Hyper Police Episodes 1-4

Hyper Police Episodes 1-4

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Hyper Police Episodes 1-4

Package Description: "Episode 1 "Bounty Hunter" Natsuki Sasahara, a bounty hunter, is half human and half Nekomata (cat monster). In order to protect the laws and order of human beings and monsters, she fights against evil criminals as an employee of Police Company. One day she is fighting a criminal with her senior partner, Batanen Fujioka, but injures Fujioka by accident. Episode 2 "Nine-Tail Fox? Sakura Appears" Sakura is a Nine-Tail Fox who hasn't earned nine tails yet. She must gain strong magical powre in order to become a true Nine-Tail Fox. Sakura has her eyes on Natsuki whose magic is very powerful. At the time, Natsuki is on a job that will pay her a bonus if she successfully arrests a brutal crimial on the wanted list. Episode 3 "Combination Anxiety?" Natsuki has a new partner; instead of Batanen he is replaced by Sakura. Since all Sakura does is try to steal Natsuki's magical power, rumors spread in the company and Natsuki starts wondering if she can trust Sakura as well. Consequently, their teamwork is ruined. Episode 4 "A Meal and a Night's Lodging" Sakura is ridiculed by Fonne of Mad Police Corporation, a rival company. Upset, Sakura tries to outsmart her by capturing the wanted Bomb Monsters. She finally arrests one of them, but meanwhile, Fonne manages to arrest the leader of the gang. Natsuki, worried about Sakura being totally exhausted, finds her on the street living like a homeless person."

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Release Date: 08/20/2002
UPC: 0014381159127
Rating: NR
Source: Image Entertainment
Region Code: 1
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
Time: 1:36:00

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Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Program Start [2:02]
2. Killer at Large [6:01]
3. A Little Hole in the Head [2:47]
4. In the Name of the Law [1:29]
5. De Facto Number One [4:26]
6. Unarmed and Dangerous [4:22]
7. Pent-Up Energy [1:22]
8. End Credits [1:01]
9. Coming Up Next! [:31]
1. Program Start [2:02]
2. A Dream of Nine Tails [2:14]
3. Noodles and Thieves [6:06]
4. Hard Cash for Hard Metal [1:59]
5. A Worthy Opponent [7:46]
6. Razor-Sharp [1:45]
7. A New Hire [:36]
8. End Credits [1:01]
9. Coming Up Next! [:31]
1. Program Start [2:02]
2. Moving Up [2:52]
3. An Uncertain Alliance [4:05]
4. Maximum Comfort [2:57]
5. The Rumor Mill [4:47]
6. Underground Assault [4:29]
7. A Photo Finish [1:17]
8. End Credits [1:01]
9. Coming Up Next! [:32]
1. Program Start [2:00]
2. Pig on the Run [4:00]
3. All Worked Up [3:31]
4. The Famous Ms. Fonne [2:15]
5. Seeing Red [5:44]
6. The Welcome Mat [2:31]
7. A Golden Opportunity [2:26]
8. End Credits [1:01]
9. Coming Up Next! [:31]

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Guest More than 1 year ago
In a faroff future, Earth is covered with monsters and humans are considered an endangered species. There are several monsters and demons that cannot let go of the past and are considered outlaws when they come into contact with humans, often threatening them. There are, however, an organization of "furries" that operate as bounty hunters to protect both humans and monsters. The main bounty hunters are Natsuki, a catgirl who is something of a minor-expert with some little girl charm, and Bentanan, her werewolf superior who she developes a relationship with very quickly. Unfrotunately for their company, it isn't doing that well and most of the time Natsuki screws up important assignments; she shoots her superior in the head in the first episode. The company always seems to be on the verge of going belly-up and their boss always seems to be depressed. On a side note, a buff girl named Kondo happens to be the ONLY human in the company. There is also a more lupine-werewolf named Tommy who prefers to stay out of arguments. Grey is an oni who rarely is ever seen or heard without reading from her diary. The most intimidating character is Sakura, a nine-tailed fox who was teased since childhood and comes to Tokyo, the city this series is set. Sakura only becomes Natsukis' partner by forcing a panty-shot of the catgirl in the boss's face(she uses this trick again). This is mainly because in order to gain her nineth tail--she only has 8/5--she has to eat a powerful monster that is weak enough for her to subdue. However, it isn't that easy getting sweet, naive little Natsuki alone. The animation is good, somewhere between T.V. material or simple video, and the powerful catgirl, the werewolf with a crush on her, and the fox out to eat her if she gets the chance are excellent characters and the plot is good. Also, by the end of this volume, several of the other characters assume there is a "Love-Triangle" going on between them!