Horses of Gettysburg: Civil War Minutes IV

Horses of Gettysburg: Civil War Minutes IV

Director: Mark Bussler Cast: Ronald F. Maxwell

DVD (Wide Screen)

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The Civil War is a subject that has captivated history buffs since the last fire was shot all the way back in 1865, and though many films and documentaries have explored the human aspect of the war, few have explored the vital bond between man and beast on the battlefield. Now director Mark Bussler offers a unique and compelling look at the key role that an estimated 72,000 horses played in the war with a documentary that shows just how dependent the fighting soldiers were to the animals that guided them into battle. Without the contributions of these fearless beasts, the United States of America simply would not have developed as it ultimately did, and as narrator Ronald F. Maxwell offers an involving account of the soldier and the horse, images of charging horses and stunning battlefield panoramas offer a refreshing change of pace from the typical "talking head" documentary format employed by so many filmmakers who have chosen to explore the topic of the Civil War.

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Release Date: 05/02/2006
UPC: 0646032042498
Original Release: 2006
Rating: NR
Source: Janson Media
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
Time: 1:56:00
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Special Features

Closed Caption; 116-minute director's cut from the high-definition master; Commentary track with Ronald F. Maxwell, Mark Bussler and Doug Sloan, head wrangler from Gettysburg and Gods and Generals; Commentary with writers Michael Kraus and David M. Neville and director Mark Bussler; 60-minute personal interview with Ronald F. Maxwell on his history in filmmaking; 22-minute interview with Ronald F. Maxwell on working with horses in movies; 5-minute interview with Doug Sloan on horse wrangling in movies; 15-minute Horses of the White City documentary about the role of horses in the 1893 Chicago World's Fair; 40-minute Making of Horses of Gettysburg documentary; 45-minute documentary with Eric Campbell, Gettysburg National Military Park Ranger and noted Civil War author; Trailers

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Civil War Minutes, Vol. 4 - Horses of Gettysburg, Disc 1
1. Introduction [8:25]
2. Buford's Cavalry [2:54]
3. Buying and Selling Army Horses [7:45]
4. The Army Mule [8:35]
5. Bigelow's Stand [10:50]
6. A Most Heroic and Hazardous Ride... [6:35]
7. Custer vs. Stuart at the East Cavalry Field [10:46]
8. Maintaining an Army of Horses [9:59]
9. Farnsworth's Charge [8:57]
10. A View From the Saddle [12:39]
11. Pickett's Mounted Officers [7:57]
12. The Great Equestrian Statues [18:53]
Disc #2 -- Civil War Minutes, Vol. 4 - Horses of Gettysburg, Disc 2: Special Features
2. The 9th Massachusetts at Gettysburg [4:55]
3. Baptism of Fire [2:52]
4. The Role of a Burglar [2:16]
5. In the Heat of Battle [5:38]
6. Sacrifice of the Battery [6:11]
7. Heroics of Charles Reed [2:07]
8. Aftermath [2:21]
9. Reed Sketches the War [2:31]
10. Drawings of July 2nd, 1863 [2:55]
11. The Fate of Erickson [:15]
12. Self Portrait [:41]
13. Montage of a Battery in Action [2:22]
14. Eric Campbell on His Book [1:47]
15. Charles Reed in Publication [2:05]
16. Medal of Honor [2:27]
17. A Grand Terrible "Dramma" [:57]
18. Legacy of Gettysburg [2:20]
1. The History of the Civil War Minutes® Series [4:35]
2. Moving the Series in a New Direction, Gettysburg and Stories of Valor [1:29]
3. The Script for Horses of Gettysburg [3:14]
4. Interview With the Cavalry, Chet Dudzinski & Duke, the War House [3:32]
5. Filming at the Gettysburg National Military Park, the Backbone of the Production [5:57]
6. Interview With the Cavalry, David J. McCloskey & Chester [2:22]
7. Storyboards, From Concept to Screen [3:38]
8. Interview With the Cavalry, Kathryn I. McCarry & Murphy Platinum Edition [2:47]
9. Filming the Cavalry [1:35]
10. Interview With the Cavalry, Dave, Matty & Danny [4:24]
11. Editing and Sound Design for Horses of Gettysburg [1:33]
12. Interview With the Cavalry, Norm Hoerer & Rummy [4:04]
13. Writers Michael Kraus and David M. Neville Wrap Up Horses of Gettysburg [2:58]
1. Horses, Actors and Wranglers [4:03]
2. Horses on the Set [4:18]
3. Number of Horses Required [2:12]
4. Getting the Best Day's Work [3:35]
5. Buttons [2:49]
6. Casting Horses [5:08]
1. From Reenacting to Wrangling [2:45]
2. The Challenge [1:54]
3. Your Favorite Horse [:56]
1. Storytelling in the Early Years [4:32]
2. Necessity Is the Mother of Invention [3:42]
3. The Early College Years [4:22]
4. The Film Program [7:00]
5. Bederich Batka [1:16]
6. Eastern European Influences [1:50]
7. Recreating the High Algerian Plateau in New York City [3:26]
8. Graduating and Moving East [2:05]
9. Working With Charlton Heston on Antony and Cleopatra [9:30]
10. The Move Back to America [2:10]
11. WNET Channel 13 [1:38]
12. An Extraordinary Four Years [2:30]
13. Sea Marks [3:25]
14. The Proposed Series [1:48]
15. Song of the Wolf [5:07]
16. Great Performances [1:52]
17. Verna [6:05]
18. The Move to Hollywood [2:29]

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