M*A*S*H: Complete Season Three

M*A*S*H: Complete Season Three


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M*A*S*H: Season Three has the same virtues and flaws as the preceding and succeeding discs in Fox's DVD release cycle -- well-nigh perfect transfers of uncut episodes, each with five chapter breaks (corresponding to the broadcast segment breaks), eight shows to a disc, and each accessible individually (there is no "play all" option). The transfers are all spot-on perfect in the standard full-screen 1.33:1 television aspect ratio. This set is a little different from the others in one respect, having to do with the special attributes of that particular season. The third season of M*A*S*H was unique -- at least in three episodes -- for its peculiar use of music and the related presence of singer/songwriter Loudon Wainwright III in the role of Captain Calvin Spaulding for three episodes. Virtually every network series ends up getting cut in syndicated reruns in order to take advantage of the greater allowable time for commercials, and these cuts create problems while watching this set. Two of Wainwright's shows, Rainbow Bridge and There's Nothing Like a Nurse, as broadcast in syndication leave his work intact, as his scenes in the latter all involve stars Alan Alda and Wayne Rogers, as well as a song sung over a montage of the doctors' antics with the absent nurses; and in the former, his performance of "South Korea Blues" bridges the sections of the episode. Those shows demonstrate how special his contribution was in helping to expand the series' narrative structure, and point up what we're missing in the syndicated version of his third show, Big Mac. The latter is a revelation here, for the two scenes with Wainwright are usually cut out of syndicated version. (The episode involves an announced inspection of the MASH 4077th by General of the Army Douglas MacArthur and the preparations therein.) On the DVD, it's delightful to see Wainwright's Captain Spaulding singing a snide, derisive tribute to the five-star general and also providing the coda to the non-event of the general's visit. It restored a piercing satirical quality that is missing from the syndicated version of the episode. Those moments coupled with the overall quality of the season make this volume an especially attractive purchase.

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Release Date: 02/18/2003
UPC: 0024543059134
Rating: NR
Source: 20th Century Fox
Region Code: 1
Sound: [Dolby Digital Mono]
Time: 10:12:00

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Closed Caption; [None specified]

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1
1. Main Titles
2. Seeing Col. Blake
3. About General Steele
4. General Steele Arrives
5. General Wacko
6. A Date
7. A Three-Star Loony
8. A Court-Martial
9. A Promotion
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. Going to Tokyo
3. War Casualties
4. An Offer
5. A Gun
6. Going to Rainbow Bridge
7. The Meeting
8. Almost Trouble
9. No Tokyo
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. Reveille
3. The Officer of the Day
4. Colonel Flagg
5. A Kim Lucky Day
6. The Colonel Wants to Watch
7. He Can't Be Moved
8. Release the Prisoner
9. The Pinstripe Suit
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. General Kelly Arrives
3. At the Officers' Club
4. A Night Time Emergency
5. The General on the Move
6. A Blaze of Glory
7. Looking for Action
8. The General's Demise
9. The Press Release
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. Get Ready
3. Short Break
4. Arthritis
5. "Blood and Sand"
6. No Pulse
7. Getting Shot At
8. Major Freedman
9. Fire!
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. A Day in Spring
3. Love in Bloom
4. A Grateful Patient
5. Advice
6. Release the Doctor
7. A Visit
8. Radio Wedding
9. Radar Has a Girlfriend
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. Physicals
3. Hawkeye and Hotlips
4. Radar's Check-Up
5. Trapper Refuses
6. Trapper's Diagnosis
7. A Going-Away Party
8. Presents
9. The Patient
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. The Anesthetist
3. Mail Call
4. A Bris
5. A Lip-Lock in X-Ray
6. Wife Works
7. Mrs. Blake
8. A Ceremonial Phone Call
9. Celebration
10. End Titles
Side #2 -- Disc 2
1. Main Titles
2. A Rainy Night
3. No Still Allowed
4. Sunday Services
5. Houlihan's Stash
6. A Dry Compound
7. A Lecture
8. A Large Audience
9. Moderation
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. Houlihan's Complaint
3. Saying Goodbye
4. Ready to Roll
5. The Lonely Officer's Club
6. "I Wonder if They Miss Us"
7. Let the Enemy Come
8. Home Movies
9. Air Raid
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. Boredom
3. A Lunch Time Protest
4. Rib Memories
5. Calling Chicago
6. Adam's Ribs
7. Pick Up and Delivery
8. The Ribs Arrive
9. Kindred Spirits
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. A Tape Recorder
3. A Busload
4. The Wounded Sergeant
5. The Mad Turk
6. A Crazy Day
7. Walking Wounded
8. The Luxembourg Lieutenant
9. Saying Hello
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. Radar's Menagerie
3. "He's Not Wounded"
4. Hawkeye's Cure
5. Looking for the Dog
6. Rabies Shots
7. Trapper's Talk Theory
8. Radar's Dog
9. Recovery
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. A Vegetarian
3. Dear Dad
4. Col. Andropolis
5. A Self-Inflicted Wound
6. The Greek Gods
7. A Festival Lamb
8. Where's the Meat
9. A Greek Festival
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. Being Bombed
3. The Latrene
4. An Explosive Situation
5. Friendly Fire
6. Trapper Is Trapped
7. Frank Is Jealous
8. A Letter From Home
9. Frank's Proposal
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. A Lecture
3. Maj. Houlihan's Request
4. A Letter to Home
5. At the Movies
6. A Charity Event
7. A Disagreement
8. Games
9. Back to Work
10. End Titles
Side #3 -- Disc 3
1. Main Titles
2. Going to Japan
3. At a Bar
4. The M.A.S.H. Pool
5. Dr. Borelli
6. A New Technique
7. Going for an Artery
8. The Dr. Is Soused
9. Saying Goodbye
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. A Court-Martial Offense
3. Colonel Reese
4. Trapper's Testimony
5. A Prisoner of War
6. Movie Night
7. No More Little Guy
8. Comfort From the Colonel
9. Frank's House Arrest
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. Emergency at the Front
3. Preparing to Go
4. The Aid Station
5. Primitive Conditions
6. Bedtime
7. Exhausted
8. Ready for the Army
9. Mutual Respect
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. Tension, Insults & Bickering
3. Mr. Kwang's Problem
4. McShane's Bride
5. A Fake Pass
6. Dr. Pak's Proposition
7. Desertion Charges
8. McShane's Deal
9. A Birth on the Bus
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. Big Mac Is Coming!
3. The General's Schedule
4. "Deshambilizing"
5. Dirty Books
6. Klinger's Big Chance
7. The General's Tent
8. The Rehearsal
9. MacArthur's "Visit"
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. It's Payday!
3. Leftover Money
4. Tiffany on Wheels
5. Three Thousand Dollars
6. Klinger's Proposition
7. Real Pearls
8. The Man From ACFIN
9. Trapper's Big Payoff
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. The Penicillin Thieves
3. Corporal Perkins
4. Flagg's New Assistant
5. Take a Powder
6. Something's Fishy
7. Caught in the Act
8. The Penicillin Problem
9. Flagg's Operation
10. End Titles
1. Main Titles
2. Going Home
3. Frank's Destiny
4. A Call Home
5. Getting Gushy
6. The Goodbye Party
7. A Jolly Good Fellow
8. Shot Down
9. Farewell, Henry
10. End Titles

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M*A*S*H: Complete Season Three 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Season three is by far the best season. The writing is wonderful,the cast chemistry is great, and it is laugh out loud funny. Bringing together drama and laughs has never been done as successfully as this show did. If you're looking for a show that will make you think and laugh, please try mash. Especially in the crazy times in which we live, mash's anti-war message is still true today.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This ends the era of trying to win an EMMY and the beginning of the trying to win the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE era. The funniest seasons were behind going into the 4th, although I loved Harry Morgan's and David Ogden Stiers' characters. I believe if the writers had given ''Trapper'' more of a part in the show, like they did ''B.J.'', Wayne Rogers would have stuck around.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The first three seasons of this show were among the best ever produced in the history of television. It crept slowly downhill after that.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This season is one my absolute favorites. I never seem to stop laughing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The first 3 seasons were great and after the departure of ''Lt. Col Henry Blake'', the show was missing the potency, but it did have some classic moments after that.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is where M*a*s*H started to pick up and get better. The exact time can be pin pointed to the end of ''I'll be seeing you Henry'' and continue into that last season.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Season three shows fully developed characters, more hilarious situations, and also a lot of heart. I loved all the seasons of MASH, and the thing I liked best was how it was constantly changing. The writers were always taking the show to different places that others were afraid to. Their combination of humor and drama is unmatched and I remain firm that this is the best tv show ever made!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Without question, the first three seasons were MASH's best. Once Col. Potter and BJ Honeycutt appear, the series was not as funny or creative.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The first three seasons were spectacular. The show went downhill after this 3rd season.