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Friday the 13th
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Friday the 13th

3.9 13
Director: Marcus Nispel

Cast: Jared Padalecki, Danielle Panabaker, Amanda Righetti


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A man in search of his missing sister stumbles across a deadly secret in the woods surrounding Crystal Lake as Texas Chainsaw Massacre redux duo Michael Bay and Marcus Nispel resurrect one of the silver screen's most feared slashers -- machete-wielding, hockey


A man in search of his missing sister stumbles across a deadly secret in the woods surrounding Crystal Lake as Texas Chainsaw Massacre redux duo Michael Bay and Marcus Nispel resurrect one of the silver screen's most feared slashers -- machete-wielding, hockey mask-wearing madman Jason Voorhees. The last time Clay heard from his sister, she was headed toward Crystal Lake. There, amidst the creaky old cabins and moss-coated trees, an unstoppable force of evil lies quietly dormant, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Though the police and locals all warn Clay to stay as far away from Crystal Lake as possible, it's the only lead he has, and he isn't willing to give up until he finds his sister. Clay isn't the only one inhabiting these woods either, because a group of thrill-seeking college students have just arrived at Crystal Lake hoping for a wild weekend of fun in the sun. Later, as Clay and one of the recently arrived revelers search for clues, the infamous Jason Voorhees emerges to show them just why the locals have avoided these woods for years. Could it be that Clay's sister has already met a grim demise at the end of Jason's razor-sharp machete, or is she still out there somewhere in the woods, waiting for her brother to come to her rescue? Freddy vs. Jason scribes Damian Shannon and Mark Swift pen the screenplay for a remake executive produced by Sean S. Cunningham (producer/director of the original Friday the 13th).

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It's a pretty serious conundrum to remake a classic movie. Most of the time, what makes a film a classic is that it's really, really good, so a remake is almost always doomed to fall short of the original. This inevitably angers fans -- who are mortified to see something so much less awesome done with their beloved source material -- but what are studios to do? They still need to cash in on their best titles by regurgitating them for kids born long after the film in question was released on Betamax. Well, one remake seems to have figured a way out of this maze: 2009's Friday the 13th. The reasons for this are numerous. First, it's not really a remake. Okay, maybe the first five minutes are -- a flashback to 1980, when a screaming would-be victim lops off the head of disgruntled mom Mrs. Voorhees (who, viewers will remember, was the killer in the first movie, not Jason, who doesn't start killing until the second, and doesn't even get his hockey mask until the third). After that, the movie is more a tribute to all the sequels than a remake of any one. The hot, young, totally generic teenagers who trespass into Jason's Crystal Lake stomping ground all have massive early-'80s feathered hair, and they spend the entire runtime smoking weed, waterskiing topless, and having tons and tons of graphic, R-rated-and-proud sex with each other before getting stabbed, sliced, harpooned, etc. That weed, by the way, is given a fairly significant supporting role, as we learn that at least some of the previous hot teenagers to die by Jason's meat hook (or whatever) were attracted there by the area's abundant natural resources. And the breasts deserve at least second billing, appearing within the first 15 minutes to get smeared with what appears to be baby oil in the middle of a camping trip -- before copulation or water sports even enter into the equation. In addition to being awesome, it all just feels kind of celebratory, even reverent, like a tribute to what teen slasher films are all about. There are also a few strangely intimate glimpses into Jason's inner world, but nothing in the script feels like the filmmakers were trying to mess with the mythology of the franchise (not that they really could, since the last movie had him killing people in space). It's not an openly meta take on the genre like Scream, but it's a slasher movie for people who love slasher movies, and if your heart will flutter when a woodchipper casually appears in the first act, it's probably worth watching.

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New Line Home Video
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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Jared Padalecki Clay Miller
Danielle Panabaker Jenna
Amanda Righetti Whitney Miller
Travis Van Winkle Trent
Aaron Yoo Chewie
Derek Mears Jason Voorhees
Jonathan Sadowski Wade
Julianna Guill Bree
Ben Feldman Richie
Arlen Escarpeta Lawrence
America Olivo Amanda

Technical Credits
Marcus Nispel Director
Michael Bay Producer
Ken Blackwell Editor
Mari-An Ceo Costumes/Costume Designer
Jeremy Conway Production Designer
Sean C. Cunningham Executive Producer
Lisa Fields Casting
Andrew Form Producer
John Frick Art Director
Brad Fuller Producer
Walter Hamada Executive Producer
Steve Jablonsky Score Composer
Alma Kuttruff Co-producer
Daniel Pearl Cinematographer
Damian Shannon Original Story,Screenwriter
Scott Stoddard Makeup Special Effects
Guy Stodel Executive Producer
Mark Swift Original Story,Screenwriter
Mark Wheaton Original Story
Brian Witten Executive Producer

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Hacking Back/Slashing Forward - remembers the groundbreaking original movie; Terror Trivia Track with picture-in-picture; Explore the Rebirth of Jason Voorhees for a new moviegoing era; Additional slashed scenes; Exclusive features via bd live


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Friday the 13th 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Hugo-Z-Hackenbush More than 1 year ago
Even for a remake, this is a lousy movie. I'm sure the studio trotted out this old warhorse just to milk some more money out of the series, but they are beating a dead pony. This is a cheap looking movie, and there is not a plot twist to be seen. All the old characters are here: the rich kid, the floosy, the asian nerd, the black rapper, the misunderstood stud on the motorcycle, and of course Jason. There are no surprises and just about any other horror movie is better.
Anonymous 11 days ago
great movie.
InnocenceDiesAbbyDosent More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MAAZZOONNYY More than 1 year ago
this friday the 13th has 3 story in one movie it's he bvery good jason who like killing should see it jason slways very good this time he take hostage not for jason,jason naver take hostage he always killing only but what make A+ is Jared Padalecki, he is one of the bist actor to me every one by the movie from BN they are the best in the world
Donald More than 1 year ago
A decent retelling of the Jason saga. The real treat here is to see Jason running around after his victims instead of just lumbering around. The burlap sack over his head is so much scarier than the mask.
DJ90 More than 1 year ago
Just let me tell you this, you just meant not want to go camping for a while. And u also meant want to sleep with the tv on if you are scaryed of horror movies, but still love to watch them, just like me. When me and my friends saw this movie we jumped and i almost did a #1 in my pants but it was wroth it. See this movie and you meant want someone with you when you watch it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago