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First Churchills

First Churchills

4.4 5
Sir Winston Churchill's personal biography serves as the foundation for this 12-part BBC miniseries exploring the courtship and marriage of John Churchill and Sarah Jennings.


Sir Winston Churchill's personal biography serves as the foundation for this 12-part BBC miniseries exploring the courtship and marriage of John Churchill and Sarah Jennings.

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Acorn Media

Special Features

An exclusive interview with Susan Hampshire; Photo gallery; Cast filmographies; Full-color insert with a sampling of the real love letters of Sarah and John Churchill; Glossary of historical figures and terms; House of Stuart family tree

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Scene Index

Side #1 -- Vol. 1
1. Captain Churchill [8:15]
2. Beloved Cousin [7:20]
3. Sarah Jennings [4:41]
4. Battle Talk [12:01]
5. Prettiest Boy [10:43]
1. Politics [9:19]
2. Love Letters [9:30]
3. Correspondence [5:17]
4. Barbara's Plan [6:08]
5. Marriage Talk [14:23]
1. Orders [10:43]
2. Titus Oates [7:26]
3. News [6:56]
4. Purpose of Marriage [7:23]
5. Old Cavalier [11:56]
Side #2 -- Vol. 2
1. Brotherly Love [7:16]
2. Scotland [6:27]
3. Move to Oxford [5:38]
4. Temper [12:34]
5. Serenade [12:49]
1. High Favorite [7:40]
2. Near Death [6:51]
3. Noble Declaration [8:42]
4. Baron [8:49]
5. Night Attack [12:46]
1. No Pardon [8:29]
2. Pretty in Black [9:11]
3. Traitorous Assembly [8:59]
4. Draw the Curtains [6:14]
5. Now or Never [12:04]
Side #3 -- Vol. 3
1. Royal Highnesses [10:26]
2. Doubts [10:12]
3. Shrewbury [7:31]
4. Ireland [10:03]
5. Sisterly Advice [4:55]
1. Thrown Out [7:00]
2. Queen's Request [10:00]
3. High Treason [8:45]
4. Blackhead [9:41]
5. Troubled [8:55]
1. Policy [8:04]
2. Robert Harley [7:29]
3. At Peace [9:37]
4. Little Prince [9:48]
5. Outdated Politics [9:45]
Side #4 -- Vol. 4
1. Sovereign Lady [7:33]
2. Strategic Plan [8:23]
3. Henry St. John [7:23]
4. Orders Are Clear [9:27]
5. Victory [11:50]
1. Rewards [9:06]
2. Obstacle [4:22]
3. Harriet's Crowd [2:33]
4. The Truth [9:45]
5. Vexed [11:49]
1. Whigs Rule [10:23]
2. No Answer [6:53]
3. Dismissals [6:30]
4. Excellent News [13:57]
5. Prince Hanover [7:04]

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4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a remarkably well acted, state-of-the-art production-- a 1960's American Baby Boomers' must-buy. Those of us born in the sixties were too young in 1971 to grasp the true message or meaning behind the Masterpiece Theatre showcase yet many of us recall our parents having faithfully watched and given their thumbs-up to incomparable, landmark series such as The Forsyte Saga and The First Churchills. Now we see what we have missed and can immerse ourselves in a tradition of the highest order,putting aside those high-tech special effects and coming back to a time when the screen's best effects were its majestic actors, actors without the aid of high-tech who perfectly vivified, mesmerized and made history come alive. "A most peculiar paradox" it is that advancements in technology are precisely what have made this link with a more seasoned generation of viewers and actors possible... and for that we should be grateful. John Neville -- Susan Hampshire -- Margaret Tyzack...First Rate!! Included on the discs is some catchy Baroque theme music, which, in the opening credits, sounds rather like a graceful Handel or Purcell menuet, and which,at the end,sounds rather like a lively movement from a Vivaldi concerto!
Guest More than 1 year ago
'First Churchills' ~~ one of the earliest & most outstanding 'Masterpiece Theater' presentations! A glorious history of England's primier aristocratic family. John Neville & Susan Hampshire head an all-star cast with vivid portraits of John & Sarah Churchill set against the backdrop of 18th-century England. I consider 'First Churchills' the masterpiece of Masterpiece Theater!
CarolJIN More than 1 year ago
The First Churchills, is an enjoyable series (12 parts) to watch and to see life in the late 1700s' and early 1800s' in England. You are taken from the first meeting of Sarah Jennings & John Churchill, Sarah does not like what she knows about John Churchill. Their friendship, marriage, team work and partnership thru the decades and their constant loyalty to the crown. You are given a glimpse of the battles that John Churchill fought on behave of the English and French Crowns. Susan Hampshire gives a superb performance as Sarah Jennings Churchill as does John Neville as John Churchill. John Standing is excellent as Godolphin, long time friend of Churchill and becomes friend and admirer of Sarah. John Standing in real life is an Earl, he inherited from his father in the 1960s'. You do not have to be a history person to watch the First Churchills, enjoy the drama and comedy of the series, the time will fly by. My cousin is not a history person and she watched it twice before returning the dvds' to me.