Indiana Jones - The Complete Adventures

Indiana Jones - The Complete Adventures

Director: Steven Spielberg Cast: Harrison Ford, John Rhys-Davies, Karen Allen
4.7 52

DVD (Adventure Collection / Wide Screen)

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Indiana Jones - The Complete Adventures

The second of the George Lucas/Steven Spielberg Indiana Jones epics is set a year or so before the events in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1984). After a brief brouhaha involving a precious vial and a wild ride down a raging Himalyan river, Indy (Harrison Ford) gets down to the problem at hand: retrieving a precious gem and several kidnapped young boys on behalf of a remote East Indian village. His companions this time around include a dimbulbed, easily frightened nightclub chanteuse (Kate Capshaw), and a feisty 12-year-old kid named Short Round (Quan Ke Huy). Throughout, the plot takes second place to the thrills, which include a harrowing rollercoaster ride in an abandoned mineshaft and Indy's rescue of the heroine from a ritual sacrifice. There are also a couple of cute references to Raiders of the Lost Ark, notably a funny variation of Indy's shooting of the Sherpa warrior.

Product Details

Release Date: 05/13/2008
UPC: 0097361370743
Rating: PG-13
Source: Paramount
Region Code: 1
Time: 5:59:00

Special Features

Closed Caption; New introductions to each film by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas; The Indy Trilogy: A Crystal Clear Appreciation; The Mystery of the Melting Face; Snakes Alive!; The Well of Souls storyboards; Creepy Crawlies; Discover adventure on location with Indy; Hold Onto Your hat! The Mine Car Chase storyboards; Indy's women reminisce; Indy's friends and enemies; The Birth of an Action Hero! The Last Crusade opening scene storyboards; Spectacular photo galleries for each film; Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures game demo

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
1. South America, 1936 [2:45]
2. The Man With the Hat [:29]
3. The Golden Idol [2:28]
4. Belloq and the Hovitos [4:06]
5. Archaeology Lesson [2:58]
6. Special Assignment [2:34]
7. Cautious Guy [1:59]
8. Nepal: The Raven [3:03]
9. Fight for the Medallion [2:30]
10. To Cairo [2:29]
11. The Marketplace [3:22]
12. Basket Chase [4:50]
13. Meeting With Belloq [:38]
14. Bad Dates [2:02]
15. Tanis Dig [3:41]
16. The Map Room [2:11]
17. Reunited With Marion [:24]
18. Uncovering the Well of Souls [4:00]
19. Into the Well of Souls [2:51]
20. The Ark Revealed [1:16]
21. Trapped [:11]
22. The Flying Wing [4:09]
23. Desert Chase [2:25]
24. Dragged Behind [:56]
25. The Bantu Wind [1:37]
26. Confrontation at Sea [2:17]
27. The Nazis' Secret Island [:37]
28. Indy's Bluff [2:03]
29. The Ark Ceremony [3:16]
30. The Power of the Ark [1:59]
31. Washington D.C. and End Credits [2:09]
Disc #2 -- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
1. Shanghai, 1935/"Anything Goes" [:17]
2. Club Obi Wan [2:35]
3. Melee [:22]
4. The Getaway [4:50]
5. Escape By Air [2:45]
6. "Nobody's Flying the Plane" [:19]
7. Mayapore (The Village) [1:38]
8. Sankara/Fortune and Glory [3:08]
9. The Journey [3:09]
10. The Jungle at Night [:39]
11. Approaching Pankot Palace [6:38]
12. Audience With the Maharajah [:48]
13. The Feast [1:26]
14. Nocturnal Activities [3:05]
15. Assassin [3:19]
16. Bugs [:11]
17. The Spike Chamber [3:36]
18. The Temple of Doom [2:23]
19. Stealing the Stones [1:58]
20. Captives of the Thuggee [3:04]
21. The Blood of Kali [4:18]
22. Willie's Sacrifice [:24]
23. The Rescue [:59]
24. Freeing the Children [4:01]
25. The Rock Crusher [2:55]
26. The Mine Car Chase [:53]
27. Deadly Flood [:11]
28. The Rope Bridge [5:47]
29. Standoff [2:16]
30. Return to Mayapore [1:38]
31. End Credits [3:16]
Disc #3 -- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
1. Utah, 1912/The Cross of Coronado [4:41]
2. The Pursuit [3:28]
3. Belongs in a Museum [:05]
4. Portuguese Coast, 1938 [3:31]
5. Barnett College [2:25]
6. Meeting Donovan [3:04]
7. Ransacked [4:54]
8. To Venice [2:36]
9. "X" Marks the Spot [1:08]
10. Rats! [:52]
11. Boat Chase [3:23]
12. "Ah, Venice" [4:18]
13. To Castle Brunwald [1:57]
14. Family Reunion [4:38]
15. "What Book?" [2:23]
16. Brody and Sallah [1:07]
17. Austrian & German Goodbyes [3:00]
18. "Head for the Fireplace" [2:41]
19. Motorcycle Chase [1:35]
20. Grail Obsession [2:48]
21. Into the Lion's Den [1:43]
22. The Zeppelin [3:44]
23. A Rebuke [:10]
24. Dogfight [2:41]
25. Close Call [2:22]
26. Hatay [:26]
27. Approaching the Canyon [1:49]
28. Ambush [2:55]
29. Belly of the Steel Beast [2:52]
30. Tank Showdown [:44]
31. "I Thought I'd Lost You" [1:50]
32. Canyon of the Crescent Moon [2:45]
33. The Three Challenges [2:22]
34. "Choose Wisely" [1:07]
35. Crossing the Seal [1:00]
36. Sunset and End Credits [1:48]

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Last Crusade 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Heavy_Metal_Sushi More than 1 year ago
Growing up, these were among some of my favorite movies to watch! My siblings and I watched them quite a bit, along with Star Wars and some other great ones from back in the day. My parents were big fans of these movies as well, and would watch them with us a lot. If there is someone out there who has never seen these before...what the heck? Get on it! These are classic gems not to be passed up! Will always have a special place in my heart for these movies!
Guest More than 1 year ago
tell me that you aren't tired of indiana jones ever since you saw it with your family years ago. raiders of the lost ark starts with indy and one of my fave heroines named marion having to find an equally creepy looking chest that'll unleash evil and seriously that ending was awesome with the ghosts and all. temple of doom is one that i find a little hard to watch but love short round and willie is a little annoying. indy, willie and short round are to go in search of sacred stones that was stolen from a village. along the way they find the stones but its under a volcano with a crazy priest sacrifice kind of guy and steals children so they'll become slave workers or something. that bridge scene was epic. last crusade i never got to see much of than the first two. in that one, indy with his father "sean connery" are in search of the holy grail and are chased by the bad guys yet again. and of course the next one called kingdom of the crystal skull where indy returns with marion and a new cast that includes shia from disturbia. here i guess they have to find an artifact that's a skull and can't wait to see it. so yeah that's pretty much of how its been in the series so far. glad that harrison is back with the trademark hat and whip and the theme song including the fear of snakes.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have not seen the Indiana Jones in a while, but when I purchased this I was glued to my chair watching all 3 back to back. I watched the extras thrown in and then re watched my favorite parts of each film. Honestly, if you are a fan you have to purchase this. Also, I watched the new Indiana Jones and it just as good as the others might even be better. Highly recommended!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the best ever i love indiana jones and now i can enjoy all the movies at once.............whooooooooh.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A new release of the Indiana Jones Trilogy, just in time for the release of the long awaited 4th installment. Contrary to many though, the movies have been previously released on DVD before, this is a an updated newer version, more bonus footage, and re-mastering. What started with Raiders of the Lost Ark has quickly become a fan phenomena. In fact most of todays archeologists will probably tell you they owe a lot to ol' Indy for making them interested in their fields. These movies are great and a this collection is a must have for fans and fans alike. If you've never seen the original three, it's well worth it. If you are looking forward to May 22, it's worth watching them again, and again. Indy makes Archeology fun!
RJWatford More than 1 year ago
If you love action and adventure with a story that will keep you interested and engaged, Indiana Jones (any of the episodes) will be a great set of movies to view. It's the type of movies you will watch over and over again. I can never get enough of Indie or Harrison playing the role. The latest edition adds Shai LeBouf and he is good too.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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