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John Wayne 100th Anniversary Collection (10pc)

John Wayne 100th Anniversary Collection (10pc)

Director: Andrew V. McLaglen, Carl Pierson, Charles Barton

Cast: Armand Schaefer


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Release Date:
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[B&W, Color]
[Dolby Digital Mono]

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Anita Campillo Dolores
Evelyn Knapp Marion Hall
Joan Barton Lila Neal
John Wayne Chris Morrell,Dare Rudd,George Washington McLintock,Jerry Mason,John Blair,John Brant,John Carruthers,John Higgins,John Martin,John Mason,John Tobin,John Wyatt,Singin' Sandy Saunders,Ted Hayden,U.S. Marshall John Travers,Dick Wallace,John Scott,Quirt Evans,Larry Baker
Noah Beery Wabi
Yakima Canutt Spike,Cheyenne Kent,Barkeep,Smoky,Curly Joe Gale,Danti, The Polka Dot Bandit,Yak,Cole,Hank
Barbara Sheldon Betty
Cecilia Parker Fay Denton
Earl Dwire Sheriff,Benoit,Actor,Zanti,Mason
Eleanor Hunt Betty Mason
Hank Bell Actor
LeRoy Mason Rogers,Joe Dickson
Lucille Browne Beth Matthews
Marion Burns Alice,Linda Carter
Marsha Hunt Judith Worstall
Maureen O'Hara Katherine McLintock
Noah Beery George Newsome
Phyllis Fraser Barbara Forsythe
Sheila Terry Clara Moore,Ruby
Verna Hillie Anita Matlock,Felice Newsome
Virginia Brown Faire Fay Winters
Alec B. Francis Dr. Hall
Bob Burns Sheriff Parker
Earl Hodgins Dr. Carter
Gail Russell Penelope Worth
George "Gabby" Hayes Dusty,George Hale,Jake Benson,Matt Matlock/"The Shadow",Sheriff Denton,Sheriff Jake,Dusty Rhodes,Matt Downing,Matt the Mute/Marvin Black,George Higgins
George Cleveland Sheriff
Herman Hack Actor
Johnny Mack Brown Tom Fillmore
Lloyd Whitlock Gentry,Actor
Mary Kornman Anne
Shirley Jean Rickert Nina
Yvonne De Carlo Louise Warren
Arthur Hoyt Little
Douglas Cosgrove Cal Drake
Forrest Taylor Kincaid
Hal Price Actor
Harry Carey Marshal Wistful McClintock
John Patterson Hardy
Patrick Wayne Devlin Warren
Paul Fix Jim
Reed Howes Ben,Tugger
Robert W. Frazer Jules LaRocque
Shirley Grey Gloria Martin/Gloria Stratton
Al St. John Bert
Art Ortego Henchman
Bruce Cabot Laredo Stevens
Denny Meadows Rudd
Eddy Chandler Kansas Charlie
Edward Peil Melgrove
Hal Taliaferro Deputy Sheriff
Lane Chandler Larry Adams
Monte Blue Bart Hammond
Reginald Barlow Mr. Wallace
Stefanie Powers Becky McLintock
Tully Marshall Mr. Edwards
Carmen La Roux Juanita
Conway Tearle Steven
Stephen Grant Johnny Worth
Irene Rich Mrs. Worth
John Farrell MacDonald Jim Baker
Lee Dixon Randy McCall

Technical Credits
Andrew V. McLaglen Director
Armand Schaefer Director
Carl Pierson Director
Charles Barton Director
Harry L. Fraser Director
J.P. McGowan Director
James Edward Grant Director
Mack Wright Director
Phil Whitman Director
Robert North Bradbury Director
Cullin Lewis Director
J.P. Morgan Director

Scene Index

Disc #7 -- The John Wayne 100th Anniversary Collection
2. The Carnival Mystery [27:28]
3. Pinholes [18:54]
4. The Eagle Strikes [17:20]
5. The Man of a Million Voices [17:09]
6. The Telephone Cipher [18:24]
7. Code of the Carnival [17:42]
8. Eagle or Vulture? [18:28]
9. On the Spot [18:05]
10. When Thieves Fall Out [15:57]
11. The Man Who Knew [16:13]
12. The Eagle's Wings [16:24]
13. The Shadow Unmasked [14:31]
Disc #8 -- The John Wayne 100th Anniversary Collection
1. The Wrecker [28:49]
2. Flying Parties [16:34]
3. The Masked Menace [17:14]
4. Buried Alive [19:24]
5. Danger Lights [16:50]
6. The Airport Mystery [19:48]
7. Sealed Lips [18:17]
8. Outside the Law [18:57]
9. The Invincible Army [18:32]
10. The Wreckers Secret [16:24]
11. Wings of Death [17:25]
12. Unmasked [17:40]
Disc #9 -- The John Wayne 100th Anniversary Collection
1. The Fiery Circle [28:36]
2. One for All and All for One [18:58]
3. The Master Spy [17:49]
4. Pirates of the Desert [14:06]
5. Rebel Rifles [17:03]
6. Death's Marathon [16:28]
7. Naked Steel [16:20]
8. The Master Strikes [16:41]
9. The Fatal Cave [15:58]
10. Trapped [16:16]
11. The Measure of Man [15:03]
12. The Glory of Comrade [15:19]

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