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Fly Me to the Moon 3-D

Fly Me to the Moon 3-D

Director: Ben Stassen

Cast: Christopher Lloyd, Kelly Ripa, Nicollette Sheridan


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Christopher Lloyd, Kelly Ripa, Nicollette Sheridan, and Tim Curry lend their voices to director Ben Stassen's (Haunted Castle and Encounter in the Third Dimension) animatedchildren's fantasy about three preteen flies who hitch a ride into space on the Apollo 11


Christopher Lloyd, Kelly Ripa, Nicollette Sheridan, and Tim Curry lend their voices to director Ben Stassen's (Haunted Castle and Encounter in the Third Dimension) animatedchildren's fantasy about three preteen flies who hitch a ride into space on the Apollo 11 moon mission. The year is 1969, and Americans all across the country are buzzing about the first manned mission to the moon. Even the insects aren't immune to the excitement, as evidenced by the enthusiasm of adolescent flies Nat (voice of Trevor Gagnon), IQ (voice of Philip Daniel Bolden), and Scooter (voice of David Gore). Over the years, Nat's grandpa (voice of Lloyd) has often recalled the time he hitched a ride on Amelia Earhart's airplane during the famed aviator's cross-Atlantic flight, and now Nat's dreams of recreating that feat on a much larger scale are finally set to come true. But while the three young flies only believe that they'll be gone for a few minutes, the fact is that they'll be drifting through space for almost an entire week. Just as they're about to sneak aboard the ship, the flies are spotted by a keen-eyed NASA ground control official and stored in a test tube for future study. Later in the flight, when the ship's engine malfunctions, the only ones capable of fixing the problem are the three tiny stowaways. But their mission isn't accomplished just yet, because grandpa's old flame Nadia (voice of Sheridan) has just arrived from Russia to warn him that a tiny fly-spy named Yegor (voice of Curry) has been assigned the task of traveling to Cape Canaveral and sabotaging the computer flight plans. Should Nat, IQ, and Scooter fail to act in time, Yegor's mission could spell disaster not only for the three thrill-seeking flies, but the entire U.S. space program.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide
Digital photorealism is rarely so convincing as it is in the kids movie Fly Me to the Moon. The details of the Apollo 11 spacecraft seem so real, so minute, and so tactile, it's almost as though NASA handed over their schematics to the Belgian filmmaking team. However, the fact that it's a kids movie creates an abrupt visual dichotomy, as most of Fly Me to the Moon's characters are cutesy little googly-eyed flies, voiced by actors under age 12. Their character design gives them the feel of having escaped from Saturday-morning cartoons, like someone stuck a child's sticker on a photograph hanging at Cape Canaveral. It's not enough to sink the picture, but it does make one wonder what Pixar would have done with similar material. Fly Me to the Moon also loses something in two-dimensional form, which is likely how most viewers will see it, as the film was designed specifically as a 3-D viewing experience. It's hard to give Fly Me to the Moon either a confident recommendation or a confident dismissal. With what it does right, it inspires awe, and the notion of three prepubescent flies hitching a ride aboard a spacecraft is the perfect fodder for an animated adventure (never mind where they got their miniature space suits). On the other hand, there's an incredibly silly plot about Russian flies trying to win the space race by sabotaging Apollo 11's reentry, which culminates in a duel between American and Russian flies inside a console at Cape Canaveral. To say an animated movie has something for both the kids and their parents is a cliché, but usually that means that the same material is germane to both demographics. Here, there's no meeting point, and the film suffers.

Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Summit Inc/Lionsgate
Region Code:

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Christopher Lloyd Grandpa
Kelly Ripa Nat's Mom
Nicollette Sheridan Nadia
Tim Curry Yegor
Trevor Gagnon Nat
Philip Daniel Bolden IQ
David Gore Scooter
Ed Begley Poopchev
Adrienne Barbeau Scooter's Mom
Robert Patrick Louie
Buzz Aldrin Buzz Aldrin
Sandy Simpson Commander Armstrong
Eddie Frierson Commander Aldrin
David Cowgill Commander Collins
Steve Kramer Leonid
Mimi Maynard IQ's Mom
Lloyd Scher Mission Control 1969
Phil Proctor Senior Official
Nicholas Guest Fly Buddy #1
Archie Hahn Fly Buddy #2
Lyannanne Zager Fly at Launch
Manville Zager Butch
Cam Clarke Ray
Scott Manville Butch
Michael McConnahie American Newscaster
Doug Stone Russian Newscaster
Max Burkholder Mom's Maggot
Jessica Gee Maggot #1
Mona Marshall Maggot #2
Barbara Goodson Maggot #3
Toby Stone Mosquito
James Frederick Horsefly #1
Jeffrey Braer Horsefly #2
Greg Berger Pale Russian Flies
Sophie Simpson Katie
Lorraine Nicholson Polly
Auguste Paris Kid Fly at the Party
Michael Consuelos "Party Mold" Kid Fly
Azam Ali Singer
Dirk Brosse Conductor

Technical Credits
Ben Stassen Director,Executive Producer
Jeremy Burdek Executive Producer
Jeremie Degruson Art Director
Eric Dillens Executive Producer
Ramin Djawadi Score Composer
Charlotte Huggins Producer
Nadia Khamlichi Executive Producer
Pierre Lebecque Sound Editor
Lele Sound/Sound Designer
Mimi Maynard Casting,Producer
Gina Gallo Paris Casting,Original Story,Producer
Domonic Paris Executive Producer,Original Story,Screenwriter
Adrian Politowski Executive Producer
Yves Renard Sound Editor,Sound/Sound Designer
Lucy Thomas Sound Editor
Caroline Van Iseghem Producer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Fly Me to the Moon
1. Main Title [3:28]
2. Backyard Adventure [4:25]
3. Grandpa's Birthday Party [4:22]
4. Amelia Earhart [3:46]
5. We're A Team [2:43]
6. Your Time Will Come [2:49]
7. Into the Lunch Pail [3:18]
8. Nat's Going to the Moon [3:10]
9. Ready for Take Off [5:01]
10. Air Ballet [2:46]
11. Ready for Our Close Ups [3:03]
12. Mother Russia [3:15]
13. Lunar Module Docking [:19]
14. A Rough Landing [4:53]
15. We Are On the Moon [5:25]
16. One Small Step for Man [3:00]
17. Nadia Warns Granpa [4:39]
18. Creating a Diversion [2:09]
19. Going to Get Scooter [3:23]
20. Time To Rock N' Roll [2:54]
21. All Is Fair in War and Love [3:51]
22. Safe Landing [3:42]
23. Reach for the Stars [2:13]
24. End Credits [3:19]


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