Great Expectations: Laugh and Learn About Childbirth

Great Expectations: Laugh and Learn About Childbirth



If you've never experienced the joy of childbirth, there can be quite a bit to take in when the big day finally arrives. Now, thanks to registered nurse Sheri Bayles, couples expecting a newborn can get all of the information they'll need from one of the most reliable and experienced childbirth experts in the country. Covering everything from early signs of labor to the actual birth process, this revealing video will calm and inform future parents who may not know what exactly to expect in the delivery room.

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Release Date: 10/28/2003
UPC: 0826041999994
Time: 3:55:00

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Side #1 --
1. Anatomy and Preliminary Signs of Labor
2. Three Actual Signs of Labor and Two Breathing Techniques
3. Labor and Delivery
4. Pushing and Third Breathing Technique
5. Medications Used in Labor, Inductions, Forceps, Vacuum, and Monitoring
6. Cesarean Delivery, Post-Op C/S, and Postpartum Vaginal Delivery

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Great Expectations: Laugh and Learn About Childbirth 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
While a little bit 'cheesy' this DVD tells it like it is and does a great job of providing meaningful information without overwhelming. I give the DVD as a gift whenever I can. I delivered 1 of my children naturally "with an epidural" and the other c-section. The DVD covered good information for both methods. The simple breathing techniques were also great to use.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Thank-you Sheri Bayles! Two months before my due date my doctors placed me in the hospital on bedrest. I could not attend the Lamaze classes my husband and I had signed up for and I felt completely out of control. Luckily my husband heard from a friend about this great DVD/VHS. These classes were a blessing. They were funny and informative, and they totally reduced my stress. Thank-you!
Guest More than 1 year ago
When my friend got pregnant I got all of the videos on childbirth. And we watched them all. This is truly the best one!!!! There was not a dull moment, like on most of the other videos. And that's a challenge with 4 1/2 hours running time. Sheri Bayles was extremely informative with funny little anecdotes that made it very easy for my friend to remember all the information. I wish I had had a teacher like Sheri - very, very funny. It helped my friend with the most important and also scariest time of her life. The video addressed all the unknowns during a pregnancy. Knowledge is power and Sheri's video calmed my friend and helped to eliminate her biggest fears. If you want to save your money and get the best childbirth video on the market, this is the only one we highly recommend.