Legend of Zelda: Power of the Triforce

Legend of Zelda: Power of the Triforce



Join Link and Princess Zelda as they battle creatures great and small while attempting to save Hyrule and prevent Ganon from obtaining the last piece of the Triforce in this collection of five episodes from the classic cartoon series The Legend of Zelda. After Ganon pulls King Harkinnian's castle into the underworld with his powerful new weapon in "That Sinking Feeling, Zelda discovers that her beautiful new mirror has unleashed her evil twin in "Doppleganger." Later, in "A Hitch in the Works, Ganon attempts to marry Zelda as Link battles his way through the underworld in a brave bid to stop the wedding. "The Moblins are Revolting" finds Ganon's fed-up minions finally turning on their master after suffering yet another humiliating defeat at the hands of Link, and Link is transformed into a frog after falling for one of Ganon's dirty tricks in "Kiss and Tell."

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Release Date: 07/22/2008
UPC: 0843501000403
Rating: NR
Source: Dhx Media Ltd
Region Code: 1
Time: 1:15:00

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