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How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon

4.8 37
Director: Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders

Cast: Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler


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This release contains a two-pack of the animated fantasy adventure film How to Train Your Dragon and the direct to video sequel Legend of the BoneKnapper Dragon.


This release contains a two-pack of the animated fantasy adventure film How to Train Your Dragon and the direct to video sequel Legend of the BoneKnapper Dragon.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Perry Seibert
Visually speaking, most family films -- especially animated family films -- are as bright as polished marble. Fortunately, How to Train Your Dragon directors Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois have devised a world often lit by just fire, and by staying remarkably true to that fact they've fashioned a unique visual experience. The story follows the basic hero's journey: Young Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) wants to help his Viking community battle the dragons that terrorize their village, but he just doesn't have it in him to harm the fire-breathing creatures. His father, the town's fearless warrior leader Stoick (Gerard Butler), has difficulty communicating with his awkward son, not even wanting Hiccup to go through the dragon-fighting training classes that many kids his age attend. Just as Stoick's friend Gobber (Craig Ferguson) convinces Stoick to let his son train, Hiccup befriends an injured dragon he names Toothless, and soon his relationship with the creature -- which has a very boy-and-his-dog vibe -- gives him insight on how to make the monsters allies to the Vikings and bring peace to all. While the plot itself offers no surprises, it is solidly constructed; there is a reason these storytelling tropes endure. But the visuals make How to Train Your Dragon stand out from the pack. The directors hired gifted cinematographer Roger Deakins to consult with them on the movie's look, a job he also performed to perfection for the makers of WALL-E. The award-winning DP brings a level of realism to the images that's nonchalantly perfect. The flames and the water are tactile, and never once are the directors showy about these showstopping effects -- they're just there giving the film an authentic sense of place. If there is a serious flaw in the movie, it's the casting of Jay Baruchel. He's a talented young comic actor (few people could have so skillfully played straight man to the cast of crazies in Tropic Thunder), but here he sounds thoroughly modern, which is a distraction when the movie's visuals -- as well as the thick Scottish accents used by Butler and Ferguson -- drive home the sense that the film takes place in an authentic past. Sure, the 21st century voice and speech rhythms accentuate how much of a misfit Hiccup is, but the juxtaposition is too jarring. On sheer visual terms, though, How to Train Your Dragon more than delivers; it's the kind of movie that will stick in the memory of kids who might want to make movies when they grow up.

Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Dreamworks Animated
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Closed Caption; ; Legend of the BoneKnapper Dragon: Hiccup and the Gang return to search for a mysterious Dragon in this all-new, full-"scale" adventure; ; Enhance the Movie Viewing Experience with The Animators' Corner featuring Picture-In-Picture Storyboards, Behind-the-Scenes Footage and Insightful Interviews; ; Watch BD-Live Extras*; ; Uncover More Dragon Fun Facts through Pop-Up Trivia; Race for the Gold in the Viking Winter Games; Hear More About Author Cressida Cowell; Discover Deleted Scenes; Learn to Draw Toothless; Take the Viking Personality Test; ; Disc 2 - DVD Movie ; Filmmaker's Commentary; Viking-Sized Cast; The Technical Artistry of Dragons

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Jay Baruchel Hiccup
Gerard Butler Stoick
America Ferrera Astrid
Jonah Hill Snotlout
Christopher Mintz-Plasse Fishlegs
Craig Ferguson Gobber
Kristen Wiig Ruffnut
T.J. Miller Tuffnut

Technical Credits
Dean DeBlois Director,Screenwriter
Chris Sanders Director,Screenwriter
Kathy Altieri Production Designer
Bonnie Arnold Producer
Kristine Belson Executive Producer
Will Davies Screenwriter
William Davies Screenwriter
Tim Johnson Executive Producer
John Powell Score Composer
Pierre-Olivier Vincent Art Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- How to Train Your Dragon/Legend of the BoneKnapper Dragon
1. Scene 1 [8:39]
2. Scene 2 [2:52]
3. Scene 3 [3:38]
4. Scene 4 [6:45]
5. Scene 5 [5:44]
6. Scene 6 [5:32]
7. Scene 7 [5:52]
8. Scene 8 [4:21]
9. Scene 9 [3:39]
10. Scene 10 [1:30]
11. Scene 11 [1:08]
12. Scene 12 [10:08]
13. Scene 13 [4:51]
14. Scene 14 [4:40]
15. Scene 15 [3:09]
16. Scene 16 [10:47]
17. Scene 17 [5:28]


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How to Train Your Dragon 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 37 reviews.
peppered_piper More than 1 year ago
Dreamworks has completely outdone themselves! One of the most heartwarming and exciting films of the otherwise pretty stale year. A delightful surprise... The soundtrack is great too - love the Viking-inspired music. Perfect for all ages...
MissBabblingBook More than 1 year ago
This is the best animated film I've ever seen. I have not one negative comment; everything about it was perfect. Toothless might just be my favorite character of all time. =) I recommend for one and all!
KingsDaughter7 More than 1 year ago
Short version of this review: the only bad thing I have to say about this movie? That I never got to see it in 3D. Other tidbit before I begin: Is it worth the extra 5 or so dollars to get the extra disk with the Bone-Napper short and other special features? I did and even though I could have easily lived without it, I'm glad I have it. I mainly got it for the special features but the short it pretty cute too. On to the review. Like I said first, I love this movie. If I had to sum it up, the 3 main reasons I love it so much are: the cast, the animation, and the characters of Hiccup and Toothless. Cast: Jay Baruchel has one of the most interesting and unique voices I've heard, along with a certain beat and rhythm that's all his own. That alone gives Hiccup a lovable odd quirkiness and uniqueness. Hearing both Gerald Butler and Craig Ferguson in their native Scot accent is enough to make me happy. Both have some great moments with Hiccup that range from comic to sad and heartfelt. America Ferrera is strong but she doesn't over-do the "tough" thing and she knows how to handle all the different emotions. And the rest of the teenage misfits are just way too much fun to hear all in the same place. Animation: Beautiful. There's no other way to say it. Again, this is where I morn never having seen it in 3D. Hiccup and Toothless: Usually, the zero to hero character is so overdone that while I often end up liking the story, the main character themself is almost never my favourite character. They are always the same and it gets a bit old. Hiccup is a rare exception. Yes, this is a kind of zero to hero story (or, how to become a hero the hard way as the book puts it) but Hiccup is rare in that everything he does isn't really in TRYING to become a hero. He never changes who he is, and he doesn't intend too. He will try to "be one of them" for his father's sake but he's still going to do it HIS way. But if I'm honest, it was Toothless who really stole my heart. Most of the credit for this is due to how he's animated. He doesn't talk so it's all down to expression, body language, and sound effects. And somehow that made him into my absolute favourite character in the film.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
How to Train Your Dragon is a movie that can entertain any kind of viewer. I rate this a five out of five stars. It is a an action packed movie that can be watched by the WHOLE family. This movie is completely aniated with human voices. It is a movie about barbarians that kill dragons. the lead barbarian has a son ,hickup, who is whimpy and very intellignt. Unlike all the other barbarians who are very muscular. I recommend this movie to all different kinds of vierwers.You are sure to like it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
bookhag More than 1 year ago
I love this movie! its great for all ages!! The soundtrack it so good!
MelanieMMC More than 1 year ago
Flyboy-1 More than 1 year ago
This is a must for children. Don't miss out!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
jrb124 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely LOVE dragons. So I thought this might be a good movie. I was wrong. It was a great movie! It was the best animated movie I had ever seen! I'm so glad that I bought this movie! I highly recommend this movie to everyone!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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