Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

Karen Ashley
Director: Bryan Spicer Cast: Karen Ashley
Karen Ashley
, Johnny Yong Bosch
Johnny Yong Bosch
, Steve Cardenas
Steve Cardenas
Bryan Spicer

Blu-ray (Wide Screen)

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The popular children's television show comes to the screen in this sci-fi adventure about a group of teenage superheroes battling an evil leader bent on world domination. The film's six heroes lead double existences as normal young teens who, when needed, don color-coded costumes to become the Power Rangers. Under the guidance of the valiant Zordon (Nicholas Bell), the Rangers fight crime with kung-fu skills and specialized attack vehicles. This time, the Rangers are battling Ivan Ooze (Paul Freeman), a millennia-old villain who hopes to take over the world with an army of phlegm creatures. The Rangers' only hope for victory is to acquire a special power source, leading to a dangerous journey into outer space. Despite the larger budget, the film remains true to the style of the show, which often recalls Japanese monster movies in its depictions of battling giant monsters through obvious special effects. The fast-paced fantasy action attracted a good portion of its intended youthful audience, while not becoming quite as much of a sensation as the TV series; some adults attacked the film for its reliance on violence (though of a bloodless, cartoon variety) and its status as a blatant promotional tool for the best-selling Power Ranger toys.

Product Details

Release Date: 06/04/2019
UPC: 0826663198799
Original Release: 1995
Rating: PG
Source: Shout Factory
Region Code: A
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Time: 1:35:00
Sales rank: 6,431

Special Features

A look back at Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, including new interviews with director Bryan Spicer and stars Johnny Yong Bosch and Paul Freeman and more!; Original featurette; Theatrical trailer

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Karen Ashley Aisha/Yellow Ranger
Johnny Yong Bosch Actor
Steve Cardenas Rocky/Red Ranger
Jason David Frank Tommy/White Ranger
Amy Jo Johnson Actor
Paul Schrier Bulk
Paul Freeman Ivan Ooze
Gabrielle Fitzpatrick Dulcea
Nicholas Bell Zordon
Kerry Casey Goldar
Julia Cortez Rita Repulsa
Jamie Croft Fred Kelman
Mitchell McMahon Kid
Peter Mochrie Mr Kelman
Paul Goddard Construction Worker
Robert Simper Construction Worker
Kerrigan Maham Voice Only
Robert Axelrod Voice Only
Barbara Goodson Voice Only
David Yost Billy Cranston/Blue Ranger
Jason Narvy Actor

Technical Credits
Bryan Spicer Director
Bob Clayton Musical Direction/Supervision
David Coatsworth Co-producer
Steven Richard Courtley Special Effects
Colin Gibson Art Director
Richard Helmer Special Effects
John Kamps Original Story
Shuki Levy Producer
Steve Love Asst. Director
Paul Murphy Cinematographer
Arne Olsen Original Story,Screenwriter
Joseph Porro Costumes/Costume Designer
Graeme Revell Score Composer,Songwriter
Haim Saban Producer
Craig Stearns Production Designer
Suzanne Todd Producer
Wayne Wahrman Editor
Happy Walters Musical Direction/Supervision

Customer Reviews

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Jason1981 More than 1 year ago
WHITE RANGER POWER! BLACK RANGER POWER! PINK RANGER POWER! BLUE RANGER POWER! YELLOW RANGER POWER! RED RANGER POWER! Zordon's "Teenagers with Attitude" have battled the wicked Rita Repulsa, and the equally nasty Lord Zedd. Now, they're faced with new challenge: Ivan Ooze. Man, was this guy EVIL! He breaks into the Command Center, tears it apart, and Zordon is dying while the Rangers go to a distant planet to gain powers that might save him. And since the Great Power was supposedly a legend, the Rangers had no idea when..or IF..they'd succeed. While this is happening, Ooze hypnotizes the parents of Angle Grove into digging up two of his most deadly creations...and plans to get rid of the parents once their usefulness to him has ended. Considering this was before the "In Space" episode "Countdown to Destruction", this was a pretty dark adventure for the Power Rangers. Like the tv series itself, the movie has great music, un-morphed fights, an interesting villan, corny (yet funny) jokes, and heroes who are more than willing to risk everything to save their mentor and their world. Oh and the 3-D "Ninjazords"..those are pretty cool, too. Actually, those were GREAT. I loved seeing individual zords fight again. That hadn't happened much since the last part of the season 1 episode "Doomsday"--and the Ninja Zords were pretty useful by themselves. The best part is how the Rangers finally manage to defeat Ooze. I won't give it way for those who haven't seen it, but Rita and Zedd were right-- it WAS a cheap shot. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess. If you haven't seen the movie, or you're parents of kids who're watching the edited version of Power Rangers that being aired, teleport this one into your DVD/Blu-Ray player. IT'S MORPHIN TIME!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an adaptation of the series. None of these events is connected to the events of the series. This is a inspiring and powerful story. The Rangers were six young warriors entrusted with super powers, battle armor, magic weapons and battle vehicles. For years they'd protected their world from Zed and Rita, a Demonic Being and his evil Sorceress bride. At the beginning Zed unleashes an ancient evil, Ivon Ooze. Ooze quickly destroyed the Ranger's command center, and stripped them of their powers. However Ooze also turned on Zed and Rita, imprisoning them and taking their castle as his own. The Rangers only hope was to travel to a distant planet, in search of a way to restore their powers. Shortly after arrival they meet an enchanting Warrioress. She bestows them with the power of Ninjeti and points them toward the great power. On route they attacked by a living dinosaur skeleton. On arrival they find the Power guarded by living statues. Once the statues are defeated they receive what they came for. Their powers restored and new Zords. After that they return to save Earth, blow Ooze space dust. Rangers Rule.
DarthTyranus More than 1 year ago
one seriously awesome movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
mighty morphin power rangers:the movie was a great tv-to-film adaptation,it's one of my favorite films of 1995,but avoid the sequel,the sequel is garbage
Guest More than 1 year ago
The popular 1993 kids show about 6 teenagers, Tommy(Jason David Frank),Kimberly(Amy Jo Johnson),Adam(Johnny Yong Bosch), Rocky(Steve Cardenas), Billy(David Yost), and Aisha(Karan Ashley), battling evil masterminds Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa come to Hollywood in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:The Movie. Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa have released Ivan Ooze, wonderfully played by Paul Freeman, an evil far more greater than the two. He has destroyed the command center after sicking his Oozemen at the Rangers, thus eliminating their powers and Zords,machines that can be combined to make the Megazord, a HUGE machine that destroys the enlarged opponents. Now they travel to the planent Phoedos to get the great power of the Ninjetti and save Angel Grove before Ivan's Ecto-morphicons destroy it. This is an improvement of the TV show in pretty much every way. The costumes look better, the Zords look great, not like the big toys the ninja animals look like in the TV show, and the story is better than: Rita summons a monster, the Rangers destroy it by combining their weapons, Rita enlarges their monster, the Rangers automatically combine their zords to make the Megazord and destroy the monster. The individual zords actually DO something. Overall, this is a great movie that people over the age of 10 can understand. Oh wait, that's Pokemon.....
Guest More than 1 year ago
Despite being based on a children's television show that does not in the slightest appeal to me today, the movie is suprisingly good. It is a great transfer. The suits are amazing, there is great special effects (the zords actually look real), a great story and good acting. Children, teenagers and adults can all enjoy this movie. If the second film (TURBO: A POWER RANGERS MOVIE) was like this it would have done a lot better. Its a fun film and there are some brilliant scenes, like the destruction of the command centre.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have concluded that this movie is just teaching the fans to settle a problem by violence. Not happenin', I for one will not allow my children to see this or any other one of the 'Power Rangers' movies or shows. The enemies that they have on these productions are way too frightening for my children. Sorry.