Mozart: Don Giovanni

Mozart: Don Giovanni

Director:  Cast: Bryn Terfel

DVD (DTS / Stereo)

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Release Date: 05/10/2005
UPC: 0044007340103
Original Release: 2000
Source: Deutsche Grammophon
Region Code: 0
Sound: [stereo, DTS 5.1-Channel Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
Time: 3:00:00
Sales rank: 14,993

Special Features

Picture gallery ("Don Giovanni" at the Met); Trailer

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Act I
1. Opening Credits/Cast [1:55]
2. Ouvertura [5:41]
3. N. 1 Introduzione: "Notte e Giorno Faticar" (Leporello, Donna Anna, Don Giovanni, il Commendatore) [5:08]
4. Recitativo: "Leporello, Ove Sei?" (Don Giovanni, Leporello, Donna Anna, Don Ottavio) [:44]
5. N. 2 Recitativo Accompagnato e Duetto: "Ma Qual Mai S'Offre, O Dei" (Donna Anna, Don Ottavio) [2:52]
6. "Fuggi, Crudele, Fuggi!" (Donna Anna, Don Ottavio) [4:00]
7. Recitativo: "Orsù, Spicciati Presto" (Don Giovanni, Leporello) [1:36]
8. N. 3 Aria: "Ah! Chi Mi Dice Mai" (Donna Elvira, Don Giovanni, Leporello) [3:33]
9. Recitativo: "Chi È Là?" (Donna Elvira, Don Giovanni, Leporello) [3:09]
10. N. 4 Aria: "Madamina, il Catalogo È Questo" (Leporello) [5:32]
11. Recitativo: "In Questa Forma, Dunque" (Donna Elvira) [:38]
12. N. 5 Coro: Giovinette, Che Fate All'amore" (Zerlina, Masetto, Coro)|00:01:23|}
13. Recitativo: "Manco Male È Partita" (Don Giovanni, Leporello, Zerlina, Masetto) [2:12]
14. N. 6 Aria: "Ho Capito, Signor Si" (Masetto) [1:34]
15. Recitativo: "Alfin Siam Liberati" (Don Giovanni, Zerlina) [2:07]
16. N. 7 Duettino: "Là Ci Darem la Mano" (Don Giovanni, Zerlina) [3:07]
17. Recitativo: "Fermati, Scellerato!" (Donna Elvira, Zerlina, Don Giovanni) [:45]
18. N. 8 Aria: "Ah, Fuggi il Traditor" (Donna Elvira) [1:27]
19. Recitativo: "Mi Par Ch'oggi il Demonio Si Diverta" (Don Giovanni, Don Ottavio, Donna Anna, Donna Elvira) [1:14]
20. N. 9 Quartetto: "Non Ti Fidar, O Misera" (Donna Elvira, Donna Anna, Don Ottavio, Don Giovanni) [4:01]
21. Recitativo: "Povera Sventurata!" (Don Giovanni) [:29]
22. N. 10 Recitativo Accompagnato Ed Aria: "Don Ottavio, Son Morta!" (Donna Anna, Don Ottavio) [3:36]
23. "Or Sai Chi l'Onore" (Donna Anna) [3:21]
24. Recitativo: "Come Mai Creder Deggio" (Don Ottavio) [:32]
25. N. 10a Aria: "Dalla Sua Pace" (Don Ottavio) [4:29]
26. Recitativo: "Io Deggio Ad Ogni Patto" (Leporello, Don Giovanni) [1:38]
27. N. 11 Aria: "Fin Ch'han dal Vino" (Don Giovanni) [1:25]
28. Recitativo: "Masetto, Senti un Po'!" (Zerlina, Masetto) [1:23]
29. N. 12 Aria: "Batti, Batti, O Bel Masetto" (Zerlina) [3:48]
30. Recitativo: "Guarda un Po' Come Seppe" (Masetto, Don Giovanni, Zerlina) [:35]
31. N. 13 Finale I: "Presto, Presto, Pria Ch'ei Venga" (Masetto, Zerlina, Don Giovanni, Coro) [4:05]
32. "Bisogna Aver Coraggio" (Donna Elvira, Don Ottavio, Donna Anna, Leporello, Don Giovanni) [4:39]
33. "Riposate, Vezzose Ragazze!" (Don Giovanni, Leporello, Masetto, Zerlina, Donna Anna, Donna Elvira, Don Ottavio) [9:34]
Side #2 -- Act II
1. N. 14 Duetto: "Eh Via, Buffone, Non Mi Seccar" (Don Giovanni, Leporello) [1:28]
2. Recitativo: "Leporello!" - "Signore" (Don Giovanni, Leporello) [1:53]
3. N. 15 Terzetto: "Ah! Taci, Ingiusto Core" (Donna Elvira, Leporello, Don Giovanni) [4:44]
4. Recitativo: "Amico, Che Ti Par?" (Don Giovanni, Leporello, Donna Elvira) [2:16]
5. N. 16 Canzonetta: "Deh, Vieni Alla Finestra" (Don Giovanni) [2:06]
6. Recitativo: "V'è Gente Alla Finestra!" (Don Giovanni, Masetto) [1:12]
7. N. 17 Aria: "Metà Di Voi Qua Vadano" (Don Giovanni) [2:54]
8. Recitativo: "Zitto! Lascia Ch'io Senta" (Don Giovanni, Masetto, Zerlina) [2:23]
9. N. 18 Aria: "Vedrai, Carino" (Zerlina) [3:40]
10. Recitativo: "Di Molte Faci il Lume" (Leporello, Donna Elvira) [:35]
11. N. 19 Sestetto: "Sola, Sola, in Buio Loco" (Donna Elvira, Leporello, Don Ottavio, Donna Anna, Zerlina, Masetto) [8:01]
12. Recitativo: "Dunque Quello Sei Tu" (Zerlina, Donna Elvira, Don Ottavio, Masetto) [:22]
13. N. 20 Aria: "Ah, Pietà, Signori Miei" (Leporello) [1:43]
14. Recitativo: "Ferma, Perfido, Ferma!" (Donna Elvira, Masetto, Zerlina, Don Ottavio) [:45]
15. N. 21 Aria: "Il Mio Tesoro Intanto" (Don Ottavio) [4:21]
16. N. 21b Recitativo Accompagnato ed Aria: "In Quali Eccessi, O Numi" (Donna Elvira) [2:16]
17. "Mi Tradi Quell'alma Ingrata" (Donna Elvira) [4:12]
18. Recitativo: "Ah, Ah, Questa È Buona!" (Don Giovanni, Leporello, il Commendatore) [4:21]
19. N. 22 Duetto: "O Statua Gentilissima" (Leporello, Don Giovanni, il Commendatore) [3:15]
20. Recitativo: "Calmatevi, Idol Mio" (Don Ottavio, Donna Anna) [:43]
21. N. 23 Recitativo Accompagnato e Rondo: "Crudele! Ah No, Mio Bene!" (Donna Anna) [1:57]
22. "Non Mi Dir, Bell'idol Mio" (Donna Anna) [6:18]
23. Recitativo: "Ah, Si Segua il Suo Passo" (Don Ottavio) [:15]
24. N. 24 Finale II: "Già la Mensa È Preparata" (Don Giovanni, Leporello) [4:29]
25. "L'Ultima Prova Dell'amor Mio" (Donna Anna, Don Giovanni, Leporello) [3:23]
26. "Don Giovanni, a Cenar Teco M'invitasti" (Il Commendatore, Don Giovanni, Leporello, Coro) [6:25]
27. "Ah! Dov'è il Perfido" (Donna Anna, Donna Elvira, Zerlina, Don Ottavio, Masetto, Leporello) [11:30]

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Mozart: Don Giovanni 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This really is the best Don Giovanni DVD out there. The most recent release with Thomas Hampson in the title role is also very good, but it is also VERY conceptual and if you are coming to the opera for the first time, then this DVD with Bryn Terfel as a very menacing Don is the one to start with. The Met puts on a great show, with high production values and great conducting from James Levine. The staging is a remount of Franco Zeffirelli's original production, and it is masterful. There really isn't one moment that leaves you wondering, "why on earth did they do that?" like so many conceptual stagings of this opera. Bryn Terfel is a force of nature in the title role, bringing the whole of his mighty voice to bear on Don Giovanni, creating a powerful, confident, evil nobleman who clearly has no fear of the consequences of his actions. Renee Fleming puts on a how-to-sing-Mozart clinic as Donna Anna. The beautiful American soprano was clearly made to sing this role, capturing her desperation and agitation at being horribly, inexorably attracted to the man who slew her father. Her companion Don Ottavio is played by tenor Paul Groves, who made a splash as Candide in the recently filmed production with Patti Lupone and Kristin Chenoweth. His voice is perhaps larger than the typical Ottavio, but in the cavern that is the Metropolitan Opera, he is well equipped to tackle two of the most beautiful and challenging tenor arias in all of opera. As the peasant couple Masetto and Zerlina, we find John Relyea and Hei-Kyung Hong pleasantly rich-voiced and likeable. The role of Leporello is filled by veteran basso Ferruccio Furlanetto. His large, weighty, profound voice brings a humorius buffo quality to the part that other, more lyric-voiced Leporellos sometimes miss--and comedy is so important to this dark opera, that his presence is very welcome. Donna Elvira is played by Solveg Kringelborn and her "Mi tradi" is extremely well-sung. The final scene of the opera in which Don Giovanni is dragged to the depths of the netherworld by the statue of the Commendatore is one of the best on disc. With the Met's tremendous facilities at his disposal, Zeffirelli has the statue (sung spookily by Polish bass Sergei Koptchak) rise from the floor and then pull Giovanni down after. This is a great traditional interpretation of Mozart's great work, and if you're new to the opera, start here!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a fabulous performance. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars overall is that we have repeatedly had trouble with Disc 2 cutting out partway through despite exchanging it a couple of times.
cego More than 1 year ago
Bought DVD and attempted to play in my player. Played fine up to a point, at which the picture froze and I could not correct error. Tried other DVD's I have on hand; all of these worked perfectly; conclusion problem is disc and not machine. Got your approval to return disk for replacerment; sent disc back to you Received new disk; played and had same problem as first disc. Got your permission to return. I returned and asked for a refund--no more disks, please. I have never heard from you since. A reputable firm would not act like this. Where is my refund?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago