Final Destination Collection: 4 Film Favorites

Final Destination Collection: 4 Film Favorites

Director: David R. Ellis, James Wong Cast: Ali Larter, Bobby Campo
4.0 1

DVD (Wide Screen)

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Final Destination Collection: 4 Film Favorites 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In this series the threat, for lack of a better term, is Death. Not a scythe wielding robed figure, but an intangible presence. That exists everywhere at once, influencing all events. All events are nudged into a pattern, so that everyone dies according to Death's Design. However at the beginning of each movie, one of main characters has a Vision of an upcoming disasters. Foresee's the deaths of a large number of people, and is able to save some of them. That sounds good, sounds heroic. It doesn't work that way. People were alive passed their time, they weren't supposed to live passed that disaster. They'd cheated Death, and that's no allowed - Death doesn't relinquish a claim. Death comes back for the survivors. One by one they die, in the order they were originally meant to. Each death looks like an accident - a bloody, gory, terrifying accident. In this series people are Stalked by Death Itself. The first two are the best. The original was the scariest, and had the most suspenseful. The second one was a true sequel. The disaster and the survivors were actually connected to the events in the original. The third wasn't as good, but still enjoyable. The only connection to the original was when the survivors learned about the plane crash in the original. Wish the series had stopped at 3, the 4th is a waste of film.