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Looney Tunes: Golden Collection 1-5

Looney Tunes: Golden Collection 1-5

Director: Art Davis, Bob Clampett, Cal Dalton

Cast: Arthur Q. Bryan


Product Details

Release Date:
Warner Home Video

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Arthur Q. Bryan Elmer Fudd,Egghead,sleepy hotel guest,Voice on Phone,Seigfried
Mel Blanc Actor,Voice Only,Bugs Bunny,Daffy Duck,Fat theater patron,Piano-Playing Narrator,Porky Pig,Tweety Bird,Catstello,Dan Backslide, telegraph boy,Foghorn Leghorn,Henry,Hubie,Pepe Le Pew,Ralph Wolf, Fred,The Hep Cat,Tough mice,Various Voices,Adolf Hitler,Ala Bama,Bugs Bunny/Cecil Turtle/Deliverymen,Bugs Bunny/ring announcer,Bugs Bunny/Sheriff of Nottingham/Little John,Charlie Dog,Cottontail Smith,Do-Do,Finster,General,Henery Hawk,Marvin the Martian,Peter Lorre scientist,Ring Announcer,Rocky,Scotsman,Sir O of K,Sylvester,Sylvester/Tweety/Big Bad Wolf,Tom,Wile E. Coyote,Billy Goat,Brunhilde,Claude Cat,Eye Examiner,Hansel,Henery's father,K-9,Merlin,Mugsy,Sherriff of Nottingham,Southern gentleman,Thomas,Donkey Owner,Elmer Fudd,Pa Bear,Policeman,Studio guard,J.L.
Robert C. Bruce Narrator,Newsreel Narrator
Sara Berner Mamma Buzzard,Greek Mother,Voice,Red
Bea Benaderet Ma Bear,Marc Anthony's mistress,Vi,Woman,Mama Buzzard,Mama Bear
Billy Bletcher Bully,I. Killem,Colonel Shuffle,Pa Bear,The Champ,Claim Jumper
Dave Barry Bogie Gocart
Elvia Allman Little Red Walking Hood
Frank Gallop Narrator
Fred "Tex" Avery Papa Bear
Joe Dougherty Porky Pig
John Deering Narrator,Tom Thumb's father,Uncle Sam
Kent Rogers Beaky Buzzard
Leo White Pianist (live action scenes)
Sammy Wolf Dog
Ben Frommer Butler,Actor
Berenice Hansen Little Kitty,Goldilocks
Daws Butler Voice Only
Julie Bennett Mother Cat,Actor
June Foray Jack's Mother,Witch Hazel,Granny,Lolly,Gretel,pretty rabbit
Leon Schlesinger Himself
Pinto Colvig Conrad Cat
Richard Bickenbach Crosby Soundalike
Stan Freberg Bertie,Pete Puma,Junyer Bear
Ted Pierce Nick O'Teen,Babbitt,Porky's Mother
Tom Holland Voices
Verna Felton Black Widow
Frank Graham Narrator
Tommy Bond Beans

Technical Credits
Art Davis Director
Bob Clampett Director
Cal Dalton Director
Chuck Jones Director
Dave Fleischer Director
Frank Tashlin Director
Friz Freleng Director
Hawley Pratt Director
Jack King Director
Jack Kinney Director
Robert McKimson Director
Seymour Kneitel Director
Tex Avery Director
Tom Palmer Director
Abe Levitow Director
Cal Howard Director
Maurice Noble Director

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