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Release Date: 05/21/2002
UPC: 0707729115199
Original Release: 2002
Rating: NR
Source: Lions Gate
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Full Frame]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo]
Time: 3:26:00

Special Features

Full-screen version; 2.0 Dolby Digital audio; Digitally mastered; Scene selections; Interactive menus; Production notes and cast biographies; John F. Kennedy's speech on the Cuban Missile Crisis

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Victor Huggo Martin Fidel Castro
Gael García Bernal Che Guevara
Patricia Velasquez Mirta
Maurice Compte Raul Castro
Margarita d'Francisco Naty Revuelta
Enrique Arce Rafael
Jose Maria Yazpik Camilo Cienfuegos
Manuel Sevilla Abel Santamaria
Alejandra Gollas Haydee Santamaria
Ernesto Godoy Huber Matos
Guillermo Diaz Universo Sanchez
Tony Plana Gen. Batista
Hector Elizondo Dr. Eduardo Chibas
Cecilia Suarez Celia Sanchez
Melvin Rodriguez Calixto Morales
Bobby Plasencia Faustino Perez
Reynaldo Christian Guillermo Garcia
Honorato Magaloni Old Fidel Castro

Technical Credits
David Attwood Director
John Altman Score Composer
Claudia Becker Casting
Brigitte Broch Production Designer
Kevin Cooper Producer
Milton Moses Ginsberg Editor
Guy Hibbert Co-producer
Molly Lopata Casting
Jose Ludlow Producer
David V. Picker Executive Producer
Mayes C. Rubeo Costumes/Costume Designer
Stephen Tolkin Screenwriter
Checco Varese Cinematographer

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Opening Credits [6:30]
2. Picture of Disrespect [10:33]
3. "Corrupt to the Bone" [7:38]
4. A "Running" Candidate [6:13]
5. Creating Enemies [6:20]
6. Sacrifice [5:13]
7. The Only Direction [3:40]
8. The Revolution Begins Now [8:16]
9. Santiago Attack [5:45]
10. Sentenced [5:17]
11. A Mistake to Keep Alive [5:05]
12. My Revolution First! [6:20]
13. Discipline [5:57]
14. Where Are We Heading? [4:43]
15. Let's Move [5:54]
16. Watch and Wait [6:02]
17. We Need a Victory [4:09]
18. That's the Way! [3:12]
19. Send for a Journalist [7:12]
20. So You Are Celia Sanchez [3:46]
21. Master of Sierra Maestra [3:08]
22. The Voice of Fidel Castro [3:03]
23. Triumph of the Revolution [4:47]
24. Viva Fidel! [6:07]
25. Tell Me What You Want [3:13]
26. A True People's Democracy [6:04]
27. Responsibility for Justice [4:04]
28. Betrayal [9:01]
29. No Place for Different Opinions [6:34]
30. Cuba Won't Be Told [7:11]
31. A Socialist Cuba [4:55]
32. First Mine... Now Yours [4:12]
33. Need More Sacrifice [7:53]
34. Your Dreams Are Not Cuba's [6:23]
35. Is This Democracy? [6:59]
36. End Credits [3:42]

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Fidel 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Being that this was a TV mini-series through the production of Showtime it was pretty good. To me the first two hours of this movie was great. There are some very strong performances all round, and the activities are well researched and offer a fairly objective view of events. Obviously, many events are skirted over in order to fit the running time, but what is shown is a fairly accurate portrayal of history. The violence in particular is extremely well done, offering a very realistic portrayal of gunfire and its consequences, instead of some needlessly flashy OTT action. The problem comes towards the 2nd half of the movie as Castro (played by Victor Huggo Martin) takes power of Cuba. Suddenly, the timeline lurches drastically to try and mention important events. The films low budget shows itself up as the film spans years and events with little or no regard to objective film making. The movie is about Fidel, however, over the second half we suddenly cut to a very badly filmed sequence showing the death of Che Guevara (played by Gael García Bernal). Whilst certainly an important part of Fidel's life, the narrative shift from Fidel to Che seems clunky and out of place with the rest of the film. As a fan of Gael Garcia Bernal, I was especially interested in his character. However, I was left especially disappointed by Che's one-dimensional portrayal. The desire to portray Fidel in a bad light, sacrifices the characterizations of the first half of the movie, and instead offers a clumsily scripted/filmed series of events designed to show Fidel in a bad light. The film should've ended when he took power. As it is, the final hour and a half ruin an otherwise great movie. Grand Ideals and Theory Run Amok That pretty much sums up nearly every Communist revolution from Lenin to Fidel. This film showed that Fidel was living in the communist dream world, where everything would be alright as long as people sacrificed "For the Revolution!" What happened was crop shortages, political prisons getting filled with people who became just as oppressed under Castro as they had under Batista. This movie showed the simple truth. As long as men are men, Communism can never work.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Then that happened, then that happened, then that happened…. Anyone with a passable knowledge of Castro and the Cuban Revolution will realize that “Fidel” is little more than a dramatic chronicle of the most familiar episodes of Castro’s life. The film is nearly a cliché. Add that the film is a three hours plus long and the acting is mediocre at best, the resulting sense of chore viewers experience is predictable. Yet with all the time the movie allots itself (and sentences the viewer to), time, in places, is oddly prioritized. The Cuban missile crisis was a blip in history apparently. Oh, there’s more. There is the dissonance in film’s perspective about Castro himself. The film doesn’t suggest that Castro is a multifaceted, complicated character. Rather, the film takes a sudden and unpredictable shift in its point of view. Actually, the shift resembles a conversion. Castro goes from a visionary and precocious revolutionary leader to—presto!—the failed tyrant we know from the news and White House press briefings. I’m sure the conversion saved the film from the charge of pro-Castro propaganda that is all too familiar when anything the least bit laudatory about Castro or post-revolutionary Cuba is depicted. But, then, that’s how propaganda works here.