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Introducing Abraham - The Secret Behind

Introducing Abraham - The Secret Behind "The Secret"?

4.6 5

Cast: Jerry Hicks, Esther Hicks

Introducing Abraham - The Secret Behind "The Secret"? features in-depth interviews with Jerry and Esther Hicks and Abraham -- the "The Law of Attraction"-promoting spiritual entity whose thoughts figure heavily in the Secret phenomenon. Beyond discussion of the Law of Attraction, the panel delve into "The Art of Allowing" and the "Emotional Guidance


Introducing Abraham - The Secret Behind "The Secret"? features in-depth interviews with Jerry and Esther Hicks and Abraham -- the "The Law of Attraction"-promoting spiritual entity whose thoughts figure heavily in the Secret phenomenon. Beyond discussion of the Law of Attraction, the panel delve into "The Art of Allowing" and the "Emotional Guidance System." Featured on the 3-1/2-hour, double-DVD set are: 45 minutes of additional conversations about Jerry Hicks's youth and stories of close calls and life-changing events; audience reactions to meeting Abraham for the very first time at a "Spring Screening"; and a sneak-preview episode of In Other Words.

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Abraham: The Secret Behind "The Secret"? - Trilogy
1. Opening Titles [3:28]
2. Oh, God! [8:21]
3. To Kill a Mockingbird [13:50]
4. The Beginning [6:42]
5. Fairy Tales [7:47]
6. Non-Physical [10:08]
1. Opening Titles [4:24]
2. Sit Back & Observe [5:56]
3. Legends of the Fall [13:47]
4. Laws of the Universe [5:03]
5. Current [12:28]
6. Many Levels [4:24]
1. Opening Titles [2:09]
2. Sit Back & Observe [7:03]
3. K-Pax [13:19]
4. Every Thought [9:12]
5. What You Think About [12:08]
Disc #2 -- Abraham: The Secret Behind "The Secret"? - Conversational Extras/Spring Screening/The Meaning of Life
1. Jerry's Youth [14:43]
2. The Ouija Board [6:21]
3. No Right or Wrong [2:06]
4. The Aquarian Conspiracy [1:29]
5. Illusions [2:46]
6. Proust [18:09]
1. No Clue [1:54]
2. The Great Beyond? [1:54]
3. Whoa! Hard to Sum-up! [3:32]
4. Crazy! Blew My Mind! [3:03]

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Introducing Abraham - The Secret Behind "The Secret"? 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This DVD appeals to two audiences: fans of "The Secret" and fans of Abraham-Hicks. First group: If you've read the book The Secret or viewed the DVD The Secret "Extended Edition", or better yet, viewed the original DVD The Secret "Original Edition" that included Abraham/Esther Hicks in it, and you'd like an even clearer, more comprehensive explanation of the Law of Attraction and how and why our emotions or feelings create our reality, then this DVD is for you. The teachings called Law of Attraction are a spiritual teaching of a universal, spiritual law, and who better to teach it that the group of spiritual beings who call themselves Abraham or Source Energy. Second group: If you've heard Abraham lecture on CD, on DVD, or in person, and one of your favorites in Abraham's talks has always been when Abraham tells a story about the intimate details of the lovely, very human lives of husband and wife Jerry and Esther Hicks, then this DVD is a must have for you, as Jerry and Esther themselves tell stories in this DVD about their life together, and detail, in a depth not available on any previous Abraham-Hicks Publications book, CD or DVD, their lives pre-Abraham and the step-by-step path that led them to Abraham. This DVD is in effect the most complete history of Jerry and Esther's evolution pre- and post-Abraham. As for the DVD itself, it's very professionally produced, and the music and graphics used created the effect of this DVD being a much more calming and emotionally moving experience than "The Secret" DVD, I thought. This DVD had more clarity and focus whereas "The Secret" DVD was more MTV-like in its jumping back and forth from one teacher to another. There are three episodes of about 45 to 50 minutes each. The first episode is the show host's interview with Jerry and Esther Hicks, who is the channel through which Abraham communicates. The second and third episodes contain the host's question and answer sessions with the entity Abraham himself. The interviewer's piercing questions are beautifully and lovingly answered by Abraham and this Q & A actually contains the most moving parts of this film. For example, when the host pressed on for proof of Abraham's existence or reality, Abraham responded by saying that "we are not so much interested in that you believe in our existence, as we are interested in that you come to adore your own." There is such unconditional love in these teachings, that one can't help but feel that this is what it's like to hear God speak.
Guest More than 1 year ago
For those ready to hear the collective consciousness named "Abraham", of the Non-Physical Realm, speak their perfect wisdom through the physical vortex of Esther Hicks, this DVD is a masterpiece. Abraham has been around since the beginning of mankind and has said that there has never been so seamless and clear a translator of this vibration as is that of Esther Hicks. There has never been an asker close to that of Jerry Hicks who actually summoned the vibration through the vortex of Esther. No two people could be more lovingly devoted to bringing this message to us than these two incredible people.. They are the living example of what they teach. It is ineffable "no words to describe" using Jerry's perfect word to describe Abraham. I have been learning and living this "knowing" for over ten years, and it continues to become more. Abraham teaches us to deliberately create our reality instead of creating a life by default. Then they teach us how to allow in whatever we desire. As the Law of Attraction is perfect"and working whether we are aware of it or not" we learn to allow in what we want through our vibrational alignment to our desire. What makes someone such as Abraham or any being believable to someone, is different for each of us and we each decide. Abraham teaches unconditional love in a way that no earthly person, religion, or other image could possibly conjure. It is so right when you hear it, and you will wonder why you forgot that we really are all One. Everyone hears Abraham differently, and everyone will continue to hear what Abraham speaks or writes differentlly each time they hear it. That is the beauty of the individual evolving perception within each of us. Abraham teaches us the tools to use the Law of Attraction, and does this through reminding us what we have forgotten--not a secret--but our connection to our "Source/Non-Physical/All That Is/God Force" stream--the label does not matter. They teach us about vibration and our emotional guidance system through humor, example, clarity, and love. Peter Beamish does a magnificent job of asking questions of Jerry and Esther Hicks--and Abraham--that will take you to place of knowing that says "I've come back home"....this is truly the ultimate creation in our age of enlightenment. Mary Bergholtz, Freeport, Fl.
SakeGuy More than 1 year ago
Simply put, Abraham/Esther Hicks is the clearest source of understanding the Law of Attraction that we have today. If you were lucky enough to see the first version of The Secret movie, you know that Esther was featured and later edited out. This DVD gives all the background on how it went down in a wonderful, uplifting way. It's also great to see Esther as Esther!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago