Herr Arnes Pengar

Herr Arnes Pengar

Director: Mauritz Stiller Cast: Mary Johnson, Richard Lund, Wanda Rothgardt



Based on the novel by Selma Lagerlof, The Treasure of Arne (Herr Arnes Pingar) was taken over in mid-production from another director by the great Mauritz Stiller. Set in the 18th century, the story concerns three soldiers of fortune, imprisoned during a political uprising. Escaping from prison in the dead of winter, the soldiers exhibit their true bestial nature when, coming upon Arne's mansion, they loot and burn the place, killing its occupants. Only orphan girl Elsalill survives the slaughter. In a delirium, she attaches herself to one of the soldiers. What she doesn't know is that Arne's treasure, now in possession of the soldiers, carries a horrible curse. The story wends its serpentine way to a bizarre climax, in which Elsalill betrays her "lover" and suffers mightily as a result. The final, panoramic shot in Treasure of Arne is a real anthology piece, and as such has popped up time and again in documentaries on the Swedish film industry.

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Release Date: 06/06/2006
UPC: 0738329047122
Original Release: 1919
Rating: NR
Source: Kino Video
Time: 1:47:00

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"Rediscovering Sweden: Peter Cowie Introduces the Films of Mauritz Stiller"

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Sir Arne's Treasure
1. Opening Titles [9:02]
2. The Nomads [9:49]
3. The House of Arne [6:43]
4. Premonition Fulfilled [13:46]
5. A Place for Elsalill [9:54]
6. Archie's Proposal [6:05]
7. The Captain's Tale [7:19]
8. The Haunted [13:18]
9. Love Nonetheless [6:53]
10. Call to Arms [:01]
11. Ready for Departure [12:45]
12. The Procession [7:56]

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