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Miami Vice

Miami Vice

3.6 5
Director: Michael Mann

Cast: Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, Gong Li


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Writer and director Michael Mann updates the groundbreaking television crime series he created in the 1980s with this stylish thriller. Ricardo Tubbs (Jamie Foxx) and Sonny Crockett (Colin Farrell) are two police detectives working undercover in Florida; Tubbs is smart, cool, and resourceful, while Crockett


Writer and director Michael Mann updates the groundbreaking television crime series he created in the 1980s with this stylish thriller. Ricardo Tubbs (Jamie Foxx) and Sonny Crockett (Colin Farrell) are two police detectives working undercover in Florida; Tubbs is smart, cool, and resourceful, while Crockett has his own way of doing things, though he stays close enough to the rules to stay out of trouble. Their latest assignment is to get the goods on Arcangel de Jesus Montoya (Luis Tosar), a local drug kingpin whose men are believed to be responsible for a handful of recent murders. In order to infiltrate Montoya's operation, Tubbs and Crockett pose as powerboat racers willing to use their talents to pilot drug-smuggling ships for the right price. The detectives' ruse works, but as they dig deeper into Montoya's inner circle, they become involved in a dangerous operation that will take them to Haiti and Cuba, where neither the Miami Police Force nor the United States government can help them if things go wrong. Crockett also begins walking a risky path when he begins an affair with Isabella (Gong Li), a woman high up in Montoya's organization. Miami Vice marked Michael Mann's third consecutive directorial effort with Jamie Foxx after Ali and Collateral.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Michael Mann's heavily retooled version of his trendsetting TV series from the 1980s, this Miami Vice is grittier, darker, and more violent than its small-screen inspiration. As undercover cops Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs, Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx lend much needed gravitas to the project, making their TV counterparts, Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, seem like poseurs playing shoot-'em-up. This time around, fashion thankfully takes a backseat, and Farrell's Sonny eschews pet alligators. Here, the duo is called in to penetrate the organization of the brilliant, ruthless drug smuggler Montoya (Luis Tosar). Sonny and Rico manage to worm their way into the gang, but their effectiveness is compromised when Sonny falls for Montoya's Chinese-Cuban lover (Gong Li). And that spells trouble. Writer-director Mann, whose arresting visual flair lends itself to noirish exercises of this type, reveals how the temptations of the drug trade effect both sides of the law. The moral and ethical ambiguities of the MV team are depicted more frankly -- and effectively -- than in the primetime-friendly television series. Farrell and Foxx work particular well together, although Hong Kong-based actress Gong Li nearly steals the show with her splendid performance, a tour de force of understated eroticism. And in a daringly successful move, Mann relocates much of the action to Cuba, ratcheting up the tension by placing the men in international harm’s way.

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Universal Studios
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Special Features

Miami & Beyond: Shooting on Location; Miami Vice Undercover

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Colin Farrell Sonny Crockett
Jamie Foxx Ricardo Tubbs
Gong Li Isabella
Naomie Harris Trudy Joplin
Ciarán Hinds FBI Agent Fujima
Justin Theroux Detective Larry Zito
Barry "Shabaka" Henley Lt. Martin Castillo
Luis Tosar Montoya
John Ortiz Jose Yero
Elizabeth Rodriguez Gina Callabrese
Domenick Lombardozzi Switek
Eddie Marsan Nicholas
Isaach de Bankolé Neptune
John Hawkes Stevens, Alonzo
Tom Towles Coleman
Mario Ernesto Sanchez El Tiburon
Frankie Jay Allison Deep-Chested Aryan Brother
Anthony Curran Aryan Brother
Stephanie Astalos Jones Dark-Haired Aryan Brother
Robert Larson Long-Haired Aryan Brother
Don Frye Long-Haired Aryan Brother
Maxim Danilov Russian FBI Agent
Pasha D. Lychnikoff Russian FBI Agent
Ana Cristina De Oliveira Female Bartender
Everlayn Borges Miss Cuba
Juanita Billue Miss Jamaica
Patrick Michael Buckley Air Traffic Controller
Marc Macaulay Air Traffic Supervisor
Mike Pniewski ER Doctor
Vivienne Sendaydiego ER Doctor
Richard Katanga Haitian Paramilitary Captain
Dexter Fletcher Haitian Paramilitary
Oleg Taktarov Russian Security
Alexander Rafalski Isabella's Security
Ilan Krigsfeld Isabella's Security
Juliana Guedes Isabella's Secretary
James Maurice Rowan Guy in Double Wide Trailer
Deborah Demere Woman in Double Wide Trailer
Abdel Tornes The Courier
María Laura León Casino Office Worker
Kenny Acevedo FBI Agent
Julia Yarbough Herself
Ryan M. Phillips Newscaster
Amir Aviram Guy Hitting on Gina
Julia Perevedentseva Blonde Talking to Tubbs
Gilbert Quintana Marine Shed Guard
Eboni Nichols Dancer

Technical Credits
Michael Mann Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Fernando Andujar Set Decoration/Design
Dion Beebe Cinematographer
Anna Behlmer Sound Mixer
Javier Benitez Set Decoration/Design
Hans Bjerno Cinematographer
Cecilia Borri Set Decoration/Design
Sarah Bradshaw Associate Producer
Pieter Jan Brugge Producer
Mario Caceres Makeup
Bryan H. Carroll Co-producer
Humberto Castellanos Asst. Director
Gusmano Cesaretti Co-producer
Tatiana Dulovi Makeup
Caique Martins Ferreira Asst. Director
Thomas Giordano Sound/Sound Designer
William C. Goldenberg Editor
Claudia Gonzalez Makeup
Geoffrey S. Grimsman Set Decoration/Design
Ryan Heck Set Decoration/Design
Henry Herrera Choreography
Vicki Hiatt Musical Direction/Supervision
Gary Jay Camera Operator
Michael Kaplan Costumes/Costume Designer
Victor Kempster Production Designer
Victoria Kluge Production Manager
Elliot Koretz Sound/Sound Designer
Ivana Leyton Makeup
Francine Maisler Casting
Duane Manwiller Camera Operator
Carlos A. Menendez Art Director
Wayne Morris Associate Producer
Kimberly Mullen Casting
Mark Mullen Casting
Jim Muro Camera Operator
John Murphy Score Composer
Andy Nelson Sound Mixer
Maria Norman Associate Producer
Fatima Robinson Choreography
Nancy Rodriguez Makeup
David Ronne Sound/Sound Designer
Niles Roth Camera Operator
Paul Rubell Editor
Pitágoras Saldivar Set Decoration/Design
R. Bruce Steinheimer Special Effects Supervisor
Michael Waxman Asst. Director,Co-producer
Patricia Wolf Makeup
Janty Yates Costumes/Costume Designer
Anthony Yerkovich Executive Producer,Original Story

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Miami Vice
1. Undercover [5:37]
2. Deal Gone Bad [8:20]
3. Op Sec Compromised [5:54]
4. Transport Problems [5:49]
5. Audition [9:55]
6. Meeting the Man [9:50]
7. Taking Risks [7:20]
8. Bad Idea [5:17]
9. Partners in Crime [4:05]
10. Not Backing Off [9:09]
11. Time Is Luck [6:38]
12. Take It to the Limit [5:29]
13. Change in Plans [4:21]
14. Deadlocked [9:20]
15. Bad Shape [3:45]
16. New Deal [5:01]
17. It's That Time [4:49]
18. Standoff [7:47]
19. Luck Ran Out [5:23]
20. End Titles [8:17]


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Miami Vice 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The only problem I have with this version is that Crockett danced with Montoya's girl. There were several times in the series where Crockett was asked to dance and his trademark quip was, "every time somebody asks me that my knee goes out." The visuals are stunning though, especially the helicopter shot of the waterfalls.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Don't expect a 'prequel' to the television series. This movie owes more to Michael Mann's other movies (ex: Heat) than the MTV cop show. Dark, violent and stylized this movie is well acted and well shot. Great cast, great soundtrack and a great commentary from Michael Mann adds to the DVD.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago