Married... with Children - Season 7

Married... with Children - Season 7

Director: Amanda Bearse, Gerry Cohen, Sam W. Orender Cast: Abraham Benrubi
5.0 3


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Married... with Children - Season 7 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
goodgirl2 More than 1 year ago
Amazing Season 7 and the little boy who was named Seven he's so cute And Ofcourse is Bud And Kelly still hot and i think Corey Feldaman stars on the show the Eposide TRA Something Spells Tramp cause i watched it on Comedy Central yesterday real awesome eposide and Kelly is so hot season 7 i recommend to ya i really do!
FishThatDrowned More than 1 year ago
the main major complaint of this show is this: seven. a lot of mixed feelings come from this season i guess its valid. i remember oringinally watching when seven came into the picture and not totally being ok with it. but i think whats really misunderstood about this characters involvement in this series is that i dont think seven was really intended to be a permanent character in the show. i think it was really just a joke upon the tv sitcoms plan b formula for ratings: lets add a new character. i mean the signs are there its the seventh season and his name is seven. although the joke may have caused a drop in ratings it proved a point new characters dont help the show ratings at all its all about show content writing good acting and whether or not people would just rather watch something else that has a timeslot that conflicts with another time slot. and i think who was involved in the show knew that. knowing what we know now that seven dropped off the show how people can still hate this season its not a bad season it still has great episodes writing and acting. and even if seven's dissappearance isnt explained it can be explained. he simply probly hooked up with a more well off family and the bundy parents being the neglectful parents they are simply didnt even notice and that would be so typical of them. i still highly recommend this season even if it is the one thats "tainted" with seven. to give it another try
Anonymous More than 1 year ago