I Dream of Jeannie - The  Complete Series

I Dream of Jeannie - The Complete Series

Director: Alan Rafkin, Bruce Kessler, Claudio Guzman Cast: Barbara Eden
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I Dream of Jeannie - The Complete Series

Although there had been several attempts throughout the 1950s and early 1960s to create a TV sitcom based on the legend of Aladdin's Lamp -- one of these, "Al Haddon's Lamp," featured Buddy Ebsen as a bucolic genie -- the premise did not result in a full series until producer Sidney Sheldon hit upon the brilliant idea of featuring a sexy female genie. Debuting September 18, 1965 on NBC, the weekly, half-hour I Dream of Jeannie starred Barbara Eden as Jeannie, a curvaceous blonde bottle imp rescued from 2500 years' imprisonment by astronaut Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman). Out of gratitude, Jeannie arranged for Tony to likewise be rescued from a desert island, then followed him to his home in Cocoa Beach, Florida, there to serve and obey her new "master." Unable to convince anyone that he'd found a genuine genie, Tony opted instead to keep Jeannie's presence, and her true identity, a secret, which proved problematic whenever our heroine used her magic to get her master in and out of various jams. The only other person who knew Jeannie's secret was Tony's astronaut buddy Roger Healy (Bill Daily), whose various efforts to profit from Jeannie's awesome powers invariably came a-cropper. Also featured was Hayden Rorke as Cocoa Beach's air force psychiatrist Dr. Alfred Bellows, who was convinced that the mysterious goings-on in Maj. Healy's household were proof that Tony was crazy and delusional, obliging Jeannie to gently discredit Bellows in the eyes of his superiors week after week after week. Although Tony tried to maintain a normal social life with several girlfriends, these relationships were forever scuttled by the jealous Jeannie, who of course had fallen in love with her master. Ultimately, Tony reciprocated Jeannie's affections, and the couple was married during the series' fifth and final season. By this time, Jeannie had begun wearing "civilian" clothes and had pretty much forsaken the midriff-baring harem costumes that had been her trademark in the first few seasons (Amusingly, network censors demanded that the series' producers disguise the fact that Barbara Eden had, like practically every other woman on earth, been born with a belly button!) Complicating the lives of the principal characters were several "visitors" from Jeannie's past life in Baghdad. Among these were Jeannie's twin sister Jeannie II (also played by Barbara Eden), a dark-haired vixen who hatched endless sinister schemes to snag Tony for herself; and Jeannie's magical pet dog Djinn Djinn, who managed to render himself invisible at the most inopportune moments. Lasting 139 episodes (109 of these in color), I Dream of Jeannie ended its NBC run on September 1, 1990. Barbara Eden went on to star in a brace of "reunion" TV movies, telecast in 1985 and 1991; and from 1973 to 1975 an animated version of the property, simply titled Jeannie, was seen on CBS' Saturday-morning lineup.

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Barbara Eden Actress,Jeannie II,Jeannie's Mother
Abraham Sofaer Haji
Alan Hewitt Off. Don Anderson
Aram Katcher Napoleon
Barton MacLane Gen. Martin Peterson
Benny Rubin Dr. Wedemeyer,Arabian Reverend,Lou
Butch Patrick Richard
Carl Ballantine Carl Tucker
Carol Wayne Bootsie Nightingale
Chet Stratton Dr. Breckinridge,Nestor
Cliff Norton Henshaw
Dave Barry Himself
Del Moore Sam
Denny Miller Moose
Diane Stanton Cleopatra
Dick Sargent Norman Cashman
Don Dubbins Cmdr. Jay Russell,Lt. Pete Conway
Don Ho Himself
Ed Peck Charlie Merkle
Edward Andrews Professor
Elaine Devry Lady Diane Nelson
Elizabeth MacRae Diane
Emmaline Henry Mrs. Amanda Bellows,Mrs. Bellows,Myrt
Fred Clark Vanderhaven
George Furth Charlie Farnum
Harry Harvey Gen. Powlett
Herbert Rudley Martino
Hoyt Axton Bull
Jack Carter James Ashley
Jackie Coogan Uncle Suleiman
Jackie Riley Frank
Jamie Farr Achmed
Janis Hansen Patricia
Jim Backus Gen. Fitzhugh
Joan Patrick Joan Sheldon
Joan Tompkins Mrs. Endicott,Mrs. Winkler
Judy Carne Herself,Sheila Bellows
Kathleen Freeman Maw,Sally
Kathleen Hughes Sue
Kevin Tate Keith Asher
Larry Hagman Actor,Impostor Tony,Tony II
Larry Storch Sam
Larry Vincent Technician
Mark Miller Wild Bill Barrows
Marvin Kaplan Perkins
Michael Ansara King Kamehameha,Biff Jellico,The Blue Djinn
Michael Barbera Melvin
Mike Mazurki Guard
Mike Road Tony Millionaire
Ned Glass Mr. Bemish
Noam Pitlik Gregorian
Oliver McGowan Mr. Prescott
Pancho Segura Himself
Paul "Mousie" Garner Photographer
Paul Lynde Cmdr. Porter,Harry Huggins
Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez Jose
Richard Kiel Ali
Richard X. Slattery Gen.Hamilton
Robert Hogan Cmdr. Les Wingate
Ron Masak MacWhorter,Joe
Ronald Long Azmire,Sir Widgin Willingham
Rosey Grier Sam
Sabrina Scharf Valerie
Sammy Davis Himself
Spring Byington Tony's Mother
Steve Ihnat Sgt. Ben Roberts
Vinton Hayworth Gen. Winfield Schaeffer,Gen. Watson
Virginia Ann Ford Miss Atom Bomb
Al Wyatt Captain Kidd
Alan Oppenheimer Congressman Farragut
Arte Johnson Himself
Arthur Malet Vasmir
Avis Scott Mrs. Prescott
Barbara Bostock Sue Ellen
Bill Mumy Custer Jamison
Bill Quinn Gen. Lewis
Billy Greene Zane
Bob Hastings Homer
Booth Colman Dean Geller,Gen. Pichegru
Bridget Hanley Kathryn
Byron Morrow Gen. Harry Moore,Gen. Alton
C. Lindsay Workman Gen. Fletcher
Carl Byrd Jump Master
Carol Ann Williams Gigi
Dabney Coleman Capt. Yardley,Lt. George Conway
Damien Bodie Bonnie
Danielle de Metz Josephine
David Loud Soundman
Dick Schaal Oglethorpe
Dick Wilson Dodweiler,Mr. Wimple
Don Mitchell Sergeant
Edmon Ryan Col. Joe Fenton
Eileen O'Neill Susie,Cpl. Lola Burns
Elaine Giftos Laverne
Frank deVol Hennessy,Hamid
Frank Puglia Salvatore
Fred Hessler Radio Announcer
Fred Krone Al
George Spell Eddie
Gerry Lock Maid
Gila Golan Princess Tarji
Gonzales Gonzales Pedro
Greta Lenetska Miss Gordon
Hal Cooper Eddie
Herbie Faye Tout #1
Hilary Thompson Suzy Schaeffer,Girl in Store
Ila Britton Mollie,Miss Murphy,Woman in Park
J. Carrol Naish Bilejik
J. Pat O'Malley Judge Miller,Paw
Jack Davis Cmdr. Hastings
Jack Fife Henry VIII
Jack Smith Distinguished Man,Rev. Weems,Congressman Widdicomb
James Hong Chan
Jane Dulo Burly Nurse,Maj. Margaret Fairfield
Jean Marie Miss Gordon
Jerry Quarry Himself
Jesse White Sam
Joe Flynn Dr. Corbett
John McGiver Wilfred
John Milford Morgan
John Myhers Akins,Pablo
Jonathan Hole Clerk,Van Weesen
Jorja Curtright Madame Zolta
Joseph Gillgoff 1st Policeman
Kathee Francis Alice
Kay Reynolds Dr. Swanson
Kimberly Beck Gina
Lainie Nelson Bonnie
Laraine Stephens Young Amanda
Larry Bishop Dick
Lou Antonio Charley
Marc Towers General
Maureen McCormick Susan
Michael Lipton Helasco
Nancy Kovack Rita Mitchell
Noah Keen Prof. Karr
Norma Connolly Mrs. Ross
Norman Burton Mr. Asher
Pamela Curran Princess Fatima
Parley Baer Gen. Whitfield
Paul Reed Gen. Barkley
Ray Teal Adm. Tugwell
Richard Deacon Harley Z. Pool
Richard Mulligan Cmdr. Les Wingate
Roger Garrett Joe
Romo Vincent Ali Habeeb,Pedro
Ruth McDevitt Mrs. Horlick
Sheldon Allman Printer
Shirley Bonne Sally,Sue
Tanya Lemani Sadelia
Ted Cassidy Habib,Hamid
Ted de Corsia Mr. Philips,Two Gun Richards
Terri Messina Miss Crawford
Alli's Himself
Tommy Boyce Himself
Vince Howard Conway
Vincent G. Perry Man
Willi Koopman Miss Galaxy
William Bakewell Col. Harris
Arlene Martel Maj. Sonya Tiompkin
Arthur Peterson Gen. Brill
Bob Hoffman Eddie
Bobbie Collins Redhead
Bobby Hart Himself
Brenda Benet Eleanor Junker
Bruno Della Santina Maitre D'
Bryan O'Byrne Barnes
Carol Worthington Aggie
Charles Irving Dr. Benson
Corinne Camacho 1st Nurse
David McLean Jason Huberts
David Soul Orderly
Dennis Cooney Stewart
Digby Wolfe Capt. Fenwick
E.J. Andre Pierre Milley
Ed Stoddard Newscaster
Edwards Cross Lt. Griswold
Elizabeth Lane Mrs. Wilson
Farrah Fawcett Tina
Foster Brooks Englishman
Francine York Girl at Party
Gary Owens Himself
Groucho Marx Himself
Harold Gould Gen. Wetherby,Mr. Winkler
Hazel Shermet Nurse Lugosi,Mrs. Wimple
Henry Beckman Policeman
Henry Hunter Chaplain
Herb Jeffries Copter Pilot
Herb Vigran Judge Hennessey
Herbert Anderson Cmdr. Davis
Herbert Voland Major Jamison
Hollis Morrison Porky,Referee
Howard Morton Beautician,Clerk,Achmed
Howard Wendell Senator
Ivor Francis Ormandy
Jan-Michael Sherman Spanish Girl
Jerry Shane Air Man
Jim Galante Heatherington
Joe LaGrosso 1st Air Policeman
Johnny Silver Tout #2
Judy Rockley Sally
Julie Gregg Evelyn
Julius Johnsen Jump Master
Karen Carlson Betty
Karen Sharpe Melissa Moore,Melissa Stone
Lenore Kingston Ethel
Lincoln Demyan Uncle Jeff
Linda Ho Princess
Lisa Gaye Daisy Lou
Lurene Tuttle Mama
Maggie Thrett Joan
Margie Hall Maternity Nurse
Martin Ashe Gen. Kister
Marvin Silbesher Mr. Belber
Mary Foran Mother
Mary Grover Linda
Michael Margotta Harold
Mike Farrell Astronaut
Murphy Bennett Man in Hotel
Nadine Nardi Italian Maid
Ned Wertimer Montjoy
Orville Sherman Otto,Danny
Paul Hahn Pit Boss
Paul Vaughn Sgt. Kroder
Pepper Martin Killer Culligan
Peter Brocco Turhan,Clerk
Peter Leeds Big Charlie
Reta Shaw Col. Finch
Richard Erdman Store Manager
Richard Hale Old Man
Richard Lapp Gino
Richard Webb Col. Brady
Robert F. Lyons Cpl. Sam
Ron Brown Male Guest,Orderly
Sal Ponti Interviewer
Severn Darden Milton
Shannon Farnon Helen Wheeler
Sheldon Collins Jason
Siri Marie Antoinette
Steven Geray Armand
Susan Howard Miss Temple
Ted Nobriga Native
Teddy Quinn "Tony Jr."
Tom Palmer Gen. Phillips,Melnick
Tommie Banks Woman with Baby
Vic Tayback Turhan
Walter Burke The Boss
Whit Bissell Horace
William Bramley Policeman
William Fawcett Gas Station Attendant
William Smith Turk Parker
Woodrow Parfrey Mr. Fakeling,Mr. Farley,Mr. Murdock,Henry Tracy
Wright Colbert Officer
"Slapsie Maxie" Rosenbloom Pug
Alice Dudley Aunt Sue
Allen Davis Mr. Walsingham
Arthur Adams Campbell
Arthur Romans Operator
Bart Greene Ben Franklin
Bernard Fox Abdul the Magician
Bill McKinney 1st Crewman
Bing Russell Amos Lincoln
Bob Melvin Master of Ceremonies
Bobby Johnson Driver
Brad Logan Osman
Britt Semand Helga
Catherine Cordell Saleslady
Davis Roberts Walter
Debbie Wong Harem Girl
Eric Boles Young Tony
Gene Boland Capt. Baxter
George Schlatter Himself
Grace Albertson Mrs. Jamison
Henry Corden Papa
James Daris Realtor
Jane Zachary Ellen
Jeff de Benning Beattie
Jimmy Cross Fatheringay
Jimmy Jarratt Tony Jr.
John Hudson Grover Caldwell
Joseph Perry Bartender,George,Sgt. Marion
Judith Baldwin Girl at Party
Judy Pace Receptionist
Julio Medina Stranger
Kate Murtaugh Agnes
Kerry MacLane Joey
Larry Shane 2nd Air Policeman
Lee Saltonsall Doris
Lindsay Workman Peterfy
Louis Mercier Gen. Rafael
Mel Gallagher Man at Rally
Owen Cunningham American Man
Pat Meikle Customer
Peg Shirley Lt. Snyder
Philip Ober Gen. Stone
Richard Gilden Maj. Posnovsky
Richard Loo Wong
Robert Pickering Officer
Sally Ann Richards WAAF
Sandra Gould Mrs. Flaherty
Sheryl Formberg Sally
Stafford Repp Lt. Morgan
Stephanie Hill Georgia
Steve O'Reilly Himself
Stewart Bradley Cmdr. Ross
Lewis and Clark Expedition Themselves
Tim Herbert Croupier
Tony Anthony Crew Member
Walter Woolf King Minister
William Benedict Cleaning Man
William H. Bassett Clem,Sam Farrow
William Wintersole Provost Marshal Ross
Xavier Nash Technician,Corporal,Mailman
Al Everett Dennis Bronze Vendor
Alice Reinheart American Woman
Ann Morgan Guilbert Thelma Crawford
Baynes Barron Commander
Bud Perkins Josh
Buddy Lewis Blackjack Dealer
Carol O'Leary Nurse
Chester Hayes Specialty Act
Damian London 1st Reporter
Danielle Beause Jour French Maid
Dick Balduzzi Sammy
Donald Briscoe 1st Officer
Ellen Nance Hippie
Florence Sundstrom Mama
Fran Ryan Switchboard Operator
George Rhodes Mack
Jack Bailey Dr. Dawson
Jack Collins Gen. Hadley
Jerry Barber Golf Pro
Jim Begg Lieutenant
John Beck Sergeant
Joseph Abdullah Hakim
June Jocelyn Tony's Mother
Lorette Strome Jeannie Jr.
Mako Kato
Nadia Sanders Greta
Natalie Leeb Night Club Patron #1
Richard McMurray Admiral
Robert Gros 2nd Crewman
Sandy Harbin Engineer
Sharon Farrell Nina Ferguson
Sid Melton Reynolds
Sue Taylor Mother
Tony Giorgio Torpedo
Torben Meyer Sven
William Bagdad Fred
William Lewis Himself
Yvonne White Woman Shopper #1

Technical Credits
Alan Rafkin Director
Bruce Kessler Director
Claudio Guzman Director
E.W. Swackhamer Director
Gene Nelson Director
Hal Cooper Director
Herb Wallerstein Director
Jerry Bernstein Director
John Andreas Andersen Director
Joseph Goodson Director
Larry Hagman Director
Leo Garen Director
Michael Ansara Director
Oscar Rudolph Director
Richard Goode Director
Richard Kinon Director
Russ Mayberry Director
Theodore J. Flicker Director

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