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Get Ripped! Ripped 1000

Get Ripped! Ripped 1000

5.0 2

Cast: Jari Love

Get Ripped! Ripped 1000 features workout guru Jari Love leading the viewer through an exercise routine designed to burn 1,000 calories every time it is performed.


Get Ripped! Ripped 1000 features workout guru Jari Love leading the viewer through an exercise routine designed to burn 1,000 calories every time it is performed.

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[Dolby Digital Stereo]

Special Features

Ripped motivation tips with testimonials; Recipes; Diet tips with Angela Sirounis

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Jari Love Instructor

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Get Ripped!: Ripped 1000
2. Warm-up
3. Cardio 1
4. Side Squat Lunge Back
5. Cardio 2
6. Stiff Leg Deadlift With Reverse Flye
7. Cardio 3
8. Pulse Squats Pulse Lunges
9. Cardio 4
10. Push-Ups
11. Cardio 5
12. Clean and Press
13. Cardio 6
14. Wide Squat With Bicep Curl
15. Cardio 7
16. Tricep Extension With Leg Abduction
17. Cardio 8
18. Chest Press & Chest Flye
19. Cardio 9
20. Abs
21. Cool Down
1. Play All/A Metabolic What? [:50]
3. Should I Eat Below My Resting Metabolic Rate to Lose Weight? [:28]
2. Why Do I Need to Know That? [:59]
4. How Long After a Workout Does My Metabolic Rate Stay Elevated? [:52]
5. How Soon Will I See Results? [:26]
6. Carbs or Fats. What Is Best to Burn? [:59]
7. How Does the Ripped Program Affect the Aging Process? [:56]
8. Can Anyone at Any Age Start a Weight Training Program? [:50]
9. What Effect Will the Ripped Program Have on Sugar Cravings? [1:03]
10. What Should I Eat After the Workout? [:32]
11. Why Do We Hit Plateaus? [:29]
12. Where Can I Get This Information? [:50]

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Get Ripped! Ripped 1000 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
akmysticmoon More than 1 year ago
If you are looking at this video to begin with surely you've already been working out and want to really boost up your work out. To tackle a 1000 calorie burn as a newbie while not impossible,( save you may not be able to walk tomorrow or the next day) however it could be done. If however you really want to shake up your workouts this is an awesome addition and my all time favorite workout dvd. Working out at home is gaining in popularity as economics get tighter, with that said this one will really get your heart pumping the sweat pouring and you will feel like you just had your fat handed to you( to dispose of). I use it every other day for three days and then have to take two days off to recover. you will need hand weights and a step bench to get the most out of it. The workout is long and hard but that is why I love it so much, a personal trainer in your living room. There is a small lower intensity version to follow but it is tough. I really wouldn't recomend it to anyone who hasn't worked out in a long time and now you wants to start, and for good reason, start with a 200-500 calorie burning dvd and give yourself somewhere to go when that is no longer enough... like to this dvd. I love Jari and will buy more of her dvds also check out her website good info there as well. good luck and enjoy shedding the pounds or it's not worth it!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am an advanced cardio/weight trainer. I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself. If you are looking to break plateaus, this dvd is what you need. The cardio bursts are very challenging, but modified versions are also given. The weight training segments are high reps, which really fatigue the muscles. It's total sculpting for the entire body. I love this dvd.