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Hollow Man

Hollow Man

2.5 11
Director: Paul Verhoeven

Cast: Kevin Bacon, Elisabeth Shue, Josh Brolin


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In this sci-fi thriller, a man and a woman must fend off a killer whom they cannot see. Scientist Sebastian Caine (Kevin Bacon) is working with a secret military research team headed by Dr. Kramer (William Devane), assigned to create new intelligence technology. With the help of his colleagues Linda McKay (Elisabeth Shue) and Matt Kensington (Josh Brolin), Sebastian


In this sci-fi thriller, a man and a woman must fend off a killer whom they cannot see. Scientist Sebastian Caine (Kevin Bacon) is working with a secret military research team headed by Dr. Kramer (William Devane), assigned to create new intelligence technology. With the help of his colleagues Linda McKay (Elisabeth Shue) and Matt Kensington (Josh Brolin), Sebastian has been developing a serum that makes people invisible. The formula is new and unstable, but after a risky but successful test on an ape, an impatient Sebastian, under pressure from Kramer, decides to try it on himself. It works, but no one counted on the side effects; unable to reverse the serum's effects, an invisible Sebastian goes insane, and begins pursuing Linda (his former girlfriend) and Matt (Linda's current beau) in a fog of homicidal rage. Directed by Paul Verhoeven, Hollow Man also features Kim Dickens, Mary Randle, Joey Slotnick, and Greg Grunberg.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Director Paul Verhoeven (Starship Troopers) tackles the invisible-man theme with gusto in The Hollow Man, a fanciful sci-fi opus rendered believable by virtue of its eye-popping, state-of-the-art special effects. Kevin Bacon stars as a brilliant but arrogant scientist who becomes the first human subject to whom an invisibility serum is successfully administered. When his research team, which includes former girlfriend Elisabeth Shue and romantic rival Josh Brolin, fails to restore him to visibility, Bacon becomes unhinged and vents his murderous rage on terrified co-workers. Verhoeven hews closely to well-established plot devices and familiar characterizations -- Bacon reacts to his plight just as Claude Rains did in 1933's The Invisible Man -- but Hollow Man achieves greater plausibility thanks to superior visual effects, the creations of which are detailed in both a full-length documentary and several behind-the-scenes featurettes included in Columbia Tri Star's Special Edition DVD. The elaborately produced disc also includes factoid-crammed commentaries by Verhoeven, Bacon, and composer Jerry Goldsmith, who talks about crafting the film's eerie musical score. Verhoeven also provides commentary for three creepy scenes deleted from the film's final cut. VFX picture-in-picture comparisons and DVD-ROM web links help flesh out this comprehensive, imaginatively designed package.

Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Sony Pictures
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

HBO making-of: "Anatomy of a Thriller"; "Fleshing Out of the Hollow Man": 15 behind-the-scenes featurettes; VFX picture in picture comparisons

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Kevin Bacon Sebastian Caine
Elisabeth Shue Linda McKay
Josh Brolin Matt Kensington
Greg Grunberg Carter Abby
Mary Jo Randle Janice
Kim Dickens Sarah
Joey Slotnick Frank
William Devane Dr. Kramer
Steve Altes Dad
Rhona Mitra Sebastian's neighbor

Technical Credits
Paul Verhoeven Director
Allan Cameron Production Designer
Louis D'Esposito Asst. Director
John M. Dwyer Set Decoration/Design
Howard Feuer Casting
Joseph Geisinger Sound/Sound Designer
Alec Gillis Makeup Special Effects
Mark Goldblatt Editor
Jerry Goldsmith Score Composer
Sony Pictures Imageworks Special Effects
Daniel R. Jennings Set Decoration/Design
Stacy Lumbrezer Co-producer
Andrew W. Marlowe Original Story,Screenwriter
Alan Marshall Producer
Ellen Mirojnick Costumes/Costume Designer
Eric Pascarelli Camera Operator
Marion Lignana Rosenberg Executive Producer
Kenneth J. Silverstein Associate Producer
Gary Scott Thompson Original Story
Tippett Studio Special Effects
Jost Vacano Cinematographer
Doug Wick Producer
Tom Woodruff Makeup Special Effects

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Hollow Man
1. You Should Be Working [5:16]
2. Midnight Crack [2:03]
3. Lab Break [5:34]
4. It's Working [3:35]
5. System Crash [3:01]
6. Team Toast [6:27]
7. Phase 3 [2:52]
8. Volunteer Work [2:18]
9. Here We Go [4:51]
10. Brave New World [4:14]
11. First Night [3:45]
12. Dropping In [3:25]
13. We'll See You [4:57]
14. Easy for You [4:56]
15. Could be Anywhere [4:55]
16. A Little Stir Crazy [3:24]
17. Big Breakthrough [3:45]
18. Hollow Life [3:00]
19. I'll Show Them [4:06]
20. Safety Concern [3:42]
21. Committee Confession [2:50]
22. General Communication [5:34]
23. Taking Him Down [4:34]
24. Blood Bath [4:48]
25. Hello Face [3:02]
26. Playing With Fire [3:02]
27. Fighting for Her [4:31]
28. Still Holding On [10:28]


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Hollow Man 2.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Great effects. Good acting. Story fell apart half way through. Plot seemed to lose direction. All realism disapeared into a combination of Halloween and some kind of Agatha Christi ''oh we're locked in and being picked off one by one.'' HE'S NAKED AND UNARMED!!! C'MON!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a sci-fi movie with top-notch special effects, but a made-for-TV plot. It would have been decent if not for the numerous sexual jokes, inuendoes, and language. Kevin Bacon's character is too cocky and perverted to relate to, and the other characters are either too immature, pathetic, or shallow to pity when Bacon kills them. When Bacon isn't knocking off someone, he uses his "gift" of invisibility to enact his sexual fantasies on any woman available. This was the worst part of the film. Whereas H.G. Well's "Invisible Man" uses his power to terrorize, dominate, and get revenge, Bacon's character uses it to undress, fondle, and do God knows whatelse to unsuspecting women. Unlike Well's invisible man who begins good, but becomes corrupted, Bacon's character is the same before and after he becomes invisible - it's just, his invisibility allows him to be more bold. But I don't doubt he would have murdered his co-workers and raped women even if he weren't invisible. There is nothing tragic about him, and when he dies (or any character for that matter), it envokes relief rather than sympathy or sorrow. Don't waste your money on it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The beginning scared me with the invisible animal that attacked i think a rat and was covered in blood. The rest of the film was just sick and weird. Wish it could of been a little better and taken out some ridiculous scenes. Don't buy it. Just see it on tv or something or don't bother watching at all.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved it. I hated it. It was just as bad as it was good. If you like movies, you might like this one ... or even love it ... but might hate it too, if you hate movies.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hollow Man was a very enjoyable film, the plot is simple and straight forward, very little plot twists, but it still is a good flick, I highly recommend the dvd, it is loaded with extra footage and behind the scenes stuff including a rather in-depth look at the amazing effects. Kevin Bacon does a decent job of playing a megolomaniac and Elisabeth Shue....well need I say more! Alright, this movie is good, has some problems, but aot better than alot of other flicks out there now!
Guest More than 1 year ago
If I could give this film zero stars, I would. This movie is awful. Maybe it's just me, but a few scenes of interesting special effects doesn't constitute a great flick. Bad acting, bad script, bad idea, waste of time AND money...just a few things to think about before you see this film. Actually, you should see it just to have the priviledge of saying you saw the worst film ever made. That in itself is the only positive thing I can say about this film.
Guest More than 1 year ago
With all of the buzz that surrounded the release of ''Hollow Man'' before its release on August 4th, it's easy for me to see why so many critics downed this movie as a lame excuse for special effects and violence. If you've seen the trailer, then you probably already know too much of what is going to happen, kind of like the fiasco that occurred with ''Double Jeopardy.'' So basically, this is a movie where the viewer is left to decide whether or not it is any good. Personally, I found it to be quite enjoyable. Sure, it does fall into some of the all-too-familiar horror/thriller clichés, and it seems as though the final third could've been carried out in a different way. But if all you're looking for is a simple Friday night movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat in certain intense moments, then it is not a failure. ''Hollow Man'' is the only movie I've ever seen that hosts such a shocking opening scene. A small rat runs into a large cage, where it is lifted by an unseen force and eaten, with vivid detail. We soon learn that this is part of an experiment funded by the Defense Department in order to discover the key to the invisibility of mammals. The animals are merely test subjects under project leader Sebastian Caine, until he discovers the code to reverse the process. He keeps this discovery a secret from the government, telling his partner Linda McKay that he wants to go ahead with the third phase himself, which involves testing it on himself. Despite the risks at stake, she and Matthew Kensington go along with it, and soon, the process goes ahead and Sebastian disappears from human visibility. But when his reversal process proves a failure on humans, his morality begins breaking down, and he settles into a deranged lifestyle of mayhem and murder, willing to stop at nothing to keep his success a secret from everyone. With all of this in mind, ''Hollow Man'' is not a bad movie. It does contain its share of genuine thrills and scares, while also giving the storyline a sophisticated and intelligent feel in terms of its scientific aspects. The action does keep moving despite a couple of old-fashioned thriller clichés, but even then this may provide for a bit of relief. It does seem as though the third act of the film is a bit underachieved. With all the suspense that the movie builds up to, there seems to be so many other approaches the writers could've taken, but hey: this is a summer thriller movie, so it fits nicely into its genre. The special effects used for this movie are nothing short of amazing. What makes this movie all-the-more believable is that Kevin Bacon, playing Sebastian, is able to play opposite the other actors, even in the invisibility scenes. Special make-up techniques and computer animation and recreation make each completed shot seamless and simply stunning, and it does have to be said: this is one of the best special effects movies ever made. Actors also do a great job, and know what they are doing with their characters. Kevin Bacon is quite the evading psycho killer as Sebastian, and just the sound of his voice will send chills up your spine in the most intense moments. Elizabeth Shue is, as always, astounding in her role of Linda McKay, and when the action begins to mount, she is always on hand to keep it moving at twice the speed. She is also able to make audiences believe in her character's intelligence and ability as a scientist. Josh Brolin does a good job as the hero-for-a-day character Matthew, and despite his character's all-too-familiar entrances to save the day, he plays them all so well, like the idea is totally brand new. To sum it up, ''Hollow Man'' is a good movie. Not great; just good. It has the suspense, the thrills, and the action needed to make it a plausible thriller, though those looking for more substance will be at a bit of a loss. It can be smart and intelligent at times, while giving its audiences a simple story that is easy to follow and quite
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie was so bad we walk out of the theater not even halfway through - may be the special effects were good but the story(was there a story) was horrible we might as well have just throw our money out the window!!!!!!!!!!!! This movie has no redeeming qualities period!!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The two obvious flaws with Hollow Man are the character development and the last half-hour. Major flaws indeed, but flaws that could have easily been repaired. One could easily blame Verhoeven himself, but close inspection of the film reveals several glimmers of potential insight that give one the hope that this is merely another example of High-Budget Hollywood Hijinx. This is one of the films that I long to see the original script for, to see how much on-screen was films execs utilizing their standard High-Budget sci-fi Special-Effects Extravaganza Formula (I find it hard to believe that screenwriters across the country are all convinced that what their big finale really needs is yet another big explosion).

The movie starts with a glimmer of hope, but the ending devolves into yet another Aliens wanna-be (`My God, we're locked in here with the monster/creature/alien/madman/senator, and there is nowhere to run, therefore we must track down and defeat our slippery foe!') where the cast you've failed to gain any real affection for is slaughtered one by one in unique and interesting ways. It is the ultimate insult, that H. G. Wells' classic sci-fi tale of man's inherent evil has been reborn as an expensive hack & slash horror film. I have nothing against hack & slash, mind you. But there is a time and a place for everything, and this was neither the time nor the place. Not that I'm arguing against the film's depictions of violence, despite that fact that the film degenerates to the point where characters are actually throwing bags of plasma around the room in a cheap attempt to get as much blood as possible without too much MPAA approved violence. On the contrary, the films opening scene alone had a brutality and vividness to it that gave rise to my expectations (which were soon to be dashed against the rocks of a cheesy Hollywood ending). It effectively depicted the danger and foreboding of an unseen aggressor, like an extreme case of ''Fearing the Unknown''.

I've also found people who complained, not that the film was violent, but that it was vulgar. Yes, it seems that Kevin Bacon makes up for his lack of nudity in Stir Of Echoes (The Rev Rates It 8) by showing as much Bacon Behind as possible. In fact, voyeurism becomes (or should have become) a major theme of the film, and not just through the aspect of an invisible man spying unawares. The parallel to the `Peeping Tom' aspect is the growing concern with the other scientists with not only seeing the invisible scientist, but constantly monitoring him as well.

As for main character, in this case he is weak because he leaves little room for dramatic development. Sebastian Caine's descent into madness isn't as much a plummet as it is a hop from the curb. The head scientist is an egomaniacal, manipulative, frustrated workaholic. Gee, lets give the power of invisibility and see if it corrupts him. Instead of giving the film yet another form of Instant Evil (just add unlimited power, and watch your Chia Villain grow!), so much more could have been said about man's nature by corrupting the soul of someone you wouldn't expect to turn on his fellow man. The double-meaning title of the film itself pointed in the proper direction, yet failed to follow. Hollow Man not only referred to the eerie sight of seeing through the eye holes of a mask to the back of the head, or of clothing encompassing nothing as if a hollow shell. It also referred to Sebastian Caine, a `Hollow Man' containing nothing within but shallow desires and relentless hunger for power. While there are moments where this is eluded too, the film goes off on other little diatribes that detract from this, losing its real strength by trying to appear more involved than it allowed itself to be.

In the end Hollow Man became a Hollow Film. It starts off showing the promise of a truly inventive film with a brain as well as a soul, and winds up as nothing more than another schlock sci-fi/thriller effects extrav

Anonymous More than 1 year ago