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I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

3.8 5
Director: Bob Gosse

Cast: Matt Czuchry, Jesse Bradford, Geoff Stults


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Earning the type of divisive emotional responses normally reserved for those on the far right or the far left of the political spectrum, writer Tucker Max celebrated his debauchery-driven lifestyle in the memoir I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Now Max earns credit as both co-screenwriter and producer of the film adaptation with this comedy from Niagara


Earning the type of divisive emotional responses normally reserved for those on the far right or the far left of the political spectrum, writer Tucker Max celebrated his debauchery-driven lifestyle in the memoir I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Now Max earns credit as both co-screenwriter and producer of the film adaptation with this comedy from Niagara Niagara director Bob Gosse. In the film, Tucker (Gilmore Girls' Matt Czuchry) behaves very badly at his friend's bachelor party, getting his invite to the nuptials revoked. Can he renounce his (not-so) inner selfish jerk in time to recapture his invitation? I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell also stars Geoff Stults, Jesse Bradford, and Traci Lords. ~ Kimber Myers

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It's natural to feel an instant sense of moral superiority over I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, particularly if you're familiar with its writer/producer/main character. The real-world Tucker Max, portrayed here by Matt Czuchry, is famous for trumpeting his sexual exploits with a devilish grin, and has been accused of promoting a culture of date rape. What's more, when we meet his character here, he's having sex with a deaf girl -- part of his checklist of exotic conquests, which he considers a new frontier in his personal battle of the sexes. But many of these (correct) preconceptions about Max diverge from the reality of this movie, in the following way: Max is not so much glamorizing his lifestyle as dramatizing its inevitable shortcomings. If Bob Gosse's film existed merely to stroke its subject's considerable ego, Max wouldn't want to include the three separate episodes where his aggressive tactics fail stupendously. And when he does move toward bedding a prospect, he gets a particularly nasty comeuppance that permanently disqualifies the film from seeming like a vanity project. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell contains other counterintuitive surprises, like the overwhelmingly positive portrayal of its female leads. Keri Lynn Pratt sweetly sidesteps the usual clichés of the bride who loathes bachelor parties, and Marika Dominczyk shines as the stripper who goes toe-to-toe with Max's acerbic friend (Jesse Bradford), giving the "whore with the heart of gold" archetype her own empowering spin. Granted, it's possible this film is just Max trying to have the last laugh. It's possible he's just trying to manipulate us, to show us that an infamous misogynist can subscribe to conventional cinematic morality for the betterment of his own image. Then again, if so, it didn't work. Few people saw the film, and most critics hated it.

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Release Date:
Original Release:
20th Century Fox
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Special Features

Closed Caption; Shockin and outrageous outtakes

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Matt Czuchry Tucker Max
Jesse Bradford Drew
Geoff Stults Dan
Keri Lynn Pratt Kristy
Marika Dominczyk Lara
Traci Lords Connie
Meagen Fay Mrs. Jorgens
Edward Hibbert Professor
Lauren Fain Friend #1
Derek Wayne Johnson Friend #2
Tim Huck Cop #1
Lex D. Geddings Cop #2
Nicole Stelly Sarah
Susie Abromeit Leslie
Bill Dawes Murphy
Paul Wall Grillionaire
Patrick Kirton Mr. Jorgens
Randal Reeder Tavern Bouncer
Nicole Muirbrook-Wagner Christina
Elise Ivy Mary
Ali Costello Amy
Melissa Fumero Melissa
Patshreba Villegas Ashley
Drew Curtis Flaming Bartender
Michael A. Worley Little Tucker
Tricia Munford Tucker's Mother
Puma Swede Whoredini
Jessica Williams Loretta/Stripper #1
Summer Delin Summer/Stripper #2
Veronica Rayne Stripper #3
Brooke Long Jade
Noah Podell Jack
Nils Parker Strip Club DJ
Patrick Michael Carney Officer #1
Timothy Ferriss Officer #2
Lazaro Solares Mexican Numero Uno
Cervantes Reck Mexican Numero Dos
Yvette Yates Deaf Girl

Technical Credits
Bob Gosse Director
Aaron Ray Executive Producer
Dieter H. Busch Asst. Director
Darren M. Demetre Executive Producer
Karen Firestone Producer
Edward H. Hamm Executive Producer
Richard Kelly Producer
Jeff Kushner Editor
Ray Mansfield Executive Producer
Tucker Max Producer,Screenwriter
Sean McKittrick Producer
Suki Medencevic Cinematographer
Christopher Mollere Musical Direction/Supervision
Nils Parker Producer,Screenwriter
Alison Parker Costumes/Costume Designer
Shaun Redick Executive Producer
Mark S. Turner Art Director
Eve Cauley Turner Production Designer
James L. Venable Score Composer
Jeff Waldman Associate Producer
Max Wong Producer
David Zuckerman Co-producer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell
1. Sex With a Deaf Girl (Main Title) [4:50]
2. Unethical Behavior [3:39]
3. We All Need This [5:31]
4. Who's Got Your Back? [4:55]
5. On a Mission [4:58]
6. Talking a Big Game [6:45]
7. You're an Ass [2:54]
8. Final Destination [2:55]
9. Live Long and Prosper [7:15]
10. Caught In a Lie [3:32]
11. Exposed Flank [3:09]
12. Big Dan [2:28]
13. Lights Out! [2:22]
14. Out of His League [3:51]
15. What a Shock [3:00]
16. There She Is! [6:56]
17. A Child and a Fool [3:09]
18. Line In the Sand [4:11]
19. Drinking Alone [3:39]
20. Girls' Night Out [4:33]
21. Where's the Bathroom? [4:24]
22. Cleaning Up His Own Mess [5:57]
23. The Truth Is... [4:33]
24. End Titles [6:00]


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I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Barn-Z More than 1 year ago
The book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell was the most repulsive, inappropriate, and malignant book I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The book is essentially many different stories of true events in the life of Tucker Max. The things that happen in the book are absolutely appalling which make for the most entertaining book I will and have ever read. I am not much of a reader, in fact, the only book I have ever read all the way through is well, none, until I found the hilarity that is I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Tucker Max along with his colleagues goes out almost every weekend and possibly every weekday. On these days they get to the nearest and best bars and drink and either pick up the hot women or try to offend as many people as humanly possible. He purposely hangs out with people that are similar to his likings but there is definitely only one Tucker Max. I especially like the character Slingblade, one of Tucker's best friends. Slingblade has had problems with ex-girlfriends and now because of one girl, thinks all girls are promiscuous and cheating prostitutes. With this knowledge, he loves to rag on every immoral looking woman he sees and cannot stand dumb people. This character makes for hilarious conversations between him and the majority of the people he meets throughout the stories. I liked probably every single story in this book and every single one definitely kept me constantly engaged in reading the book. I never thought I could read a book almost everyday until this one. It was a hard book to put down. I do not think I could have any dislikes about this book because it is just a book. If this was more than a book and it actually affected my life, than there would certainly be a problem. I would absolutely recommend this book for any male who knows how to laugh. I think the people that do not like this book or despise Tucker Max, take it way too seriously. There are plenty of reviews and other evaluations that put down the book way too much. These people need to take a step back and remember that it is just a book. Entertainment is supposed to entertain and that is exactly what this book does. I especially recommend this book to people who know what it is to go out and see the club/bar life and really know what spring break is. I will say however if you have a weak stomach, there are parts in the book that may bother you. Also if you are a woman and hate men this book is not going to be for you. It may make you never want to talk to another man again. For an overall rating of this book on a scale of one to five stars, I give it a massive five stars due to the most entertaining book in the history of man.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago