Give My Regards to Broad Street

Give My Regards to Broad Street

Director: Peter Webb Cast: Paul McCartney, Bryan Brown, Ringo Starr
3.3 3


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Give My Regards to Broad Street 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
bassman84 More than 1 year ago
In Give My Regards to Broad Street, Paul McCartney serves up a solid musical that features new standout compositions like the title track, No More Lonely Nights, as well as two rocking numbers, Not Such a Bad Boy and No Values. McCartney also revisits several Beatle chestnuts, including Eleanor Rigby, Yesterday, and For No One, and delivers excellent renditions of all. Paul also insisted on performing live for the musical sequences and not miming to a prerecorded soundtrack which is how they are typically done. This approach adds even more excitement to the performances. Check out Macca pumping out some serious bottom on the rollicking 'Bad Boy', or laying down a beautifully melodic bass line on the ballad So Bad while playing his classic Rickenbacker bass. You won't find many musicals that can top this one for entertainment value. Well worth it.
FossilManiac More than 1 year ago
Upon its release, this movie was not well received by critics for a reason. "Give My Regards To Broad Street" is simply not that great. The plot revolves around the search for the missing master tapes to Paul McCartney's new album. If the tapes are not found by midnight, malicious-looking businessmen will take over McCartney's company. The search for these tapes is interrupted several times by musical sequences. During these squences, McCartney is joined by Ringo Starr and members of Wings, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin. The acting is completely unconvincing and not even McCartney seems to want to find the lost tapes. This, of course, is not helped by the fact that the plotline itself is pretty weak. By the end, when you actually find out what happened to the tapes and the guy who was supposed to deliver them, you'll find that you wish that the tapes were not discovered in time and that the evil businessmen had prevailed. The original music from the film is not up to par with the rest of McCartney's solo work. Much of the soundtrack is made up of Beatles songs and previously released McCartney songs (Eleanor Rigby, Silly Love Songs, etc). This actually helps the movie, putting into consideration how awful the majority of the movie's original songs are. Overall, this movie is only entertaining if you are a hardcore McCartney fan or if you are amused to see how bad it can get at some points. (P.S. I gave this movie 2 stars in the "Funny" category because it is laughable.)
Annoyingguy More than 1 year ago
Give my regards to broad street is just a bad movie. Bad music Terrible plot, and ABYSMAL sequences! Its basically PM prancing around, looking for the missing tapes while some unenjoyable music plays. Wubzy's big movie is better than this!