Hercules The Legendary Journeys - Season 4

Hercules The Legendary Journeys - Season 4

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Hercules The Legendary Journeys - Season 4

Follow the mythical strongman on his continuing adventures with this action-packed release from Anchor Bay Home Entertainment. Episodes are presented in 1.33:1 full-frame and accompanied by audio rendered in closed-captioned English Dolby Digital 5.1. Bonus materials include interviews with the cast and crew, audio commentaries from Kevin Sorbo, Michael Hurst, Eric Gruendemann, a featurette showcasing the work of the K.N.B. EFX Group, dailies, a photo gallery, and CD-ROM materials.

Product Details

Release Date: 07/13/2004
UPC: 0013131276190
Rating: NR
Source: Starz / Anchor Bay
Time: 18:00:00

Special Features

Closed Caption; All 22 season four episodes; Interviews with Kevin Sorbo, Michael Hurst, Paul Robert Coyle, Michael Levine, Hudson Leick, Joel Tobeck, Noreen Tobin, Gene O'Neill, and more; Audio commentaries from Kevin Sorbo, Michael Hurst, Eric Gruendemann, and more; Featurette: "Bringing Monsters to Life at K.N.B. EFX Group"; Dailies from "Stranger in a Strange World"; Photo gallery; CD-ROM: Hercules Chronicles; actor, director, & writer bios; series trivia; production drawings

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Kevin Sorbo Hercules,Himself,"Herc",The Sovereign
Michael Hurst Iolaus,The Widow Twanky,Paul Robert Coyle (producer),Iolaus II
Bruce Campbell Autolycus
Alexandra Tydings Aphrodite,Katherine
Dean O'Gorman Rune,Young Iolaus
Gina Torres Nebula
Kevin Smith Ares,Rob Tapert (executive producer),King Iphicles
Lacey Kohl Cupcake
Lori Dungey Fortune
Roy Dotrice Zeus
Barry Spring Xeno
Belinda Waymouth Celesta
Chris Conrad Young Jason
Glenn Shadix Typhoon
Hudson Leick Callisto,Liz Friedman (producer)
Josephine Davison Arachne
Katrina Browne Siri
Kimberly Joseph Nemesis
Lisa Chappell Dirce,Queen Melissa
Mark Raffety Alexandros
Meg Foster Hera
Meighan Desmond Discord
Peter McCauley Gekkus,Ajax
Robert Trebor Salmoneus
Willa O'Neill Althea
Cory Everson Atalanta
Craig Ancell Paxxon
Ian Bohen Young Hercules
Jacinda Barrett Medea
Kerry Gallagher Leanna
Lucy Lawless Xena II
Renee O'Connor Gabrielle II
Scott Michaelson Apollo
Stephen Butterworth Thanatos
Stuart Devenie Magistrate
Ted Raimi Alex Kurtzman (witer)
Tina Cleary Mayem

Technical Credits
Alan J. Levi Director
Charles Siebert Director
Christopher Graves Director
Gary Jones Director
Gus Trikonis Director
John Laing Director
John Mahaffil Director
John T. Kretchmer Director
Mark Beesley Director
Michael Hurst Director
Michael Lange Director
Michael Levine Director
Philip J. Sgriccia Director
Rick Jacobson Director
Steven Polivka Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc One
1. A Favor [6:24]
2. Big Castle... [8:07]
3. Big Protector [10:45]
4. Hatching Harpies [10:08]
5. To the Moon [8:49]
1. Sore Loser [6:49]
2. Job Hunting [8:47]
3. Memory Loss [10:33]
4. Wild Ride [7:39]
5. You're My Best Friend [10:33]
1. Call Me Nobody [5:15]
2. It's Called Learning [10:25]
3. Talking to Jaris [10:15]
4. Storm's Comin' [6:51]
5. Confessions [11:39]
Side #2 -- Disc Two
1. Nice Chest [5:49]
2. Don't Celebrate Yet [6:47]
3. Meeting Nebula [10:46]
4. Arachne [9:03]
5. One Big Website [10:25]
1. He's Dead [5:40]
2. Zeus Is Dying [9:10]
3. Xena, Too [10:37]
4. Our Only Hope [5:41]
5. Eat Cake, Baby [12:10]
1. Pursued [5:49]
2. Evander [9:01]
3. Finding Mommy [9:38]
4. A Lot Alike [7:27]
5. Babysitter [12:24]
Side #3 -- Disc Three
1. Amazon Attack [6:28]
2. Deep Hate [8:19]
3. Goodbye, My Friend [9:21]
4. Your Sister's Alive [7:35]
5. The Fire Stakes [12:30]
1. I'll Be Her Partner [5:18]
2. It's Lemonade [8:19]
3. The Widow Twanky [8:31]
4. Next Lesson [12:21]
5. The Hercules Hustle [9:49]
1. Take Off Your Clothes [7:25]
2. The Perfect Man [7:58]
3. Is This a Joke? [8:50]
4. Too Fast [11:23]
5. Let Us Help You [7:43]
Side #4 -- Disc Four
1. Imposter [6:05]
2. Incarcerated [6:44]
3. The Lawyer [8:49]
4. Twisted Testimony [10:15]
5. I Am Hercules [12:31]
1. Competition [6:42]
2. Medea [10:15]
3. Jealousy [10:59]
4. You Knew [6:33]
5. The Ghidra [9:49]
1. What's Your Size? [5:57]
2. Nomadic Showgirls [9:03]
3. Cream Puff Inventor [7:06]
4. Getting Naked [11:35]
5. Keep Your Shirt On [10:39]
Side #5 -- Disc Five
1. From the Flames [5:04]
2. Not With These Toys [11:02]
3. Disappointed!!! [9:41]
4. Come and Get It [9:52]
5. Send Me Back [7:31]
1. Can I Help You? [4:52]
2. Give It Up [8:35]
3. We Don't Exist [8:19]
4. Xena the Conqueror [10:42]
5. Is That You? [10:52]
1. Earthquake [7:35]
2. Weekend Meeting [8:52]
3. Panic [8:54]
4. Casting Attempt [9:05]
5. Chimpules [9:55]
Side #6 -- Disc Six
1. Impress Me [7:08]
2. Almost as Good [7:19]
3. A Lover and a Fighter [11:05]
4. Good Timing [7:31]
5. Rescue Mission [9:10]
1. Ares' Revenge [7:07]
2. Flappin' in the Breeze [6:12]
3. Favorite Thing [8:47]
4. Freak Show [9:14]
5. Plan Gamma [11:55]
1. Reunion [5:09]
2. Preventing a War [9:54]
3. Keep Your Nose Clean [10:40]
4. Princess Cupcake [9:00]
5. Kill Them Both [9:34]
Side #7 -- Disc Seven
1. Welcome to the Party [6:48]
2. None of Your Business [6:24]
3. Golgoth [9:02]
4. Sand Sharks [8:31]
5. Going Back In [11:31]
1. Mama's Boy [4:37]
2. Eager to Fight [8:49]
3. Reality of War [13:27]
4. Taking Risks [8:27]
5. Surrender [8:55]
1. Turning Point [5:34]
2. Apollo [7:56]
3. Ambrosia [11:06]
4. Follow Your Heart [8:32]
5. Settling Things [9:38]
Side #8 -- Disc Eight
1. Welcome Home [4:23]
2. You're a God Now [8:55]
3. I Trusted You [8:40]
4. Next on Hera's List [8:28]
5. Like Father, Like Son [12:52]

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Hercules The Legendary Journeys - Season 4 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A wonderful cast and crew made for a wonderful show with a ton of flexibility. Hercules was able to do so much; they weren¿t stuck in one particular genre. Season four shows just how able they were at humor and at tragedy, and everything in between. Some of their best work was done in this manner. `Armageddon Now¿ is a great tragedy, and they were at their funniest with `Men in Pink¿. This season really has a little of everything for every one. I extremely suggest this DVD box set for anyone who enjoys science fiction television.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Okay, I went out and bought my copy today, I¿ve been looking forward to it for a while now, and I¿m not disappointed. I¿ve had a mini-marathon watching all of my favorites of this season (well, most of them anyway). I love these actors. And the story writers were genius. It¿s so much fun to get to watch such highly entertaining episodes, such as these from season four of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Their comedies were hilarious, and the drama had me at the edge of my seat! I love that!! All I can say is that I will be telling all of my friends how much fun this DVD box set is!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hercules Season 4 delivered once again with its thrilling episodes. In this season, Hercules returned with his best friend, Iolaus, to face new characters and greater obstacles. For a change, humor was a major element in the adventures of Hercules and Iolaus. The audience is taken on a journey of fun and wild adventures with the main characters. The adventure began with ¿Jack and the Beanstalk,¿ in which the writers brought an updated version with its usual wacky humor. In this episode, Hercules and Autolycus, The King of Thieves (Bruce Campbell), paired up to fulfill the request of an old woman. Autolycus brought a lot to this episode and allowed Hercules to play off him. The myths and legends of Hercules also took a new twist with, ¿Yes Virginia, There is a Hercules¿ which again was a very humorous episode. The script was well written and will surely leave the audience with enough suspense to keep on watching to see how the following episodes develop. In ¿Stranger in a Strange World,¿ Ares and Hercules fought as Zeus interceded to stop them by throwing a powerful series of lightning bolts that open a dimensional rift to a parallel universe where all the characters have doppelgangers to the usual universe. This was one of those episodes that were designed to be a comedy, but had serious overtones. The audience is treated to some familiar characters and exciting plot lines. In ¿Porkules,¿ the writers drew their ideas from the movie Babe. Autolycus stole the magic bow of Artemis and it fell into the hands of Discord, who promptly changed Hercules into a pig. Then Autolycus and Iolaus fought to save the day with hilarious results. I enjoyed watching more of Bruce Campbell as his spiced up the episode with even more humor! The season ended with ¿Reunions¿ as Hercules decided to accept the offer and managed to help some people before Zeus¿s true motivations became clear. Hera finally got to fight him head on and the results were pretty interesting and eventful. This was a good ending since the audience was brought full-circle, but is urged to continue the journey with the return of Hercules. Season 4 DVD has awesome video and audio commentaries with the cast and crew. I really enjoyed the fun and insightful interviews with the cast and the crew. It¿s exciting to hear about what the actors felt about the episodes, what they thought of the other characters, and how they worked in the production. In each case, they outlined some of the problems and some of the funnier moments shared on the set, as well as background information on the episode. There is also a CD ROM that includes Director and cast biographies, a trivia game, and a database of trivia called The Hercules Chronicles. The other extras included are a photo gallery and an interesting featurette. I definitely recommend any fan to purchase this DVD box set because of all the bonus features made it worthwhile. Nevertheless, the video and audio are of great quality for this set. This is probably one of the best Hercules box sets!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Each year Kevin Sorbo who play Hercules gets better and better. Season 4 is a must have for any Hercules Fan!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Fourth Season of Hercules the Legendary Journeys is their best season by far. There is so much great acting and so many wonderful stories, too many to name. However, my favorite of this season is `Yes Virginia, there is a Hercules¿, this episode gives such a fun look at what it may be like to work with the people behind the scenes of the `Legendary¿ show. It also allows us to see our favorite actors in different roles! This DVD set is great; not only is it filled with great stories it's also got lots of wonderful extras! I love to hear the interviews and commentary with the cast and crew; it's great to get their side of the story. This box set is great, it's a must have for any fan of action television!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love the Hercules Season 4 dvd set because it was the most fun to watch! Its awsome when Hercules turns into a full god imagine what he can do! But thats not the only good part. You can finally see what Hera looks like and Mount Olympus as well! There is another Zeus in this season he's pretty cool. Hercules' mother is no more in this season when she dies because of the evil Hera. I didn't like the fact that Xena only did one crossover for this season. But thats still cool I am getting the set!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Season Four of HERCULES THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS is going to be great! Not only is it a season we¿ve never seen before on either DVD or videotape but it also features such great episodes like ¿Web of Desire¿ (Introducing Nebula), ¿Heroes Heart¿ (Are Hercules and Iolaus really parting?), ¿Stranger in a Strange World¿ (Introduction the black clad ¿Sov¿ as well as alternate Iolaus), ¿And Fancy Free¿ (Introduction the Widow Twanky) and the classic 'Armageddon Now' with guest stars Lucy Lawless and Renee O¿Connor as Xena and Gabrielle. And if that doesn¿t grab you, how about Kevin Smith playing both Ares and Iphicles (¿War Wounds¿) this season? There is so much to look forward to! I can hardly wait!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Season four gives us more of that wonderful Big Guy with the heart of gold. This season is so full of great episodes; I don't even know where to begin!! My favorites include the crossover episodes with Callisto and Hope, and Xena and Gabrielle. I really enjoy being able to watch and re-watch all of my favorites over and over again! I highly recommend the DVD set to everyone who enjoys television!
Guest More than 1 year ago
In the tradition of Hercules The Legendary Journeys, that was established after it became a regular series as opposed to a run of two-hour made-for-tv movies, humor plays the largest role in this season. Improperly done, this would have fallen horribly flat but, as it stands and taken for what it is, this is easily the wittiest and most creative season of the series as Kevin Sorbo comes into his own as a comedic straight man/action hero. In the season opener, ¿Beanstalks and Bad Eggs¿, Hercules and Autolycus (played brilliantly by Bruce Campbell) are out to rescue Lianna, who had been kidnapped by the giant Typhoon and taken to a castle in the clouds. Upon climbing a giant beanstalk, the two unlikely partners find Lianna in Typhoon's castle, caring for three golden eggs that belonged to the Harpies. Without spoiling the rest, the high points to watch are Autolycus¿ explanation of the art of love and one of the classic lines of the series concerning the harpies. The usual mixture of Pop Culture references, legend, myth and fairy tale which, though strange bedfellows are somehow a great combination, permeate this seasons episodes. In ¿Hero¿s Heart¿ we have a standard episode where Iolaus (Hercules¿ sidekick played by the very talented Michael Hurst) loses his memory and ends up fighting his best friend. Although this has been done to death in the science fiction/fantasy genres, it plays well in the Hercules universe. There are three homages to modern cinema in this set. ¿...And Fancy Free¿ is Hercules The Legendary Journeys¿ answer to ¿Dirty Dancing.¿ ¿My Fair Cupcake¿ is obviously based on ¿Pygmalion¿ which later became the musical ¿My Fair Lady¿ from which the title is derived and centers around the character of Autolycus and his former girlfriend. Thirdly, the high point of the season in movie rip-offs, ¿Men in Pink.¿ A completely undisguised send-up of ¿Some Like It Hot,¿ is worth the price of the set by itself. In what becomes in later seasons a reoccurring event, the episode ¿Yes Virginia, There is a Hercules¿ introduces us to ¿reality¿ as some of the many regular stars of the show take on the interesting task of playing the crew and production staff of Hercules The Legendary Journeys. It seems that after an earthquake in Los Angeles, Kevin Sorbo has disappeared and chaos insues. There are in jokes we only now as casual viewers become privy to in an incredibly enlightening commentary on this one. There are no lack of continuitous episodes and guest appearances from the sister series/spin-off Xena Warrior Princess but, at this point I felt the two series had diverged in respect to tone. Hercules, and rightly so, will always be heavily influenced by Sam Raimi and his unique sense of humor which is shared by series regular Bruce Campbell who directs a large portion of this seasons best. There are very good reasons that ¿cross-overs¿ were rare soon after these episodes though. When all is said and done, this is money well spent and I just watched them all on a lazy summer day and have no regrets about time spent. I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the series while it was on or even want a little taste of the action and humor of the Spider-man movies. This is the same creative staff.