Highlander: Season 1 - Series

Highlander: Season 1 - Series

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Highlander: Season 1 - Series

This box set contains all 22 episodes from the first season of the television series Highlander. They include: "The Gathering, "Family Tree, "Road Not Taken, "Innocent Man, "Free Fall, "Bad Day in Building A, "Mountain Men, "Deadly Medicine, "The Sea Witch, "Revenge Is Sweet, "See No Evil, "Eyewitness, "Band of Brothers, "For Evil's Sake, "For Tomorrow We Die, "The Beast Below, "Saving Grace, "Lady and the Tiger, "Eye of the Beholder, "Avenging Angel, "Nowhere to Run, and "The Hunters." Each episode is presented in the original broadcast aspect ratio of 1.33:1. English soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital Stereo. There are no subtitles, but the soundtracks are closed captioned. Supplemental materials include an interview with the show's executive producer, advertising materials, bloopers, outtakes, and profiles of the characters. This is a fine package that will please fans of the series.

Product Details

Release Date: 11/12/2002
UPC: 0013131236798
Rating: NR
Source: Starz / Anchor Bay
Sound: [Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
Time: 17:58:00

Special Features

22 episodes; Original series promo; Interviews; Character profiles; Watcher chronicles; Bloopers

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Adrian Paul Duncan MacLeod
Alexandra Van Der Noot Tessa Noel
Stan Kirsch Richie Ryan
Tim Reid Sgt. Bennett
Amanda Wyss Randy McFarland
Elizabeth Gracen Amanda
Hughes LeForestier Insp. LeBrun
Joan Jett Felicia Martins
Mark Singer Caleb
Martin Kemp Alfred Cahill
Nigel Terry Gabriel Piton
Peter Guinness Col Everett Bellian
Soon-Teck Oh Kiem Sun
Stephen Macht Alexi Voshin
Vanity Rebecca Lord
Werner Stocker Darius
Andrew Divoff Bryan Slade
Anthony Head Allan Rothwood
Christoph Marius Ohrt Walter Reinhardt
Christopher Lambert Connor MacLeod
Dee Dee Bridgewater Carolyn
Dustin Nguyen Chu Lin
Jason Isaacs Zachary Blaine
Jay Brazeau Comm. CominskI
Joannah Newmarch Nikki
Joe Pantoliano Dr. Wilder
Julia Stemberger Grace
Katia Douvalian Maya
Peter DeLuise Clinch
Peter Howitt Kuyler
Roger Daltrey Hugh Fitzcairn
Roland Gift Xavier St. Cloud
Sandra Nelson Elaine
Vincent Schiavelli Leo Atkins
Wes Studi Sheriff Benson
Wendell Wright Sgt. Powell

Technical Credits
Daniel Vigne Director
Dennis Berry Director
Jorge Montesi Director
Paolo Barzman Director
Raymond Austin Director
René Manzor Director
Robin Davis Director
Thomas J. Wright Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc One
1. Episode Start
2. Slan Quince
3. Happy Birthday Tessa
4. Brothers
5. Flashback: Slaughter of the Innocents
6. Flashback: The Retreat Northwest, 1882
7. Q
1. Episode Start
2. Flashback: First Death (Highlands of Scotland, 1622)
3. Father and Son?
4. Tough Guys
5. Flashback: Demon Child
6. Payback
1. Episode Start
2. Flashback: China (1780)
3. Reunion
4. Outnumbered
5. Interference
Side #2 -- Disc Two
1. Episode Start
2. Flashback: Lucas Desiree (American Civil War, 1863)
3. Flashback: Hanged Man
4. Lynch Mob
5. The Challenge
6. Q
1. Program Start
2. Back From the Dead
3. Flashback: Lost Loves (France 1880's)
4. Devereux vs. Richie
5. True Colors
6. Q
1. Episode Start
2. Bad Day
3. The First to Die
4. Resurrection
5. Die Hard MacLeod
6. Strange Duel
Side #3 -- Disc Three
1. Episode Start
2. Flashback: Carl the Hermit (Pacific Northwest Mountains, 1872)
3. Like a Bird
4. And the Dead Shall Rise
5. Challenge
6. Q
1. Episode Start
2. The Lab
3. Escape
4. Murder
5. The Good Doctor
1. Episode Start
2. Melinda
3. Intruder
4. Flashback: The Sea Witch (Soviet Union, 1938)
5. Confrontation
6. Q
Side #4 -- Disc Four
1. Episode Start
2. Fencing Lessons
3. Flashback: Highwayman (London-Dover Road, 1728)
4. The Dress
5. Feint
6. Q
1. Episode Start
2. Flashback: Marcus (Seacouver, 1925)
3. Q
4. Richie to the Rescue
5. Stage Door Johnny
1. Episode Start
2. Uninvited Guest
3. Sniper
4. Unsafe House
5. Clash of Swords
6. Q
Side #5 -- Disc Five
1. Episode Start
2. Flashback: Darius (Waterloo, 1815)
3. Duncan and Tessa
4. Flashback: MacLeod Leaves Darius (Paris, 1816)
5. MacLeod Faces Grayson
6. Q
1. Episode Start
2. Flashback: Shattered Peace (Europe, 1783)
3. Flashback: Kuyler (Paris, 1980)
4. Flashback: Meeting Tessa (Paris, 1980)
5. Mannequin
6. Q
1. Episode Start
2. Flashback: WWI (France, 1917)
3. Old Friends
4. MacLeod Finds Xavier St. Cloud
5. Trojan Horse
6. Duel
Side #6 -- Disc Six
1. Episode Start
2. Flashback: The Beast (France, 1634)
3. Flashback: Choir of Angels (France, 1634)
4. Labyrinth
5. Phantom of the Opera
1. Episode Start
2. Flashback: Immortal Midwife (Europe, 1660)
3. Flashback: Warning (Paris, 1838)
4. Saving Grace
5. Swords in the Metro
6. Q
1. Episode Start
2. Flashback: Amanda (Bavaria, 1804)
3. Surprise Attack
4. The Heist
5. En Garde
6. Q
Side #7 -- Disc Seven
1. Episode Start
2. Flashback: Brothels and Battles (Paris, 1786)
3. Breaking and Entering
4. Flashback: My Last Duchess (England, 1803)
5. The Fight
6. Q
1. Episode Start
2. The Blood of Sinners
3. Cahill
4. The Lord's Will
5. Clash of the Angels
6. Q
1. Episode Start
2. Flashback: An Innocent Man (France, 1815)
3. Assault
4. Escape
5. Men of Honor
6. Revenge
Side #8 -- Disc Eight
1. Episode Start
2. Flashback: Fitzcairn (Italy, 1639)
3. Remembering Darius
4. Hunters
5. Immortal Captive
6. The Rescue

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Highlander: Season 1 - Series 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I recently acquired this. It had been far too long since I'd seen Highlander. This season is mainly about Duncan, Tessa and Richie. Tessa is very beautiful and quite spirited. She's a delightful woman and a perfect match for Duncan. Duncan and Tessa take in and mentor Richie. He's youthful, loyal and street smart. Duncan Macleod is the main immortal character in the series. Connor Macloed was his first teacher. Connor taught Duncan what it means to be Immortal. Beyond that they're both from the same clan. Duncan and Connor are brothers in Spirit, Battle, Blood and every way except birth. Throughout the centuries Duncan left Scotland, travel throughout Europe and Across Asia. From there he returned to Europe and then went to the Americas. From his travels he gained the Warrior skills from each of those cultures. He also gained skills in tracking, healing, and meditation. Eventually he limits his involvement in Mortal Wars. Reserving his fighting skills for individuals - Mortal or Immortal. It's great to once again see Duncan Macleod, The Highlander.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This DVD set introduces the very Yummy Duncan MacLeod, played by Adrian Paul. This series is a continuation of the movie Highlander (Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert). Highlander the series is full of action and romance, especially season one! There is also comedy and drama. It is hard to not be entertained by this show. This DVD set also includes tons of extra features including bloopers, and interviews, the watcher's chronicles, plus much more! This set is a must have for any sci-fi or great television fan!
Guest More than 1 year ago
What can I say I am a sucker for all things fantasy and sci-fi, Highlander the series was one of the favorite television shows that I had enjoyed watching on television. Now they had released all six seasons on DVD and I am collecting them one season at a time. Although Barnes and Noble had run out of stock on Season Two I managed to get it elsewhere. What can I say about Season One of Highlander, it is a great television series, we are introuduced to Duncan MacLeod kinsman of the legendary Connor MacLeod who is played by the amazing Christopher Lambert, Duncan is played by Adrian Paul. The first episode of the television series is titled the Gathering and it is an appropriate enough title for a Highlander episode where it introduces us to the life of Duncan MacLeod and his love Tessa while we are also introduced to a soon-to-be Immortal Richie Ryan who is very humorous as always in the first season always coming up with witty lines, then last but not least Christopher Lamber guest stars in this as Duncan's mentor Connor MacLeod and we are also introduced to the very first Highlander villain of the series Slan Quince who is the first villain to have a sword that shoots out a spike from within the handle. The series was very good as it delved into Duncan's many past lives as an Immortal who cannot die unless someone takes his head and when that happens all of his strength power and knowledge flows from his body and into the winning Immortal who had taken his head in an event known as the Quickening. Every Immortal is out to take Duncan's head in the series, there are some good Immortals and some very nasty and evil Immortals where we would love to see lose their heads. Adrian is a very experienced martial artist in the series and his fighting comes into play on more than one occasion with each episode. The flashbacks of each episode is what makes this series truly entertaining as it is reminiscent of the original Highlander film. This series ignores the dreadful sequels of the first Highlander movie except for Endgame which proves to be the better sequel as Duncan MacLeod is the center point in the movie but onto the series, the series lasted with six seasons and was then cancelled, the show played all over the world which made this the best international franchise ever. The writers of each episode had really done a fine job and the sword fights were as memorable as always as well as some of the Immortals who make guest appearances as either good guys or bad guys. In Season One we are introduced to different Immortals one of the key Immortals is that of Darius who is a Monk who had sworn to lay down his sword and live in solitude and not take another head. He is the type of Immortal who tries to sway Duncan MacLeod from living a life of violence though but for the Highlander that is unavoidable. Then there is Darius' protege Grayson a very well experienced Immortal who has lived as long as Darius and proves to be a challenge to Duncan. Another Immortal who is on the humorous side is Fitzcairn who is played by Roger Daltry I believe who appears in the last episode of Season One titled The Hunters, that episode was one of the emotional episodes as both the character Darius and the actor Werner Stocker had passed away. In this episode we are introduced to a secret society of mortals who go around and hunt down Immortals and take their heads. The leader of the Hunters is led by a man named Horton I forgot the name of the actor but he proves to be as twisted as all of the evil Immortals in the Highlander universe. The visuals are nicely done, especially with the Quickenings. There is a lot of action, drama, and romance to go around in this season and the following seasons that are to come. Which Highlander was one of the best television shows to have ever been aired on television. For those who are new to the world of Highlander watch the original film then watch the series that way you can get a better understanding of what is real
Guest More than 1 year ago
For two decades we¿ve been told, ¿There can be only one!¿ A little over a decade since Highlander: The Series hit the airwaves there is only one definitive DVD collection that shows where the whole legend started. Highlander: The Series, Season One is a 9-disc DVD set that contains all 22 episodes of this groundbreaking series. See how it all began from the very first episode ¿The Gathering¿ where Connor MacLeod reunites with his cousin Duncan MacLeod in a fine example of passing the story from one generation to the next. To ¿Band of Brothers¿ clearly the first episode for many fans that defined what Highlander would come to be. Leading up to the season finale of ¿The Hunters¿ where we are introduced for the very first time to a group of mortals who have been aware of immortals for centuries and appear to be focused on ridding the world of immortals.

Many of the basic story ideas and characters for all six seasons had their origins in season one including: Amanda the 1000-year-old immortal thief, Fitzcairn Duncan¿s good friend for over several centuries, the idea of the Watchers, visually stunning quickenings, and awe inspiring music.

To better understand how this series was conceived and why the show went in the directions that it did, the DVD set includes a fantastic amount of extras and bonus material. There are interviews with Bill Panzer for each episode where he spends several minutes setting up what was going on behind the scenes to make the episode happen. There is a blooper reel with outrageous outtakes that include the cast goofing and having fun. The best bonus piece, in my opinion, is the 30-minute Series Promo produced before the show hit the air and was sort of a long commercial advertising what was coming and what to expect from this series. Interviews with Bill Panzer, Don Paonessa, Bob Anderson, and many others from behind the camera provided insight into what they foresaw the series becoming.

Whether you¿re a new or long-time fan of Highlander, there is something in this DVD set for everyone. If you¿ve never seen season one, then you need to pick this up to see how it all began. If you¿ve seen Season One on television then this DVD set will only add to your love of the show and provide you with better insight into
Guest More than 1 year ago
ACTION, ACTION, ACTION!! The first year is only the beginning. There's five more seasons of well acted and directed entertainment. Check it out and see the QUICKENING!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you liked any of the movies, you will love the series. Highlander: The Series has outstanding acting, writing, directing and action that became stronger every season. I recommend that any one who loves sci-fi or action buy this set and all future sets. The only disappointment is that the series ended.
Guest More than 1 year ago
You are intrigued by the agility and swordsmanship of 'MAC' a most handsome and strong man that holds everything precious close to him...even if it means never seeing the things he loves again....The action in this season is very well played, and there is something for everyone in the audience...young or old...!!!!! IT IS WORTH PLAYING AGAIN AND AGAIN....
Guest More than 1 year ago
Re-enter the life of immortals as you are introduced to Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul) and the 'game' that immortals play. Action is an understatement in this series as immortals clash to 'take each others head' to release the 'quickening'. The special effects are through the roof and the drama will keep you enthralled every minute! Watch this series and you wll forever be a Highlander fan!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This first season is a must for any Highlander, action or sci-fan fan. This season begins the adventures of Duncan Macleod the Highlander. An Immortal who values honor and life. This set does a wonderful job of developing the main characters and drawing the viewer into the Immortal world. There is plenty of action and romance in every episode! Begin your adventure, you won't be disappointed!
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you haven't seen any of the Highlander seasons, begin buying them all now. For sci-fi/fantasy genre fans this is such an extreme form of entertainment. Highly underrated character actor Adrian Paul is a cousin of whom most people reconize from the big screen movies (that whould be Connor McLeod, played by Christopher Lambert). Each week there is a flash back either through the past few decades or through the centuries of his amazing life (which is easily another big streangth here). His co-stars Stan Kirsch and Alexander Vandernoot are also along for the ride. He's made quite a life for himself as a antiques & weapons dealer. Each week doesn't follow some boring old pattern as some series do. Usually someone from his past (or a friend's at least)as an arch rival has a bone to pick with him or such, but what makes the series such a great one are also the other episodes: Aside from the excellant sword fighting cinematography (which is what some programs & even major films wish they were) there's also a plethera of cool cameos on accasion. Richard Mull (from TV's Night Court) and hardrock princess/pioneer Joan Jett highlight in the first few seminal classic episodes, as well as future character actor Andrew Divoff (who whould later go from Bad Day in Building A, episode number 2#, to Wes Craven's Wishmaster and a solid carrer in the horror genre among returning to television). All are never campy and hit their emotional mark. The writers do an amazing job often times of mixing McLeod's past with his presant. Moving the story through the other countries (which eventually moves from the states to France and all through out the beautiful country side of Europe) is another good choice, as it gave the characters more room to breath and gives Duncon more fighting space. Stand out episodes? Definately Free Fall, The Gathering and Bad Day in Building A. The Gathering is a great way of bridging the series with the feature films, since a cameo from Christopher Lambert is such a wounderful character (especially at espressing loss) and also we all get to see Richard Mull (good ol' Bull) ham it up. There's also plenty of character devolopment (surprising for the first 4 or so episodes of *any* series) and some changing of scenery (much need). All in all? You need this boxset in your DVD collection along with everything else. The good folks at Anchor Bay, the film restoration historians they are, have been churning them out at quite a clip, and major kudos goes out to them. This is where it all begin. Pick it up today ... - willun
Guest More than 1 year ago
Highlander:The Series Season One picks up where the movie left off but, with a whole new Macleod. It turns out that The Gathering isnt over by a long shot. Duncan Macleod, Conner's cousin had thought that he could stay away from the game of head on head competition that is the destiny of all immortals but, Conner arrives to let him know that although, 'there can be only one,' there are still a plethera of bad guys out there looking for that distinction.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'In the end there can be only one.' With this line the new series opens. The main character, Duncan MacLeod, suddenly is thrust back into the game after an attack on himself and his girlfriend. Throughout the first season we see Duncan come to terms with the adjustment to his life as he re-enters 'the game'. We meet characters that will be central to the series development, Tessa, the love of his life; Richie, a foster son of sorts and Darius, an immortal who becomes his mentor. Though some of the story lines are weak, we begin to see the ethical and moral code that Duncan lives by. This set provides a strong base for further growth and character development in the Highlander series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In this season we are introduced to Duncan MacLeod and his girlfriend Tessa. Immediately you are thrown into an action packed story involving an evil immortal out for Duncans head. This will get you started but the season's end will have you hooked.
Guest More than 1 year ago
You will be hooked on Highlander from the first episode. There is something for everyone in this first season. The sword fights will keep you at the edge of your seat. For your tender side there is the love story between the gorgeous Duncan and his beautiful Tess. Throw in some guest appearances from people like rocker Joan Jett and things get really exciting. A must have for all Adrian Paul fans.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Season One introduces the viewer to the world of Duncan MacLeod. The first episode acts as an introduction through a familiar face: Connor MacLeod from the Highlander movies. Fans of the movies will find it odd introducing Duncan after Connor wins the prize in the first movie. However, the quality of the Series quickly makes the viewer forget this inconsistency. The characters are strong and the well developed story lines make each episode memorable and worth purchasing. The producers description of each episode and the Watcher Chronicles provide excellent additions to the episodes.