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Heartbreak Ridge
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Heartbreak Ridge

3.6 10

Cast: Clint Eastwood, Marsha Mason, Everett McGill, Moses Gunn


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Having spent much of his directorial career emulating Don Siegel and John Ford, Clint Eastwood borrows a page from the catalogue of Sam Fuller in Heartbreak Ridge. Eastwood casts himself as an old-fashioned Marine Corps sergeant who is out of step with the new-fashioned military. He returns to his old outfit as a gunnery sergeant, where he runs afoul of


Having spent much of his directorial career emulating Don Siegel and John Ford, Clint Eastwood borrows a page from the catalogue of Sam Fuller in Heartbreak Ridge. Eastwood casts himself as an old-fashioned Marine Corps sergeant who is out of step with the new-fashioned military. He returns to his old outfit as a gunnery sergeant, where he runs afoul of 1980s-style superior officers to whom the words "Gung Ho" are foolish anachronisms. But through his tough tutelage, Eastwood's lackadaisical platoon is whipped into a first-rate fighting machine, favoring teamwork over such New Age gobbledygook as "self-fulfillment." Eastwood's men prove their mettle during the invasion of Grenada.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Michael Costello
Clint Eastwood takes the old plot about the tough Marine drill sergeant trying to whip a bunch of new recruits into shape and manages to inject some life into it. He stars as Sgt. Tom Highway, a misanthropic misfit who has sacrificed his wife, family, friends, and everything else to his life in the Corps. Appropriately enough, he's assigned to shape up a platoon of young misfits and bad-asses from his old outfit. Somewhat bending genre conventions, Eastwood has given the film an elegiac undercurrent, as the fifty-plus warrior reviews his past screw-ups with his ex-wife. Of course, this is counterpointed by a number of scenes of heavy-duty bone-crunching as the old man shows his young troops that he's not about to retire any time soon. The heroic invasion of Grenada in the film's conclusion is something of a disappointment since the director, perhaps not surprisingly, has chosen to play it straight. Eastwood's direction is vigorous and terse, and the script by former Marine James Carabatsos is a nonstop virtuoso display of some of the most creative profanity to be heard in a motion picture. Among the cast, Marsha Mason and Mario Van Peebles do notable work.

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Release Date:
Original Release:
Warner Home Video

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Clint Eastwood Tom Highway
Marsha Mason Aggie
Everett McGill Maj. Powers
Moses Gunn Sgt. Webster
Eileen Heckart Little Mary
Bo Svenson Roy Jennings
Boyd Gaines Lieutenant Ring
Mario Van Peebles Stitch
Arlen Dean Snyder Choozoo
Vincent Irizarry Fragetti
Ramon Franco Aponte
Tom Villard Profile
Mike Gomez Quinones
Rodney Hill Collins
Peter Koch "Swede" Johnson
Richard Venture Colonel Meyers
Peter Jason Major Devin
J.C. Quinn Quartermaster Sgt.
Begonia Plaza Mrs. Aponte
Thom Sharp Emcee
John Hostetter Reese
Nicholas Worth Jail Binger
Dutch Mann Bar Tough Guy
Darwyn Swalve Bar Tough Guy
Christopher Michael Marine
Rebecca Perle Student in Shower
Annie O'Donnell Telephone Operator
Elizabeth Ruscio Waitress
Lloyd Nelson Deputy
Michael Maurer Bouncer in Bar
Lennie Niehaus Conductor

Technical Credits
Clint Eastwood Director,Producer
Robert R. Benton Set Decoration/Design
Jim Carabatsos Screenwriter
Edward C. Carfagno Production Designer
Joel Cox Editor
Jack N. Green Cinematographer
Phyllis Huffman Casting
Fritz Manes Executive Producer
William Nelson Sound/Sound Designer
Lennie Niehaus Score Composer
Verne Poore Sound/Sound Designer
Joseph C. Stinson Screenwriter
Wayne Van Horn Stunts
Glenn Wright Costumes/Costume Designer


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Heartbreak Ridge 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved this movie mainly because my favorite actor, Vincent Irizarry, was in it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved this movie. I myself am a big Clint Eastwood fan and him portraying a Gunnery Sergeant and a Force Recon Marine was great. Everything was great. I especially loved the jail fight scene and the fight that Highway and the Major had. Swift, Silent, and Deadly!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Having served in 2nd force recon co. this film was a joke even our training platoons knew to respect our platoon S/SGT HERVE ST PIERRE if the man said we were going behind the gates of hell no one would refuse the man was a true professional who loved what he did clint should have went to this man for a true depiction of the word RECON MARINE.
Tidalwave3 More than 1 year ago
This movie was shot in Southern California (Camp Pendleton area) and San Juan (per a friend of mine who served in San Juan). It should have been 1st Marine Recon (has hills/mts) to Grenada. This is Hollywoods version of McHale's Navy if it were THE MARINES (it sucks). Some units may get this bad, BUT they won't stay that way long (I doubt they would be a RECON UNIT though)! This must have been a low budget production so the actors could be close to their California homes, but the videos of the Carribean (San Juan) are beautful. Yes there are some C.O.'s that come into a unit with brass balls, but they are usually 2nd Lt. and will change quickly or have an accident. They usually will not make it to Major and with an MOS change at that time of their career. LOOK FOR THE SPIRIT NOT THE TECHNICAL MERITS OF THE FILM AND YOU WILL ENJOY IT...Clint does a better job as old Army dog from Korea in GRAN TORINO than in this movie!!! For realistic action (physical & mental) get THE HURT LOCKER (I just received mine UPS). Locker was awesome in the theater!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie is a cult classic and a staple for any Marine Corps/Military film collection! Clint Eastwood is Gunnery Sergeant Tom Highway, a hard core, combat vet assigned to mundane warehouse duty desparately trying to get back into the the real man's Corps - the Fleet Marine Force. He's vulgar. He's abrasive. He's the perfect Marine to whip a platoon of lazy RECON Marines into shape. His sadistic humor and cutting one-liners have taken root with real Marines who love this movie. ''No'' instantly became ''Negative, Johansen'' across the Corps. All I can say is it's about time ''Heartbreak Ridge'' was released on DVD! OOH~RAH!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie is a complete joke. I served with 2nd Force Recon Co. (81-82). The movie looks like it's filmed at Pendleton. 2nd recon is at Camp LeJeune, there are no hills at Lejeune. Recon Marines are even more disciplined and dedicated than regular troops, they have to be. NEVER, EVER would a Marine platoon of any kind behave in this idiodic manner. No Marine would dare show up at a base with an ear ring on. Drunk? Yes! Don't waste your money on this movie.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This hap-hazard display of Marines in Force Recon is so devoid of any reality,that I cannot believe it even got as far as the script being read from beginning to end by the person who decided to finance it at the movie studio.I was in the Corps,nothing special,just an aircraft mechanic, and lived on base long enough to know that whenever an officer orders a platoon to fall in, they don't just show up standing around,wearing sunglasses,smoking cigarettes and shooting their mouths off. ANYONE in ANY branch of service could tell you that 95% of this stuff just does'nt go on.When I was on Parris Island,one of my drill instructors was in Force Recon,horseshoe buzzcut on his head,the works(Staff Sgt.Carnegie,I'll never,ever forget that man,sometimes I thought he was possessed by Satan)and let me tell you that if I,you or anyone ever found themselves in combat that it would be very advantageous to have him or any of these guys in a foxhole with you. The school that these guys go through is hard enough,much less the discipline and respect you gotta' have to make it through the Marine Corps itself.So trust me,ask any Marine if they walk around talking to their superiors with such dis-respect as these idiots do.I guarantee you that Marines who have made it (to and through Force Recon training) don't walk around like that moron Mario van Peeble's character does,wearing friggin' earrings,just showing up when he wants to,waking up when he wants to.I gave this flick 1 star for the reason that it's so far from reality,that it actually has a few funny moments (thanks to Eastwoods character).Also,I can't believe Eastwood would even direct AND star in such sillinness.In closing,I hope that anyone out there that saw this waste of celluoid does'nt assume that the Corps is like this.Maybe,just maybe they should have shot this flick in some brig somewhere because thats where these idiots would have been anyway!Theres always a few boneheads out there,but they not all gathered up in one platoon.This flick should have been called a comedy instead of some kind of docu-drama!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one of the funniest movies ever.They use words like quiff,jarhead,can,napalm,etc. The best line in the movie is when he says ''You tryin to pop that puppies can,you aint gotta try so hard jarhead'',or ''You got the I just pumped the neighbors cat look on your face''A MUST SEE EASTWOOD FLICK!
Guest More than 1 year ago
''This is the AK-47 Assualt Rifle, the prefered weapon of your enemies. It makes a distintive sound when fired, learn it.'' This line came in a scene where the men were jogging along a path, and Gunny Highway apeared behind them and fired an AK-47 into the trees. It gives a little taste of what Highway is all about. Real training for real Marines to go into real combat. The most enjoyable part of nthe movie is watching the slackers of Recon turn into a team of elite fighting men. Incredible movie, a must see in this time of American History.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This had all the earmarks of a cliche fest and warmed over Eastwood rhetoric. Instead, Clint delivers one of his most interesting characters in years in gravel voiced, mangled flesh Tom Highway, a Congressional Medal of Honor winner just looking for one last battle on his way to retirement. He finds it in Grenada with a group of former slackers who he has transformed into an elite Marine Corps fighting force by using time proven blood and guts methods. Like his soldiers in battle, the formula here remains time proven as well. A good supporting cast and strong direction by Eastwood makes this war drama more memorable than the Grenada invasion itself. In fact, I think the film lasted longer.