Lincoln and Lee at Antietam: The Cost of Freedom

Lincoln and Lee at Antietam: The Cost of Freedom

Ronald F. Maxwell
Director: Robert Child Cast: Ronald F. Maxwell
Robert Child

DVD (Wide Screen / Color)

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Gettysburg and Gods and Generals director Ronald F. Maxwell narrates as a collection of highly regarded historians offer educated insight into the bloodiest day in American history in producer/director Robert Child's revealing look at The Battle of Antietam. With more casualties than The Mexican War, The Spanish-American War, The American Revolution, and the War of 1812 combined, this violent confrontation between the forces of Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee would go down in the history books as the single most devastating battle fought on American soil. As President Lincoln seeks to claim the battle that will enable him to issue the Emancipation Proclamation and put an end to slavery in the South, Lee hatches a plan to invade the North and claim victory for Confederate forces. When the Union Army learns of Lee's plan, the ensuing confrontation that took place in Sharpsburg, Maryland would result in casualties that dwarfed even that of D-Day during World War II.

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Release Date: 01/31/2006
UPC: 0646032041293
Original Release: 2006
Rating: NR
Source: Janson Media
Presentation: [Wide Screen, Color]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo]
Time: 1:30:00

Special Features

Closed Caption; 25-minute on-screen interview with Ronald F. Maxwell; Feature-length commentary track with Robert Child and Ronald F. Maxwell; Original music score from composers, Steve Heitzeg and Nicholas Palmer; Trailers for other Inecom productions include: Gettyburg and Stories of Valor, Johnston Flood, Horses of Gettysburg, Winters of War, Shot to Pieces, Civil War Minutes- Confederate adn Expo-Magic of the White City

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Lincoln and Lee at Antietam: The Cost of Freedom
1. Prelude [1:53]
2. The Bloodiest Day [2:08]
3. Opening Credits [:49]
4. Summer of '62 [:45]
5. Lincoln in the Telegraph Office [2:55]
6. Chantilly Cannons [2:15]
7. Men are Sick of War [:21]
8. George McClellan Introduction [2:48]
9. McCellan Takes Command [1:10]
10. Robert E. Lee Introduction [1:22]
11. Lee Resigns [1:27]
12. Invasion of the North Begins [:30]
13. McCellan Arrives in Frederick [:37]
14. Residents React [:36]
15. Lee's Maryland Proclamation [:58]
16. Order No. 191 [1:15]
17. Lee's Maryland Battle Plan [2:44]
18. The First Engagements [4:53]
19. The Ball Had Begun [1:47]
20. Hooker and the Cornfield [2:46]
21. Battle of the Cornfield [4:06]
22. The Highest Ranking General [1:01]
23. McClellan's Vs. Lee's Strategy [3:24]
24. Battle of Bloody Lane - Prelude [2:27]
25. Bloody Lane Begins [5:33]
26. Clara Barton [3:55]
27. A Grim September Day [3:39]
28. Stonewall Jackson [1:06]
29. Ambrose Burnside Bows [3:20]
30. Burnside Bridge Battle [2:55]
31. Lee's Report [2:55]
32. Up Came Hill [3:04]
33. Emancipation [6:23]
34. Hallowed Ground [1:21]
35. Mathew Brady [1:36]
36. Cost of Freedom [3:01]
37. Closing Credits [3:28]
1. The Cival War is our War [1:44]
2. Making Movies [5:07]
3. Replicating the 19th Century [1:46]
4. Commitment [4:15]
5. Remembering our Past [2:51]
6. Locations [2:58]
7. Battlefield Preservation [2:25]
8. Antietam and Gettysburg - An Aggressive Defense [4:15]

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