Lucy Show - Official First Season

Lucy Show - Official First Season

Director: Jack Donohue Cast: Lucille Ball, Charles Lane, Del Moore

DVD (Slip Sleeve / Full Frame)

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Lucille Ball proves that her two-year absence from network television has not in any way blunted her comic expertise as The Lucy Show launches its first season. The episodes herein are pleasantly schizophrenic, with widowed mother Lucy Carmichael (Ball, of course) harvesting new comedy opportunities out of such situations as attracting eligible bachelors, raising money to augment her allowance, and wrestling with the trials and tribulations of single motherhood with daughter Chris (Candy Moore) and son Jerry (Jimmy Garrett), and at the same time capturing the carefree zaniness of the I Love Lucy days, vis-à-vis Lucy's misadventures with best her friend and housemate, divorcée Vivian Bagley, played by Ball's former I Love Lucy co-star Vivian Vance. For her part, Viv Bagley also must be both mother and father to her own kid Sherman (Ralph Hart) -- who, fortuitously enough, is Jerry Carmichael's best friend. On the "dating" front, things get off to a fine start with the series' second episode, in which Lucy and Viv finagle Jerry's math teacher (William Windom) into escorting both of them to a Saturday night dance; in later episodes, Lucy will try to win a guy (Frank Aletter) away from Viv by feigning an interest in classical music, and will go gaga over her new boss (John Vivyan) when she takes a temporary job as a society columnist. (Incidentally, Dick Martin of Rowan & Martin fame is seen throughout this season as Harry Conners, Lucy's next-door neighbor and occasional boyfriend.) As for her money-raising schemes, Lucy inaugurates her well-meaning torture of Mr. Barnsahl (Charles Lane), the banker handling her late husband's estate, when she accidentally writes a donation check for two thousand dollars and then goes to great and hilarious lengths to cover up the gaping hole in her bank account. And in a classic episode reminiscent of I Love Lucy at its best, Lucy and Viv set up a "factory" in their kitchen to mass-produce Viv's caramel corn recipe. Finally, our heroines gently intrude upon their offspring's private lives by making a big production of waiting for Chris' return from a date and becoming a public spectacle while refereeing Jerry and Ralph's football game; and best of all, Lucy imitates Charlie Chaplin in a comedy sketch staged for Chris' classmates. And on a pure slapstick-force level, few of the Lucy Show episodes can match the hilarity of the first-season episode in which Lucy and Viv become volunteer firemen, or the one in which Lucy takes singing lessons from guest star Hans Conried to qualify for a neighborhood barbershop quartet, or the installment wherein Lucy finds herself "driving" a dump truck. The first-season ratings of The Lucy Show proved beyond doubt that America still loved Lucy: her series ranked as the fourth most popular TV show in the country, sharing this honor with the popular Bonanza.

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Release Date: 07/21/2009
UPC: 0097368944046
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: Paramount
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Full Frame]
Time: 12:53:00
Sales rank: 23,209

Special Features

Closed Caption; New interview with Lucie Arnaz; New interview with Jimm Garrett; Clips from "Opening Night" special; Vintage openings; Vintage closings; Cast commercials; Vintage network promos; Flubs; Cast biographies; Production notes; "The Lucy Show" vintage merchandise

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Lucille Ball Actor,Actress
Charles Lane Mr. Barnsdahl
Del Moore Herb
Dick Martin Harry Conners,Harry Connes
Don Grady Don
Donald Briggs Eddie Collins
Elliott Reid Ross Dowd
Frank Aletter Dr. Sam Eastman
Hans Conried Dr. Glitterman
John McGiver Irvin
John Vivyan Argyle Nelson
Lou Krugman Dr. Adrian Vance
Mary Jane Croft Audrey Simmons
Patrick McVey Captain Metcalf
Paul Hartman Wilbur
Philip Carey Howard McClay
Tom Lowell Alan Harper
William Schallert Mr. Cressant
Bern Hoffman Police Sergeant
Carl Benton Reid Jack Donohue
Carole Cook Thelma Green
Dennis Rush Ballplayer
Dorothy Konrad Dorothy Boyer
Frank Nelson Conductor
Herb Vigran Dr. Jacoby
Janet Waldo Marge
Joseph Mell Salesman
Lloyd Corrigan Mr. Holly
Louis Coppola Himself
Lucie Arnaz Cynthia
Maurice Kelly Student
Nancy Kulp Jane Corey
Parley Baer Mr. Evans
Roscoe Karns Mr. Foley
Stafford Repp Joe Melvin
William Windom Mr. Taylor
Alan Reed Charlie
Alix Talton WAVE
Bobs Watson Calvin
Chris Warfield Dr. Warren
Chuck Roberson Actor
Desi Arnaz Ballplayer
Doris Packer Pauline Donohue
Eddie Applegate Bob Mooney
Eddie Quillan Mr. Vincent
Hanley Stafford Mr. Wescott
Henry Kulky Tough Guy
Karen Norris Student,Ella
Katie Sweet Little Girl
Leon Belasco Violinist
Mitchell Boys Choir Themselves
Norman Leavitt Clerk
Peter Marshall Hughie
Ruth Crews Dorothy Boyer
Sue Oakes Gracie
Allan Ray M.C.
Charlotte Lawrence Mrs. Wescott
Emlen Davies Actor
Hubie Kerns Actor
James Gonzales Kid at Party
James Seay Mr. Sheldon
Jim Boles Delivery Man
Murvyn Vye Man at Carnival
Pat Colby Bill
Richard Gittings Emcee
Richard Reeves Policeman
Rolfe Sedan Headwaiter
Ronnie Keith Boy
Sid Gould Waiter
Vito Scotti Fencing Instructor
Ben Welden Angry Man
Duncan McLeod Aide
Ed Parker Prowler
Louis Nicoletti Waiter
Patty Ann Gerrity Debbie
Sandra Gould Woman

Technical Credits
Jack Donohue Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Lucy Show: The Official First Season
1. Plans for the Evening [:32]
3. Lucy, the Mother Hen [4:25]
4. The Best Mother Ever [2:44]
5. Caught Off Guard [2:22]
6. No Place to Go But Up [7:54]
7. End to a Perfect Evening [:38]
1. Saturday Night Dance [:32]
3. Old Man Taylor Comes to Call [4:25]
4. Lucy Breaks in at the Y [2:44]
5. En Garde! [2:22]
6. Too Many Men [7:54]
1. The Team Needs a Referee [:32]
3. Learning Hand Signals [4:25]
4. Lucy Refs the Game [2:44]
5. An Outing for the Boys [2:22]
6. Game Called for Snow [7:54]
7. Overnight Guests [:38]
1. A Letter From the Bank [:32]
3. Lucy Closes Her Account [4:25]
4. Hiding the Loot [2:44]
5. Sherman Finds the Candy [2:22]
6. A Day At the Carnival [7:54]
7. Elephant-Size Problem [:38]
1. The Grass Needs Mowing [:32]
3. Sheep Shopping [4:25]
4. An Early Snow [2:44]
5. Awake All Night [2:22]
6. Barnsdahl Tries to Help [7:54]
7. Baa Baa Bald Sheep [:38]
1. Back in Uniform [:32]
3. The Girls Volunteer [4:25]
4. Women in Space [2:44]
5. Headline Makers [2:22]
6. Lucy's Big Offer [7:54]
7. Lucy Blasts Off [:38]
1. Jerry Wants a Bike [:32]
3. Lucy Reports for Work [4:25]
4. Caught in the Elevator [2:44]
5. Lunch Time Delivery [2:22]
6. Birthday Two-Wheeler [7:54]
Disc #2 -- The Lucy Show: The Official First Season
1. Blind Date [:32]
3. Music Shop Meeting [8:40]
4. Squeaky Violin [1:32]
5. Sleepytime Gal [4:59]
6. Impressing Dr. Eastman [1:13]
7. Duet For Violin [:44]
1. TV On the Blink [:32]
3. Herb Checks the Tubes [3:45]
4. Conning Mr. Holly [5:09]
5. High Jinks On the Roof [6:12]
6. Stuck In the Chimney [5:38]
7. Viv Lends a Hand [:44]
1. The Kids Make a Mess [:32]
3. Barnsdahl's Bad Advice [5:30]
4. Taking Care of Viv [3:22]
5. Catching the Faker [2:02]
1. Two Dates For Dinner [:32]
3. Everybody Stays Home [2:49]
4. A New Plan of Action [2:53]
5. Converting the Coal Bin [1:52]
6. Harry Comes To Help [9:54]
1. Oh, My Aching Back [:32]
3. Peripatetic Mattress [5:00]
4. Viv's Home Early [3:23]
5. Bunk Beds Tonight [8:37]
6. Lucy On Stilts [2:03]
1. Turkey or Goose? [:32]
3. Decorating For Christmas [5:00]
4. Going or Staying [3:23]
5. Making the Dressing [8:37]
6. Trimming the Trees [2:03]
1. Plans For the Party [:41]
3. Alone On New Year's Eve [2:54]
4. Dinner and Dancing [2:33]
5. A Call For Help [2:34]
6. Charlie Chaplin Sketch [10:33]
1. A Letter From Marge [:41]
3. Kiss and Make Up [1:33]
4. Wedding Preparations [3:07]
5. Decorating the Cake [4:57]
6. Oh, Promise Me [1:51]
Disc #3 -- The Lucy Show: The Official First Season
1. Fire Hazard [:32]
3. Captain Carmichael [6:02]
4. Training Session [4:55]
5. Practicing at Home [5:17]
6. Bedlam at the Firehouse [3:33]
1. Lucy Needs a Job [:32]
3. Reporting For Work [5:32]
4. Lucy Gets Fired [3:51]
5. A Favor From Viv [1:26]
6. Interview With Argyle [9:49]
1. Waiting For the Bathroom [:32]
3. Finding a Plumber [3:44]
4. Harry and Eddie's Plan [2:00]
5. Lucy Insults the Plumber [5:35]
6. Do-It-Yourself Mess [7:33]
7. After Thoughts [1:48]
1. Running Scales [:32]
3. Dishes With Mom [1:52]
4. Quartet Needs a Fourth [7:41]
5. Lessons From Dr. Gitterman [7:28]
6. Before the Show [2:36]
7. The Four [3:03]
1. Viv's Crazy Crunch [:32]
3. Kitchen Assembly Line [10:43]
4. Trouble With the Law [9:02]
1. Waiting For the Girls [:32]
3. We Want To Be Alone [4:33]
4. At the Train Station [4:58]
5. Back From New Rochelle [:59]
6. Dinner at the Pink Pheasant [8:43]
1. The Girls Feel Vulnerable [:32]
3. A Lesson In Judo [11:54]
4. Fights at School [3:45]
5. A Burglar Strikes [3:09]
1. Chris Is a Majorette [:32]
3. At the Ice Cream Parlor [3:53]
4. Baton Twirling [8:06]
5. Parade Day [8:26]
Disc #4 -- The Lucy Show: The Official First Season
1. No Money For Uniforms [:32]
3. Paper Drive [4:42]
4. Selling the Papers [6:01]
5. Special Delivery [5:22]
1. Lucy Phones the President [:32]
3. Train Disaster [5:47]
4. Stopover In Greenview [5:42]
5. Horsing Around [2:19]
6. All Aboard [3:23]
7. Meeting the President [3:01]
1. Night School Classes [:32]
3. Introduction To Chemistry [4:58]
4. Secret of Eternal Youth [4:38]
5. Explosion In the Lab [6:10]
6. Beauty Through Chemistry [5:30]
1. Getting Ready [:32]
3. Girls Night In [8:28]
4. On the Beach [6:23]
5. Deep-Sea Divers [2:05]
6. The Big Party [2:45]
1. Jerry Strikes Out [:32]
3. Lessons From Mom [6:03]
4. No Moms Allowed [3:50]
5. Sneaking In To Watch [8:06]
1. Invitation From Howard [:32]
3. Jerry's nature Craft Project [6:04]
4. Dinner With the Boss [4:38]
5. Off To School [2:36]
6. Butterfly In the Park [2:35]
7. Day In Court [3:16]
1. Reading the Want-Ads [:41]
3. Lucy's Fixer-Upper [4:42]
4. Refurbishing the Boat [6:01]
5. Adrift at Sea [5:22]
6. That Sinking Feeling [:41]

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Lucy Show - Official First Season 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
BBNJ More than 1 year ago
In the words of Ethel Mertz, "What a treasure trove". However, we aren't talking about Ethel here. It's all VIV, and it's all LUCY. This set of Season 1 is superb!! I've only been through the Bonus Features on Disc 1 thru 3, and the episodes on Disc 1 (personal favorite is the Kangaroo costume). Loved the Lucie Arnaz interview, and still waiting to see the Jimmy Garrett interview. This set was made with literal "tender loving care". Options to view with original broadcast openings, closings & cast commercials, or in a regular rerun format with restore titles for DVD. Great bonus features!! The picture quality is superb for black & white, the last "Lucy" programs in this format. Granted, CBS ran The Lucy Show in Black & White until the fall season of 1965 when the locale moved to California. However, Seasons 2 and on were filmed in color. Tom Watson and crew who worked on this deserve large pats on the back for their excellent work. With all this positive feedback being received, I hope Paramount has Season 2 ready to roll. Bravo!! Get yours now. By the way, check your history. According to official records, 2009 marks Vivian Vance's 100th Birthday. This is a nice way to celebrate.
compsing More than 1 year ago
Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance are wonderful, and this first season contains some of their best moments. I especially love the vintage commercials done by cast members at the end of most episodes. The commercials are woven into the plot lines, which make them very amusing. The episodes are full-length and contain footage cut from syndication. The special features are also good. I highly recommend this for any Lucille Ball fan.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have long awaited an official release of "The Lucy Show" as I am especially a fan of the early season episodes with Lucy and Viv in Danfield. The episodes after Lucy moves to LA are fine, but the guest stars just can't compete with the antics of Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance. This DVD set is superb in all respects, and I highly recommend it! However, I do have one question -- the box cover notes interviews with Lucie Arnaz and Jimmy Garrett (he played Lucy's son on the show). In the individual DVD menus in the inner packaging, it is noted that the Arnaz interview is on disc one (and it is and is terrific) and that the Garrett interview is on disc four. I can't find the Garrett interview ANYWHERE in the set -- was it left out by mistake? Don't let this sway you from purchasing the set, but I'm wondering if I got a DVD set where it was left off by mistake or are all the sets missing this special feature?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you grew up watching Lucy in the early 60's, you'll love this collection. It's great to see a comedy show again that does not rely on sarcastic, put-down humor to be funny. I'll watch these episodes again and again and will look forward to the release of season two.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago