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Magnum, P.I. - Season 1

Magnum, P.I. - Season 1

4.8 5
Tom Selleck and his moustache are back in Magnum P.I.: The Complete First Season DVD from Universal Home Video. Packed with 22 episodes, this set has all the Hawaiian goods that you've come to love from the comedic action series. From the original episodes' synth theme and opening all the way until Mike Post came along with his famous wailing guitar number, there's


Tom Selleck and his moustache are back in Magnum P.I.: The Complete First Season DVD from Universal Home Video. Packed with 22 episodes, this set has all the Hawaiian goods that you've come to love from the comedic action series. From the original episodes' synth theme and opening all the way until Mike Post came along with his famous wailing guitar number, there's plenty of surprises waiting to erupt from this release. Sadly, very little extras are included, though the set does come with some nifty packaging complete with puffy lettering, if that counts for anything. Bonus episodes include a two-part story arc that concludes with a Simon & Simon episode and another pair of Magnum episodes starring a then-unknown Sharon Stone. The picture comes with a standard full-frame image and Dolby Digital Stereo sound that should successfully preserve the show for future generations of Thomas Magnum fans years down the road.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
This popular detective series not only ran eight seasons, but it also made a star of Tom Selleck, a handsome ex-model who up to that point had gained little traction in his acting career. Set in Hawaii, Magnum P.I. follows the exploits of its eponymous hero, an ex-Navy SEAL and intelligence officer turned private investigator. Hired to provide security for the estate of a wealthy absentee owner, Thomas Sullivan Magnum moonlights as a private eye. His extracurricular activities frequently arouse the ire of estate caretaker Jonathan Higgins (played by John Hillerman), a caustic, by-the-book administrator who's always keeping a watchful eye on the security chief's expenditures. Magnum's closest friends, ex-SEALs Theodore "T.C." Calvin (Roger E. Mosley) and Orville "Rick" Wright (Larry Manetti), often assist their Vietnam-era buddy on his cases, which bring them into contact with a varied assortment of criminals and murderers. Created and initially written by Glen A. Larson and Donald Bellisario, Magnum P.I. relied heavily on Selleck's charm and his chemistry with veteran character actor Hillerman, but it also sported some genuinely fascinating story lines played out against picturesque Hawaiian locations. The pilot, "Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii," introduced Magnum and incorporated his personal history into his investigation of the murder of another ex-SEAL accused of running drugs. Selleck originally played the private eye with a harder edge, and the 18 first-season episodes are tougher, grittier, and less dependent on comedic byplay than those of later seasons. This deluxe box set, by the way, also includes two-part "crossover" stories featuring characters from Simon & Simon, another CBS detective show; one of these showcases Sharon Stone pre-Basic Instinct. In later years, as Selleck softened the character and the plots grew more fanciful, Magnum P.I. lost some of its allure, but the first-season episodes are uniformly good and will once again delight fans of this enormously popular series.

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Universal Studios
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[Full Frame]
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Special Features

Bonus episodes featuring guest stars Sharon Stone, Morgan Fairchild, and fellow P.I.'s Simon & Simon

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Tom Selleck Thomas Sullivan Magnum III,Actor
Andrea Marcovicci Amy Crane
Anne Bloom Cindy Lewellyn
Christine Belford Adelaide Malone
Erin Gray Joy "Digger" Doyle
Gretchen Corbett Christine Richards
Ian McShane David Norman
Jameson Parker A.J. Simon
Jeff MacKay Lt. "Mac" MacReynolds
John Hillerman Fr. Paddy McGuinness,Jonathan Quayle Higgins III,Actor
José Ferrer Judge Robert Caine
Judith Chapman Louise DeBolt JacksonScott, Kathryn Leigh~Christie DeBolt
Marcia Wallace Barbara Terranova
Michael Vincente Gazzo Victor DiGiorgio
Pamela Shoop Alice Cook
Rebecca Holden Laura Frasier
Richard Johnson Brig. Allistair ffolkes
Robert Ellenstein Sol Greenberg
Sharon Stone Diane Dupres,Deidre Dupres
Susie Elene Mai Ling
Cameron Mitchell Charles Cathcart
Carolyn Seymour Elizabeth, Lady Ashley
Cathie Shirriff Erin Wolfe
Darby Hinton Buddy Moran
George Cheung Choi
Gerald McRaney Rick Simon
Hanna Hertelendy Lena Greenberg
John Ireland Wyndom Jackson
June Lockhart Diane Pauley
Lance Le Gault John W. Newton
Larry Manetti Orville 'Rick' Wright,Actor
Lew Ayres Sidney Dollinger
Noah Beery Floyd Lewellyn
Robin Dearden Mandy
Shawn Hoskins Sharon Karns
Stewart Moss David Clark
Ted Danson Stewart Crane
Vincent Caristi Joey Santino
W.K. Stratton Ensign Healy
Andre Philippe Renard
Don Lamond McDonald #1
Edward Grover Agent Hooker
Fritz Weaver Capt. J. Cooly
George Innes David Billingsworth
Glenn Cannon Dr. Bernard Kessler
Kathleen Nolan Gloria Marston
Louise Fitch Wanda Barton
Manu Tupou Charlie
Mercedes McCambridge Agatha Kimble
Miguel Ferrer Ens. Robert Wickes
Morgan Fairchild Catherine Hailey Richmond, Branscombe~Gerald Akoa
R. Mosley Theodore 'TC' Calvin
Red West Bull Radney
Ric Marlow Rene
Robert Hoy Bart
Ron Masak J.J. Stein
Yankee Chang Han Ling
Alan Caillou Freighter Captain
Allan Kucin McDonald #2
Anne Lockhart Diane Westmore
Clay Wai Miko
Francisco Lagueruela Eric Tobin
Gene Hamilton Agent Dobey
Jacqueline Ray Lisa
June Chadwick Sara
Lee de Broux Duffy
Liam Sullivan Harold Sands
Paul Gale Steve Caldwell
Remi Abellira Moki,Monky
Robert Apisa Kimo
Roger E. Mosley Actor
Roger Loggia Philipe Trusseau
Seth Sakai Yoshio Mizamura
Tommy Fujiwara Dr. Makudo
Wallace W. Landford Fat Jack
Walt Davis Chuck
Andy Romano Clarence Burnside
Charles Lucia Coast Guard Lieutenant
Curtis Credel Agent Slim
Diane Crowley Mrs. Blaisdell
Earl Kingston Ruben
Elizabeth Lindsey Kiki
Eugenia Wright Snow White
Gillian Dobb Agatha Chumley,Mabel
Gray Gleason Tony
Kanani Choy Eunice
Katherine Cannon Linda Booton
Mike Nader Mitch Caldwell
Rich Johnson Leon
Roland Nip Pin Ling
Sol Bright Makua

Technical Credits
Bruce Seth Green Director
Donald P. Bellisario Director
Georg Stanford Brown Director
Lawrence F. Doheny Director
Raymond Austin Director
Robert Loggia Director
Roger Young Director
Rogers Turrentine Director
Winrich Kolbe Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc 1
1. It's a Living [11:30]
2. Smuggling Drugs [16:01]
3. One of Us [9:27]
4. Sticking With You [10:12]
1. Dealing With Dealers [12:13]
2. Taking Shots [10:35]
3. Impersonating an Officer [12:51]
4. Government Gold [10:40]
1. The Protector [13:14]
2. A Fragile Situation [10:32]
3. Guarding the Soul [10:53]
4. Faster Than a Bullet [15:10]
1. Child's Play [11:53]
2. Taken for a Ride [11:57]
3. A Sob Story [9:35]
4. The Ol' Switcheroo [16:22]
Side #2 -- Disc 1
1. A Thrill a Minute [12:27]
2. Secret Intelligence Agency [13:22]
3. A Quiet Word [8:07]
4. It Was You All Along [14:52]
1. Suicide Rehearsal [13:02]
2. Video Evidence [12:59]
3. Escape to Paradise [5:55]
4. Still Alive [6:35]
1. Closing up Shop [12:22]
2. Israeli Agents [11:43]
3. Stay With the Lads [11:51]
4. War Crime Cover-Up [13:49]
Side #3 -- Disc 2
1. Attempted Dognapping [11:30]
2. Tailed [16:01]
3. Chased [9:27]
4. Giving the Dog a Bone [10:12]
1. A Swim and Dinner [12:13]
2. Under Hypnosis [10:35]
3. Protective Custody [12:51]
4. Taking Him [10:40]
1. Missing Person [13:14]
2. Flashback [10:32]
3. Too Close for Comfort [10:53]
4. Reunited [15:10]
1. The Big Kahuna [11:53]
2. Making the News [11:57]
3. Everyone's Suspect [9:35]
4. Coincidence or Accident? [16:22]
Side #4 -- Disc 2
1. Illegal Maneuvers [12:27]
2. Caught Smuggling [13:22]
3. Helping a Buddy [8:07]
4. What Are Friends For? [14:52]
1. Flight Confirmed [13:02]
2. Playing the Game [12:59]
3. On the Run [5:55]
4. Protected Witness [6:35]
Side #5 -- Disc 3
1. Horse Play [12:25]
2. Back in the Saddle [13:22]
3. Help From My Friends [8:07]
4. Bait & Switch [14:52]
1. Accident Prone [13:02]
2. Murdered [12:59]
3. Getting to the Bottom [5:55]
4. Exposing a Phony [6:35]
1. Play Acting [12:22]
2. With a Married Woman [11:43]
3. The Game Goes On [11:51]
4. No More Games [13:49]
Side #6 -- Disc 3
1. Infiltrated [12:25]
2. Increased Security [13:04]
3. Captured [8:07]
4. Under Fire [14:52]
1. Getting Hustled [13:46]
2. In Training [12:59]
3. Strung Along [5:55]
4. No Chance to Win [6:35]
Side #7 -- Disc 4
1. The Poison God [11:30]
2. No Surfing [16:01]
3. Aloha Hotshots [9:27]
4. Been Had [10:12]
1. Trust Us [12:13]
2. On Vacation [10:35]
3. Guerrillla Warfare [12:51]
4. Extradited [10:40]
1. Big, Big Trouble [13:14]
2. Falling in Love [10:32]
3. Decided to Marry [10:53]
4. Sensing Danger [15:10]
1. Double Trouble [11:53]
2. Twin Sister [11:57]
3. Father Paddy [9:35]
4. Can't Live Without You [16:22]

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Magnum, P.I. - Season 1 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
an amzing value. every episode is well written. essentially every episode is a decent movie. the best season of one of the best programs ever.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Magnum shows are just as great as I remember them, but the quality of the discs I got was lousy -- lots of skips and hang-ups, and some episodes just plain wouldn't play. If that wasn't bad enough, somebody had the brilliant idea to record on both sides of the disc, and it's practically impossible to tell if you are on side one or two. This was a wonderful show. It deserves better.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This series is the right on. Magnum, TC, and Higgins are the real deal. 18 hours for 40.00 bucks!! MAGNUM RIDES AGAIN!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago