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Highlander: Season 2 - Series

Highlander: Season 2 - Series

5.0 6
Director: Bruno Gantillon, Clay Borris, Dennis Berry

Cast: Adrian Paul

The tale of immortal Scottish swordsman Duncan MacLeod is preserved on DVD with the release of The Highlander: Season Two Collection from Anchor Bay. This box set contains all 22 season two episodes on eight discs, each presented with a digitally remastered full-frame transfer. The soundtrack is offered in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo. The


The tale of immortal Scottish swordsman Duncan MacLeod is preserved on DVD with the release of The Highlander: Season Two Collection from Anchor Bay. This box set contains all 22 season two episodes on eight discs, each presented with a digitally remastered full-frame transfer. The soundtrack is offered in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo. The ninth disc in the set is a CD-ROM containing the complete collection of season two scripts in Final Draft form. Special features start off with a commentary track by executive producer Bill Panzer and story editor David Abramowitz. Also includes commentary from the Highlander himself, Adrian Paul, along with cast and crew biographies, photo galleries, lost scenes, and detailed accounts from the secret society of the Watchers.

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A spin-off of the popular movie, Highlander: The Series follows the exploits of immortal Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul), another member of the Highland clan that produced the older Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert), who was the focus of three feature films and a supporting character in the first episode of the new series. Also appearing in the series: Stan Kirsch as the headstrong Richie Ryan; Alexandra Vandernoot as Duncan's love interest, Tessa Noel; the late Werner Stocker as Darius; Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson, a member of the Watchers; Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda, another immortal; and Peter Wingfield as Methos (a five-thousand-year-old immortal masquerading as a Watcher.) After six seasons, production on the show was ended, with Paul signed to appear as Duncan in the fourth movie and producers Davis/Panzer planning a new television spin-off, this time featuring a female immortal. -- Steven E. McDonald

Product Details

Release Date:
Starz / Anchor Bay
[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Adrian Paul audio and video commentary; 22 Episodes; Recently discovered lost scenes; Producer and writer interviews; Character profiles; Watcher Chronicles; Scripts (CD-ROM); Photo gallery

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Adrian Paul Actor,Duncan MacLeod
Stan Kirsch Actor,Richie Ryan
Alexandra Van Der Noot Tessa Noel,Lisa Halle
Jim Byrnes Actor,Joe Dawson
Elizabeth Gracen Actor,Amanda
Joel Wyner Gregor Powers
Michel Modo Maurice
Philip Akin Charlie DeSalvo
Werner Stocker Actor
Bruce A. Young Carl Robinson
Cali Timmins Iris
Jeremy Brudenell Nicholas Ward
Jonathan Banks Mako
Michael Siberry Hyde
Michelle Thrush Sara Lightfoot
Nia Peeples Nefertiti
Peter Firth Arthur Drake
Peter Hudson Horton,James Horton
Peter Wingfield Actor
Robert Ito Johnny Leong
Roddy Piper Gallen
Roland Gift Xavier St. Cloud
Santino Buda Canaan
Sheena Easton Annie Devlin
Sheila Moore Linda Plager

Technical Credits
Bruno Gantillon Director
Clay Borris Director
Dennis Berry Director
Paolo Barzman Director
Paul Ellis Director
Peter B. Ellis Director

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Highlander: Season 2 - Series 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Season 2 of Highlander is so much fun! There is so much action and drama, there is comedy and romance--there is a lot of everything in this set. This DVD set is packed with the 22 episodes from this season as well as interviews from Adrian Paul (yummy) and the producers and writers. There are so many extras to this set! Watcher's chronicles, scripts, a photo gallery, and more! This set is a must for anyone who enjoys being entertained!
Guest More than 1 year ago
An exciting CD package for an exciting Season. From the life changing events for Tessa and Ritchie, and the development of the Watchers, to the return of one of MacLeod's greatest enemies. With consistently excellent scripts that pull at your heart strings, make you laugh and keep you on the edge of your seat, Season Two is a worthy addition to any CD collection.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you are interested in the production aspects of television, then whether you¿re a fan of Highlander or not, pick up the Season 2 DVD set of Highlander: The Series. This collection of 22-second season episodes contains many bonus features and extras never before seen. Two episodes on disc 3, ¿The Return of Amanda¿ and ¿Revenge of the Sword¿ contain both audio and video commentary by Adrian Paul. By turning on the audio commentary you can watch the episode and Adrian comments on his memories of each scene and he provides a lot of background information and humor. It is even fascinating to hear Adrian get excited about remembering some little detail he had forgotten until he sat down to provide this commentary. There is a trivia game that tests your knowledge about the Season 2 episodes. Some questions are general knowledge questions and some are obscure. This is a fun way to see how much you really know about Highlander¿s second season. Disc 8 contains all of the scripts, allowing you to follow along while watching the episodes. It is interesting to read the scripts and discover small changes between what is written on the page and what is actually said or acted on-screen. Case in point, at the end of ¿The Darkness¿ what was filmed is slightly different than what was written. How it was filmed I think was better than how it was written. These are not major changes. The basic story is still there. It¿s just little nuances that added to the story and made the episode stand out as one of the best stories that season. Disc 8 also contains a photo gallery of still images captured from several of the episodes, as well as production notes for other episodes. If you have any interest into what goes into creating an episode, these production notes make for interesting reading. Also included, as a bonus is a collector¿s edition medallion. I own several DVD collections for other television shows and none of them contain as much extra material as does the Highlander Season 2 set. In all, this Season 2 DVD collection is jammed full of bonus material, collectibles, and memories that are well worth the money you will spend on this set.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The second season of Highlander introduces us to the Watchers and a renegade maniac within that group who doesnt just watch. The mortal and insane, Luther is out to take Duncan's head and those of all immortals. This is the season that sets the tone for rest of the series as we learn that everything we thought we knew is wrong and everyone is a target. The cast and Duncans future is in for a major upheaval!
Guest More than 1 year ago
It is a rare case in any cinema format tv or otherwise where it gets better with each new episode. This is the case with Highlander. We lose Tessa in season two and gain Amanda. There are pros and cons there but it makes for some great tv. Richie is reborn as an immortal and duncan teaches him how to survive in his new life. We also get a deadly battle between Duncan and Xavier St. Cloud. Watch it all unfold in this season.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a powerful season. The beginning introduces the Watchers. An organization that has been documenting Immortals for nearly 2000 years. They'd sworn never to interfere. Then one of them had gone rogue and recruited other. These were an aboration, they were outlaws among the Watchers. Lead by a madman, named Horton, they hunted any Immortal - good or evil. The Hunters had been responsible for Darius's death, at the end of the last season. Later in the season, a hunter abducted Tessa. Used her as bait for Duncan. He fought the Hunter and won. Afterward Tessa and Richie were headed for their car, only to be attacked and shot by a junkie. Duncan had saved Tessa from a Hunter, only to have her killed by someone too high to even remember doing it. That same episode also revealed Richie to be an Immortal. He rose from the dead, to the tragic sight of Tessa dead in Duncan's arms. The following episodes have Duncan teaching Richie the rules of Immortals, and vigorous sword training. Eventually leading to Richie's first quickening. Then Richie heads off on his own, until near the end of the season. Duncan befriends a Watcher, named Joe Dawson. Joe was actually Duncan's watcher. He helps Duncan battle Horton and his Hunters in several episodes. Xavier St Cloud returns this season. Xavier and Horton form an unholy alliance, united by their hatred of Duncan. Mortal mercenaries softened immortals up, and then Xavier took their heads. The season finale has Horton's final attack on Duncan. A murderous woman was surgically altered to look like Tessa. She seduced him, and lured him to Tessa's grave. What she didn't know was Horton planned to kill her, to make Duncan see Tessa die twice. The plan backfired. Instead of weakening Duncan, she helped him finally get over his grief, and, in their final battle, Horton finally perished.