Gundam Wing: Movie - Endless Waltz

Gundam Wing: Movie - Endless Waltz

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Gundam Wing: Movie - Endless Waltz

This special edition DVD of the Gundam Wing movie Endless Waltz is a real treat for Gundam fans. The disk contains both the edited movie version of the original videos (which removes the repetitive beginning and end titles and adds new music and footage) and the unedited OAVs (original animated videos), and offers a selection of audio components in Japanese and English. English subtitles are also an option, and a bonus Gundam Wing encyclopedia rounds out the disk. The Gundam Wing story picks up one "After Colony" year after the end of the fantastically venerated TV series. Relative peace and prosperity has finally come to Earth and the colonies. Thinking they no longer have need of their valuable Gundam Mobile Suits, the Gundam warrior pilots have cast them towards the sun to be destroyed. But one power-hungry colony decides to take hostage the former Queen of Earth, Relena Darlian, as they want to control Earth and the colonies. The mighty Gundam warriors must unite to save Relena and her people, thus beginning the endless waltz of peace, war, and revolution

Product Details

Release Date: 02/06/2001
UPC: 0669198800733
Rating: NR
Source: Bandai
Region Code: 1
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
Time: 3:00:00

Special Features

Contatins both the movie version and three-episode OVA version; Japanese 2.0 audio; English 5.1 audio [movie version]; English 2.0 audio [OVA version]; English subtitles; Animated menus; Extras

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits

Technical Credits
Yasunao Roki Director

Scene Index

Movie Scenes
0. Movie Scenes
1. Peace [3:32]
2. Christmas Eve [5:47]
3. The Enemy Revealed [3:40]
4. Operation Rescue [8:28]
5. Declaration of War [7:17]
6. Trowa's Truth [6:29]
7. Gundam Recovery [4:26]
8. Phantoms [8:38]
9. Zero Hour [5:19]
10. Wufei's Struggle [8:13]
11. Operation Meteor [4:43]
12. Dorothy's Role [2:56]
13. Final Battle [4:36]
14. Wing Zero Arrives [6:32]
15. The Aftermath [5:15]
16. End Credits [7:50]
OAV Scenes
0. OAV Scenes
0. Episode 1: Silent Orbit
1. Prologue [3:21]
2. A Mystery [5:58]
3. Betrayal [8:35]
4. Infiltration [5:58]
5. Ending [1:44]
6. Preview [:32]
0. Episode 2: Operation Meteor
1. Dangerous Plan [3:51]
2. Battlefields [6:14]
3. Preventers [5:37]
4. Invasion [8:13]
5. Ending [1:52]
6. Preview [:31]
0. Episode 3: Return to Eternity
1. Zero Hour [4:00]
2. Gundam vs. Gundam [5:52]
3. The Battle Builds [7:17]
4. Finale [8:30]
5. Ending [2:21]

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4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ill just make this simple and sweet, this is a very good gundam movie that brings closure to the gundam series. I highly reccomend anyone who is a gundam fan to get this dvd, its not a waste of money, and it has a very classic ending.
Guest More than 1 year ago
it was an awsome starts out good and ends good and it all the good gundam pilots and it as good as maTT STONES AND TREY PARKERS SOUTH PARK
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie was a great way to end the series. Gundam Wing was great to begin with, but with the addition of the movie it just got better. The art was great, as well as the soundtrack. Even the dubbing was good. Most anime movies have really bad dubbing (which I hate more than anything else) but this was done well. I clap for the people who took time with it and made worth watching. The story is actually really good and even included a 'shock' or two if you were familiar with the GW scene. Even if you haven't seen the tv series or read the manga, the movie itself explains just about everything you need to know. This is really one of my favorite anime movies.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago