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Hollywood Westerns

Hollywood Westerns


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Madacy Home Video

Special Features

Biographies; Previews; Fun Facts

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Errol Flynn Jeb Stuart
Helen Boyce Big Annie
Jack Buetel Billy the Kid
Joan Barton Lila Neal
Roy Rogers Himself
Tex Ritter Tex Martin
Iris Meredith Nancy Wilson
Jane Frazee Caroline Maynard
Jane Russell Rio
John Wayne Quirt Evans
Olivia de Havilland Kit Carson Halliday
Randolph Scott Dan Mitchell
Andy Devine Cookie Bullfincher
Ann Dvorak Rita
Gail Russell Penelope Worth
Horace Murphy Stubby
Raymond Massey John Brown
Thomas Mitchell Pat Garrett
Charles King Blackie Devlin
Edgar Buchanan Sheriff Bravo Trimble
George Lloyd Jonas "Pop" Jordan
Harry Carey Marshal Wistful McClintock
Ronald Reagan George Armstrong Custer
Walter Huston Doc Holliday
Alan Hale Tex Bell
Bruce Cabot Laredo Stevens
Dick Curtis Cap Ryker
Earl Dwire Sheriff Walker
Mimi Aguglia Aunt Guadelupe
Wade Crosby Lye McFarland
Rhonda Fleming Sherry Balder
Stephen Grant Johnny Worth
Irene Rich Mrs. Worth
Lloyd Bridges Henry Dreiser
Lee Dixon Randy McCall

Technical Credits
Edwin L. Marin Director
Howard R. Hughes Director
James Edward Grant Director
Michael Curtiz Director
Ray Taylor Director
William Witney Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Hollywood Westerns: Angel And The Badman/Abilene Town
1. Main Street [20:08]
2. Moving In [16:10]
3. Two To One [15:25]
4. Stubborn Critter [13:05]
5. Sticking Together [15:43]
6. Taking Back The Town [10:44]
1. Let Us Help [20:08]
2. Loose His Shirt [16:10]
3. Call Me Mr. Evans [15:25]
4. Right On Time [13:05]
5. I'm Patient [15:43]
6. Eye For An Eye [10:44]
Disc #2 -- Hollywood Westerns: Under California Stars/Santa Fe Trail
1. West Point [13:49]
2. Leavenworth, Kansas [14:51]
3. Contraband [8:00]
4. Delaware Crossing [11:11]
5. Steel Highway [14:19]
6. Surrender Or Else [10:19]
1. King Of Cowboys [13:49]
2. The Horse Trainer [14:51]
3. Stealing Trigger [8:00]
4. The Ransom Note [11:11]
5. Here's The Plan [14:19]
6. Hard Bargain [10:19]
Disc #3 -- Hollywood Westerns: The Outlaw/Mystery Of The Hooded Horseman
1. The Badlands [23:14]
2. The Four Star Mine [24:23]
3. Holy Cow [22:48]
4. Need A Leader [18:28]
5. You Sold Us Out [16:25]
6. Here's Your Man [10:57]
1. Doc Holliday [10:08]
2. Billie The Kid [8:12]
3. Lucky Ring [11:14]
4. The Set-Up [14:09]
5. You Had Me Cold [12:08]
6. Doc's Guns [3:48]

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