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Law & Order - The Fourteenth Year

Law & Order - The Fourteenth Year

Cast: Jerry Orbach, Jesse L. Martin, S. Epatha Merkerson, Fred Dalton Thompson

Law & Order: Season 14 appeared on DVD in the late summer of 2004, just months after that season finished its original network broadcast and way out of order with the rest of the series (which was only up to Season Two on DVD as of the spring of 2004). It seems to be unrelated to the decision to release it, but Season 14 was the final one for


Law & Order: Season 14 appeared on DVD in the late summer of 2004, just months after that season finished its original network broadcast and way out of order with the rest of the series (which was only up to Season Two on DVD as of the spring of 2004). It seems to be unrelated to the decision to release it, but Season 14 was the final one for Jerry Orbach as a regular cast member, after 11 years, a fact that producer Dick Wolf acknowledges in a special note. The 24 episodes have their strong points, including "C.O.D." (which owes a bit to Patricia Highsmith's Strangers on a Train), "Payback, "Vendetta, and "Gaijin, although they aren't the best in the series' history; even the weaker ones usually raise enough hot-button social or legal issues so that, where the writing isn't quite up to standard, they still justify the viewing, and even more than one look. Each episode gets four chapters, paralleling the main commercial breaks. All shows and bonus features are presented full-screen (1.33:1), four episodes to a side on three double-sided discs; each opens automatically to an easy-to-use menu that includes chapter-access and a "play all" function. The bonus features are all confined to side B of the third disc. Jesse L. Martin gets an extended profile, which is mostly him talking engagingly about his career for 13 minutes (supported by a clip from a commercial for Lean Cuisine from a while back and his first appearance on the series), telling of his work on Guiding Light and One Life to Live and discussing his meeting with the Law & Order producers and the first day's shooting, in which he couldn't stop shaking. Out of character, Martin is an engaging figure on-camera, and his segment bears repeated viewing for his cleverness and the depth of his observations. Fred Thompson gets a more complex profile in his six minutes onscreen, his performing clips and interviews intercut with his stint as a United States senator. His acting career turns out to have been a fluky outgrowth of his legal career and a meeting with director Roger Donaldson. He was enticed into Law & Order by producer Dick Wolf, who promised the former Republican senator some substantive dialogue sequences about legal philosophy. Jerry Orbach has some fun stepping out of character and taking us on a tour of the set -- the precinct, the DA's offices, the judge's chambers, the courtrooms, the forensic laboratories, the hospital, etc. And, finally, saving the best for last, forensic scientist Dr. Park Dietz -- whose work (in which he admits taking great pleasure) has included investigating the Jeffrey Dahmer case and serves on a technical advisor on the series -- explains precisely what it is that he does, in terms of working with the writers and producers, and recent developments in the forensic field. He also raises his concern that the forensic information revealed on the series may help would-be offenders get away with their crimes.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Christina Urban
The 14th season (2003-4) of the unstoppable cops-and-lawyers hit marks the end of the flatfoot line for Detective Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach), as he hangs up his shield to make way for new detective Joe Fontana (Dennis Farina) -- making this 24-episode set a must for longtime Law & Order fans. Briscoe and fellow Detective Eddie Green (Jesse L. Martin) report to Lt. Anita Van Buren (S. Epatha Merkerson) and hunt down criminals in New York City's perp-rich streets. District Attorney Arthur Branch (Fred Thompson), Executive Assistant D.A. Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston), and Assistant D.A. Serena Southerlyn (Elisabeth Rohm) prosecute the bad guys and -- they hope -- put them away. This season's excellent acting and polished scripts maintain the high quality fans have come to expect from the vanguard of Dick Wolf's franchise, and after 14 years the series is still going strong. Although not as reliant on big-name guest stars as its predecessors, this L&O season offers memorable turns from Spider-Man 2's J. K. Simmons as recurring character Dr. Emil Skoda; Crossing Jordan's Lorraine Toussaint as Shambala Green, a Law & Order character she last played ten years earlier; Nip/Tuck's Roma Maffia; Terminator 2's Joe Morton; and a short guest spot by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Highlights of the season include: "Patient Zero," a harrowing tale of revenge that starts with a woman's infection by an anthrax-like virus; "Blaze," an episode inspired by the 2003 concert fire in Rhode Island that claimed over 100 lives; and "Floater," wherein a woman's body is found in the Hudson River and the suspects include both her husband and a judge. In the final episode of the season, "C.O.D.," Briscoe bids a warm farewell to the "two-seven" as a murder case against two women accused of killing each other's husbands comes to a close, along with his tenure as a detective.

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Special Features

Closed Caption; Profile: Jesse L. Martin; Profile: Fred Dalton Thompson; Set tour with Jerry Orbach; Interview with Park Dietz; Profiles teaser

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Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1, Side A
1. Another One [8:49]
2. No Pattern [8:26]
3. Legal Aid [10:53]
4. Client Privilege [16:35]
1. Dead John [11:38]
2. An Exclusive [6:05]
3. Publish or Perish [7:54]
4. Affirmative Action [18:38]
1. Bioterrorism [13:51]
2. Deadly Injection [4:55]
3. Murder Charge [9:25]
4. Stand By Your Man [15:32]
1. Over Stimulated [10:57]
2. I Need My Doctor [7:32]
3. Psychological Beating [10:11]
4. Malpractice [14:32]
Side #2 -- Disc 1, Side B
1. Pyromythology [12:25]
2. Backstage Pass [6:20]
3. Playing With Fire [10:53]
4. Sold Out [14:29]
1. Laid-Off [11:13]
2. Harlem Hellraisers [7:37]
3. Identity Theft [8:27]
4. Robbed of Yourself [15:46]
1. Going Fishing [7:59]
2. Alimony Suit [8:53]
3. Courtroom Racket [11:07]
4. High Level Corruption [16:27]
1. Freedom of Speech [11:50]
2. Proud to Serve [9:17]
3. Treason [6:50]
4. Right and Duty [16:27]
Side #3 -- Disc 2, Side A
1. Spiked Hot Sauce [9:33]
2. Dead Evidence [7:24]
3. Dealing With Death [14:58]
4. Having a Heart [11:11]
1. It's Bad to Be Boss [8:28]
2. Having Babies [8:14]
3. Inevitable Discovery [9:50]
4. Surrogate Mother [16:15]
1. Hit and Run [10:45]
2. Still Alive [8:15]
3. Taking a Beating [6:50]
4. Survival of the Fittest [18:23]
1. Settling Old Scores [12:05]
2. Gun for Hire [8:42]
3. Moonlighting Murderer [6:55]
4. A Frugal Felon [15:31]
Side #4 -- Disc 2, Side B
1. No Golden Parachute [10:40]
2. Two Moms [6:07]
3. Gay Adoption [12:13]
4. Unfair Laws [12:28]
1. Councilman Killed [11:30]
2. Shooting the Messenger [7:36]
3. Black Box Policies [8:27]
4. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act [16:15]
1. The Sleeper Hold [10:50]
2. Special Forces [7:04]
3. Paying Tribute [6:43]
4. War on Trial [18:22]
1. Weird Eye [11:10]
2. Dead Witness [7:59]
3. The Defendant Walks [7:55]
4. Cold Feet [15:39]
Side #5 -- Disc 3, Side A
1. Missing Parts [14:13]
2. Not Guilty [13:03]
3. Digging Into the Past [6:40]
4. Back on the Stand [8:33]
1. Push-In Robbery [9:24]
2. Holocaust Survivor [9:13]
3. Nazi Officer [6:23]
4. The New Generation [18:16]
1. Dead D.A. [10:33]
2. Bogus Credentials [11:08]
3. Concrete Evidence [11:12]
4. Squeaky Wheels [9:56]
1. It's to Die For [10:53]
2. Designated Hitter [11:03]
3. Dine and Dash [4:43]
4. Three Strikes [15:39]
Side #6 -- Disc 3, Side B
1. Foul Play [8:54]
2. Can't Go Back [10:10]
3. Hardly Innocent [9:10]
4. Above the Law [15:45]
1. Tourist Attack [13:45]
2. Yakuza Connection [5:27]
3. Back in the States [7:49]
4. Exploiting America [17:13]
1. Fish Egg Felon [12:14]
2. Keeping Control [5:20]
3. Plans for Adoption [9:50]
4. Breaking the Convenant [15:44]
1. Express Murder [12:41]
2. Surfacing Evidence [7:20]
3. A Second Killing [7:53]
4. Two for Two [14:45]

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