Gettysburg/Gods and Generals

Gettysburg/Gods and Generals

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Gettysburg/Gods and Generals

Writer/director Ronald F. Maxwell explores one of the defining chapters of American history in the 1993 Civil War drama Gettysburg and its 2003 follow-up Gods and Generals.

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Release Date: 01/02/2007
UPC: 0012569829411
Source: Warner Home Video
Region Code: 1
Time: 7:53:00
Sales rank: 9,330

Special Features

Gettysburg:; Widescreen (16x9 1.85:1) version; 2 documentaries: The Making of Gettysburg and vintage Oscar nominee The Battle of Gettysburg; Commentary by director/screenwriter Ronald F. Maxwell, cinematographer Kees Van Oostrum, Pulitzer prize-winning author James M. McPherson and military historian Craig Symonds; Cast/director interview gallery and filmographies; Battlefield maps; Theatrical trailer; Languages & subtitles: English & Français (feature film only); ; Gods and Generals: ; Widescreen (16x9 2.4:1) version; Introduction by executive producer Ted Turner; Commentary by director/screenwriter Ronald F. Maxwell and historical advisors Col. Keith Gibson and James I. Robertson Jr.; 3 documentaries; Journey to the Past: The African-American slave experience in the film's era; The life of Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson; The authenticies of the film; 2 music videos: Bob Dylan's Cross the Green Mountain and Mary Fahl's Going Home ; DVD-ROM PC features: original website, including extensive production and historical notes, Civil War links and more; Theatrical trailer; Subtitles: English, Français & Español (feature film only)

Scene Index

Disc #1, Side A -- Gettysburg: Part One
1. Credits [4:13]
2. Prologue [:54]
3. Troop Movement [3:12]
4. An Actor's Report [4:52]
5. Feel Free to Shoot [3:05]
6. Prisoner Delivery [3:50]
7. Used by Idiots [4:40]
8. What We're Fighting For [6:50]
9. Buford's Cavalry [3:47]
10. Bloody Moment Ahead? [6:49]
11. Assessing the Enemy [3:44]
12. First Morning's Battle [7:17]
13. Reinforcements Arrive [2:06]
14. Full Engagement [3:53]
15. Reynolds Killed [2:23]
16. The Baltimore Pike [2:18]
17. Lee's Resolve [4:40]
18. No Divine Spark [7:26]
19. Old Friends [5:38]
20. Gentlemen's Club [3:01]
21. High Ground Held [3:40]
22. Trimble's Report [3:58]
23. Soldier's Prayer [3:05]
24. Strike Now [3:08]
25. Different Dreams [4:32]
26. The Final Battle? [3:34]
27. A Strategic Hill [2:41]
28. Little Round Top [3:50]
29. Bracing for Siege [3:18]
30. Attacked in Waves [4:48]
31. One Hell of a Fight [3:43]
32. Desperate Measures [3:20]
33. Closing In [3:54]
34. Bayonets [4:44]
35. Name to Remember [4:36]
Disc #1, Side B -- Gettysburg: Part Two
1. General Hood Is Wounded [4:28]
2. Review of the Day's Battle [3:12]
3. Darwin Discussion [2:25]
4. Personal Request [6:27]
5. Lee Admonishes Stuart [4:21]
6. Seminary Ridge [1:52]
7. Lee's Attack Plan [4:20]
8. Longstreet's Worry [4:29]
9. At the Head of the Troops [3:05]
10. Command Instructions [5:50]
11. What's Going to Happen [3:38]
12. What do the Books Say? [3:33]
13. News of Kilrain [1:50]
14. Bombardment Begins [4:27]
15. "I'll See You at the Top" [2:14]
16. "Keep It Hot" [3:04]
17. "All Virginia Was Here" [3:27]
18. "For Virginia" [5:03]
19. Marching Into Battle [5:49]
20. Raining Death [3:51]
21. Commanders Down [5:42]
22. Armistead's Rally [2:11]
23. The Stone Wall [3:28]
24. Final Request [1:54]
25. Longstreet Surveys the Scene [3:24]
26. Good Order in Retreat [1:54]
27. "I Have No Division" [1:14]
28. "What Else Can We Do?" [3:30]
29. Brotherly Embrace [2:04]
30. Coda [2:06]
31. End Credits [7:03]
1. Three Bloody Days [2:44]
2. Crew/Cast Commitment [4:44]
3. Reasons for Fighting [2:52]
4. Federals and Confederates [3:13]
5. Accidental Encounter [3:18]
6. Cannon Fire [3:52]
7. Longstreet and Chamberlain [4:34]
8. Friends at Odds [2:42]
9. On Location [2:49]
10. Pickett's Charge [4:46]
11. Hallowed Ground [2:00]
12. Federals' Fortification [5:21]
13. Losses [4:55]
14. Truly United; Death Toll [2:31]
15. End Credits [1:36]
Disc #2, Side A -- Gods and Generals: Part One
1. Foreward and Credits
2. An Offer Declined
3. Virginia Responds
4. Answering the Call
5. A Son's Choice
6. Train With the Bayonet
7. Only the Black Flag
8. Ol' Tom Fool
9. Thy Will Be Done
10. Manassas: A Stone Wall
11. Yell Like Fury
12. We Must Never Forget
13. The Chamberlains
14. The Jacksons
15. 20th Regiment
16. No Shortage of Enemies
17. First Brigade
18. Burnside's Decision
19. All That We Are
20. Open Hearts
21. From His Daughter
22. Good Soldiers
23. Fredericksburg Erupts
24. Mistress of the House
25. We Who Are About to Die
26. Fellow Irishmen
Disc #2, Side B -- Gods and Generals: Part Two
27. Not Yet Our Time
28. Line of Battle
29. Hell at the Front
30. Battlefield Silence
31. Wanting to Die Free
32. How Horrible Is War
33. Orders and Signs
34. Compared to What?
35. All the Daddies
36. Well With Us
37. Trading
38. The General's Lady
39. The Bonnie Blue Flag
40. Duty and Consequences
41. No Excuse for Slavery
42. Crying for Them All
43. Family Reunion
44. Jackson's Next Mission
45. Sneaking Up on the Enemy
46. Surprise at Chancellorsville
47. Night Ambush
48. Lost Arms
49. Lemonade and Love
50. Commander's Prayer
51. Crossing Over
52. Coda and End Credits

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Gettysburg/Gods and Generals 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
MrFixit50 More than 1 year ago
I recently watched "Gettysburg" with my 24 year old son, as we are both interested in history, including the American Civil War. The movie left me with several strong impressions, mostly good ones. The subjects of secession, slavery, and state's rights were treated with respect and honor to all sides, not looking through late 20th Century eyes, but through the eyes of the major characters in the file. At least two points of view from the Union side and two from the Confederate side are presented in easy, naturally flowing ways, enabling us to know why a general such as George Pickett would serve the state of Virginia, despite his personal detestation of the institution of slavery. Likewise the abolitionists viewpoints are told from two divergent perspectives. The scene where the Union soldiers and officers encounter a runaway slave remind us that even those who 150 years ago opposed slavery and fought for the Union did not see things from a 1990's perspective. The battle scenes were quite compelling, showing the heroism, futility and horrors of war. Some of the most moving scenes involved the misnamed "Pickett's Charge", both before and during. A reminder that Virginia was the state of Presidents, and the intense loyalty of her men is complemented by a loyalty to the Union and freedom of the Federal troops. The fact that Confederates were fighting for their freedom while denying freedom to slave was not lost, it was put in its proper perspective of the men who lived it. The makers of "Gettysburg" took great pains to be accurate, inviting thousands of Civil War reenactors to portray the soldiers involved in this great battle. The movie was film in and around Gettysburg. I recommend "Gettysburg" as good and educational entertainment. You just might learn something from watching it, and see things a little differently than you did before hand. It's a great lesson in American History, not just military or battlefield history. WARNING - SPOILER ALERT! My only complaint was the portrayal of Robert E. Lee. Here is a man elected to the founders class of the Hall of Fame of Great Americans, a man who was the superintendent of West Point before the war, a man who privately ridiculed the Confederacy in early 1861 letters, a man who denounced secession as "revolution" and a betrayal of the efforts of the founders of the U. S., a man that Winfield Scott, the commanding general of the Union Army, wanted Colonel Lee for senior command (with the rank of Major General), and he's portrayed as aloof and a religious fanatic, with no concept of how to properly fight a battle. Granted, Gettysburg was not Lee's finest hour, but to portray a man whom military historians continue to study as an inept leader was a poor choice in my opinion.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I watched both of these on Memorial Day. Don't be put off by the running time of these films. Their attention to detail and historical autenticity cannot be matched in hollywood. Can't wait for the third one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Both of these movies are well worth watching by everyone. There are points which are probably not going to please all who watch, and there are some questionable representations, but the viewer's level of interest will certainly make these stories engaging.
StuffedMango More than 1 year ago
Aside from less than stellar make-up jobs on the beards and the southern accent that Chamberlain's brother, Tom, sports, it is an impressive portrayal of The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara. Even more striking, however, are the extra features which make this a worthwhile purchase. Very touching and incredibly moving to see the vast numbers on the actual fields of Gettysburg.
5551 More than 1 year ago
These DVD's are the best piece of work and acting I have seen in such a long time. They brought the entire period of time to life for me, along with such an understanding for both sides and for the men, women and families north and south. In 2010 we could all learn from movies like these, Even now I am looking forward to watching them again John Eire / Ireland
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago