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Loverboy 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was expecting a great movie from Kevin Bacon. The movie is OK, This novel turned motion picture debut by Kevin has all the ingredients of an interesting and moving film. Unfortunately these ingredients seem to fade away slowly as the film progresses. Kyra Sedgwick who not only acts terrifically throughout the film, but also narrates it as well. Her character, a woman obsessed with having a child, and keeping it to herself forever, loses its flavor as it becomes more and more ridiculous. The small boy played by Dominic Scott Kay, should have been either re-cast or re-shot several times. His artificial deliveries take away from the seriousness of Sedgwicks maternal character again and again, and seem to make the film comical at times when it should not be. She's that crazy because of her creation, and we learn from flashback scenes, that her parents (Kevin Bacon and Marisa Tomei) were really ''different'' and she wanted her neighbor (Sandra Bullock) to be her mother. I will say that Kyra Sedgewick shows a great range of emotions and in certain parts, she has a strong resemblance to a younger Glenn Close. Mat Dillon, as a love interest, didn’t work well into this screenplay, but Dillon did his best with the part he was given. The flaws are over the screenplay that never goes deep in the mother's craziness, and has some confusing parts as the one that happens in the beach and the soundtrack, that is a bit goofy and too funny, when it needed to be more serious. While watching this film you can’t help but get the impression that this film was directed by a first-time Hollywood director, who called in a few favors from some of his famous friends. Even though Kevin manages to give us an interesting plot his attempt wasn't completely successful. Beside that `LoverBoy' is a decent film provided by some great leading actors.