as i am a red sox fan growing up in boston right now, i enjoyed and understood this movie more than someone from Minnisota would, but it was still excellent. you have to watch it!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is absolutely the most funny, sweet, and original romantic comedy since "Sleepless in Seattle", and I laughed until I cried. Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon have great chemistry, and they should make more movies together. I loved it! I hope to own the new special edition DVD one day.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a great "date" movie! You guys will like it as much as us women. It has laughs, romance, baseball, and Johnny Damon!! A great way to revisit the 2004 Red Sox season through their World Series victory. It has some thoughtful moments as well as being very funny. This is the best "romantic comedy" I've seen, but then I usually avoid such movies so I don't have much to compare it with.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago