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I Love Lucy - The Complete Fifth Season
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I Love Lucy - The Complete Fifth Season

5.0 6
Director: James Kern, William Asher

Cast: Lucille Ball, Bart Bradley


Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
The 1955-56 season opens with the Ricardos and the Mertzes near the end of their stay in Hollywood. Lucy goes on a frantic search for souvenirs to bring home and, at the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre, hatches an insane plot to make off with the loosened cement slab containing John Wayne's footprints. The Duke himself makes an appearance in this classic two-parter. The bulk of the season takes place overseas: when Ricky's band is signed for an extended European tour, Lucy and the Mertzes tag along, bringing their patented brand of mirthful mayhem to numerous foreign settings. One hilarious episode, set in Paris, stars Charles Boyer as himself; Lucy fancies that he's interested in her after a chance meeting at a café. Another memorable show finds the Ricardos and Mertzes snowbound at a mountaintop cabin in the Swiss Alps, being "entertained" by a Bavarian band. But the Season 5 standout -- and one of the best-remembered episodes in the entire series -- is "Lucy's Italian Movie," in which the erstwhile Miss Lucille McGillicuddy is hired by a famous Italian director to star in his latest film. One of the scenes requires her to stomp grapes underfoot while standing in a wine vat, but she's unprepared for what happens next. This sequence alones justifies the purchase of this box set, which shows yet again how skilled writers and directors kept the series fresh by shifting locale and varying the types of situations in which Lucy and Ethel found themselves.

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Special Features

Closed Caption; Flubs; Lost scenes; Restored music; "Behind-the-Scenes" featurettes; Original series openings; Original animated sequences; Script excerpts; Production notes; Spanish subtitles; Spanish audio available on many episodes; English closed-captions; Scene selections; Song selections; Guest cast information; Promotional spots; Five complete episodes of Lucy's radio show: My Favorite Husband

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Lucille Ball Actress
Bart Bradley Giuseppe
Charles Boyer Himself
Charles Lane Passport Clerk
Clarence Straight Cop
Desi Arnaz Actor
Don Brodie Ticket Agent
Dub Taylor Rattlesnake Jones
Elliott Reid Ed Warren
Elvia Allman Nancy Graham
Franco Corsaro Vittorio Felipe
Fritz Feld Tour Guide
Harry Antrim Mr. Feldman
Harvey Grant Kenneth Hamilton
Henry Dar Boggia Italian Guard
Hillary Brooke Angela Randall
John Bleifer Waiter
John Mylong Casino Manager
John Wayne Himself
Kathryn Card Mrs. Gillicuddy,Mrs. McGillicuddy
Larry Orenstein Mayor Ferguson
Lee Millar Chip Jackson
Mary Jane Croft Mrs. Evelyn Bixby
Olan Soule Dr. Gittelman
Sam Edwards Bellboy
Sheila Bromley Helen Erickson Kaiser
Torben Meyer Swiss Bandleader
Barney Phillips Mr. Jamison
Bennett Green Messenger,Neighbor,Cameraman,Interviewer
Elizabeth Patterson Mrs. Trumbull
Felix Romano Italian Guard
Frank Nelson Conductor,Customs Official
Hal Gerard Tourist
Herbert Lytton Passenger in Deck Chair
Jack Chefe Waiter
Jacques Villon Croupier #1
Jesslyn Fax Woman
John Gallaudet Johnny Clark
Lawrence Dobkin Counterfeiter
Nancy Kulp Maid
Norma Zimmer Townsperson
Ralph Volkie George
Robert Forrest Sidney Kaiser
Stanley Farrar Ferry Attendant
Teresa Tirelli Teresa
Vicente Padula Hotel Manager
Walter Kingsford Sir Clive Richardson
Betty Allen Townsperson
Charlotte Lawrence Neighbor
Dorothea Wolbert Herself
Doye O'Dell Announcer
Ernesto Molinari Vineyard Boss
Francis Ravel French Guard
GeGe Pearson Tourist
Harry Bartell Jewel Thief
Ida Smeraldo Woman on Phone
Jack Albertson Helicopter Dispatcher
Joe Mayer Little Ricky
Louis Nicoletti Croupier #2
Maxine Semon Nurse
Mike Mayer Little Ricky
Mildred Law Stewardess
Monty Masters TV Director
Paula Winslow Passenger's Wife
Robett Shafter Man on Street
Sam Hearn Dr. Peterson
Shepard Menken Charpontier
Trevor Ward Groom
Betty Noyes Townsperson
Gordon B. Clark Gambler
Hazel Pierce Herself,Neighbor
Iva Shepard Nurse
Kathleen Mazalo Teresa
Ken Christy Dock Agent
Lou Krugman Jewelry Salesman
Mario Siletti Farmer
Patti Nestor Dancer
Ray Kellogg Airline Officer
Rolfe Sedan Waiter
Saverio LoMedico Bellboy
Tyler McVey Social Director
Betty Scott Dancer
Bob Carroll Gambler
Frank Gerstle Pilot
Howard Hoffman Dr. Barnett
Joseph Crehan Detective
Marco Rizo Pianist
Maurice Marsac Chef
Robert E. Hamlin Townsperson
Rosa Barbato Grape Picker
Pied Pipers Themselves

Technical Credits
James Kern Director
William Asher Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1
1. Ricky's Wrap Party
3. Finding Footprints
4. Crime Scene
5. Lucy Ricardo, Hardened Criminal
6. Another Mishap
1. Read All About It!
3. Meet John Wayne
4. Footprints, Take Two
5. At the Studio
6. Duke Delivers
1. M-G-M Calling
3. Ricky Goes Fishing
4. Dummy Dancing
5. The Studio Party
6. Lucy Gets Her Wish
7. Dream Girl
1. Lucy's Little Shaver
3. Ethel Is Curious
4. Two Tickets Short
5. Motorcycling Mertzes
6. Ticket Giveaway
7. Planning a Switch
8. Redhead, Red-Handed
9. Uppers for Uppers
1. All Aboard
3. In the Dining Car
4. Stop This Train!
5. Second Seating
6. The Baby Vanishes
7. Police Story
8. It Takes a Thief
9. Hide and Seek
1. Warm Welcome
3. Mrs. Trumbull's a Fan
4. Mob Scene
5. Changed Attitudes
6. Lucy Is Transformed
7. Ricky Has a Plan
8. Lucy Fights Back
1. Ricky's New Agent
3. Lucy's Been Looking
4. Picking a Fight
5. Unfortunate Calls
6. The Show Is a Go
7. "Face to Face"
Side #2 -- Disc 2
1. A Favor for Fred
3. Rattlesnake Jones
4. Not Radio-Rodeo!
5. Ricky Relents
6. The Rodeo
1. Lucy's Pooped
3. Ethel Spills the Beans
4. Hide and Seek
5. Talented Student
6. House Call
7. At the Hospital
8. Lucy Sneaks Out
9. Operation Screwball
1. Ricky Has News
3. Lucy Jumps the Gun
4. Ricky's New Manager
5. Charity Begins at Home
6. Three Thousand Tickets
7. Mr. District Attorney
8. And the Winner Is...
9. Recording Ricky
10. Everyone Can Go!
1. Never Born?
3. Calling Jamestown
4. Youthful Helen
5. Trunk Testing
1. Picture Perfect
3. Fred's Queasy
4. Strong Medicine
5. Two Sleepy People
6. Sailing, Sailing
7. Ethel's Concerned
8. Too Long at the Ferry
9. Waking Lucy
1. Fond Farewells
3. One Slight Snag
4. Catch the Pilot Boat!
5. A Helicopter?!!
6. Waiting for Lucy
7. At the Airport
8. Lucy Takes Off
9. Second Thoughts
10. Lowering Lucy
11. "Forever Darling" Tag
1. Best Laid Plans
3. Any Partner Will Do
4. Ricky Is Jealous
5. Dancing With Kenny
6. Up All Night
7. Lucy Has an Idea
Side #3 -- Disc 3
1. London at Last
3. The Palace Guard
4. Autograph Seekers
5. A Course in Curtsies
6. Ricky Has Bad News
7. At the Palladium
8. A Royal Invitation
1. Lucy Is Jealous
3. A Common Language
4. A Weekend Invitation
5. At Sir Clive's Estate
6. To the Hounds
7. Outfoxed
1. The Scottish Play
3. Dream Girl
4. Clamity in Kildoonan
5. The Dragon's Lair
6. A Brave Gesture
7. Rude Awakening
4. "I'm in Love With a Dragon's Dinner"
5. "Two Heads Are Nae Better Than One"
6. "The Dragon Waltz"
1. Ah, Paris!
3. At American Express
4. Snails, Anyone?
5. Lucy in Custody
6. A Matter of Interpretation
7. Three of a Kind
1. Bothering Boyer
3. Ricky Feigns Jealousy
4. Hiring "Maurice"
5. Ricky's Warning
6. How to Be Boyer
7. Acting Amorous
1. Fred's Advice
3. She's Gotta Have It!
4. Lucy's "Hunger Strike"
5. Easy Come, Easy Go
6. Ricky Has an Idea
7. True Originals
8. The Embarrassing Truth
9. Making Amends
10. Unoriginal Marcel
Side #4 -- Disc 4
1. Fred's Big Goof
3. A Swiss Rhumba Band?
4. How About a Hike?
5. On Top of the World
6. Cabin in the Sky
7. Last Confessions
1. Grand Hotel
3. Big Talker
4. Waking Mother
5. Shine, Senora?
6. It's a My Birthday, Too!
7. Party Time
1. Stranger on a Train
3. An Unexpected Offer
4. No Funny Business!
5. Turo
6. Ricky Returns
7. Bitter Grapes
8. Lucy Is Blue
1. Mediterranean Dip
3. Lucy Likes Bikes
4. Finding a Farm
5. How Now, Brown Cow?
6. Border Crossing
7. Where's the Key?
8. Where's Your Passport
9. Lucy, the Bicycle Racer
10. The New Guard
1. No Gambling!
3. In the Casino
4. Loot and Lingerie
5. Ricky Accuses Fred
6. Ethel's Loaded?
7. Easy Come, Easy Go
1. Over the Limit
3. Baby on Board?
4. The Perfect Formula
5. Change of Plans
6. Eating the Cheese
7. What Baby?
8. The Investigation

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I Love Lucy - The Complete Fifth Season 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Yesenia-NY More than 1 year ago
I have watched I LOve LUCY since I was a kid, I'm now 29 years old and I still enjoy her. My four year old daughter enjoys watching I Love Lucy and spends her time watching the dvds over and over again. I love wacthing the smile on her face, just brings me back with I enjoyed watching as a kid and still enjoy it. My family and I will enjoy it for years to come. Wacth them all. Also should pick up the Lucy show.
poodle More than 1 year ago
What can you say about Lucy that hasn't been said? She is funny! Lucy and Ethel show us, you can be funny and have crazy ideas at any age---not just the young. Europe didn't know what had "landed" when the four of them arrived. Who could forget Lucy and Ethel's flour sack designer clothes from Paris? These shows have been very useful in seeing how "life" was before all the computers, cell phones and people took proud in their appearance. It has opened discussions with my 18 year old daughter as to how her Grandparents and I grew-up. It shows us how life use to be and yet, we are still the same. We still want the same things from life: love, respect, fun and adventure.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you ever seen the "I Love Lucy" I recommend it. I have purchased season 1-4 and I can't wait for season 5. Lucy gets to be funnier and funnier in each season. And I love the relationship that she has with her husband Ricky Ricardo.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The I Love Lucy show's and Actor's are so outstanding it make's you laugh. That is one of the best cast ever.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago