Great Events of Our Century: Legacy/into Unknown

Great Events of Our Century: Legacy/into Unknown

DVD (Dolby 5.1)


"Legacy," the first feature on this Dolby Digital DVD, offers the following four options: Play; Direct Scene Access (in other words, a chapter index); Biography and Pivotal Events, offering one-screen bios and descriptions of famous people and happenings of the 20th century; and a short trivia quiz (text only) covering facts mentioned in the film. "Into the Unknown," the second feature, offers the same four options. Sound in both episodes is confined almost entirely to the narrative. Picture quality depends largely on whatever historical footage is being featured in a given chapter. A two-page glossy booklet tucked into the plastic DVD case offers advertising and a chapter index.

Product Details

Release Date: 11/09/1999
UPC: 0056775042196
Rating: NR
Source: Madacy Records
Sound: [Dolby Digital]
Time: 2:00:00

Scene Index

Side #1 --
0. Direct Scene Access
1. World Population [2:48]
2. World War I [5:20]
3. World War II [7:27]
4. Psychology [1:50]
5. Communication [9:16]
6. Examination [8:43]
7. Industry's Legacy [10:29]
2. Direct Scene Access
1. Universal Observer [1:38]
2. Exploration [3:25]
3. Ocean Secrets [9:08]
4. Speed Exploration [6:51]
5. Yearning to Fly [4:22]
6. U.F.O's & V.R. [7:56]
7. Rockets & Space [7:01]

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