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Mystery Movies

Mystery Movies


Product Details

Release Date:
Bfs Entertainment
[B&W, Full Frame, Color]
[Dolby Digital Stereo]

Special Features

Cast profiles; Trivia

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Barbara Bain Lisa Manning
Barry Fitzgerald Judge Quincannon
Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes
Dennis Hopper Miller
Edmund Breon Julian Emery
Jim Hutton Actor
John Forsythe David Ryder,Dr. Ron Wellesley
Lloyd Bridges Sgt. Ed Stagg
Richard Widmark Sam Lucas
Rick Washburne Rob Greene
Vincent Price Dr. Malcolm Wells
Agnes Moorehead Cornelia Van Gorder
Frank Converse Steve Butler
Hardy Kruger Mandell
Jake LaMotta Moe Boone
Jessica Walter Actor
Joseph Campanella Lt. Phil Proctor
Nigel Bruce Dr. John H. Watson,Dr. Watson
Norman Alden Actor
Oliver Reed Gabriel Lee
Walter Huston Dr. Armstrong
Alan Mowbray Maj. Duncan-Bleek / Col. Sebastian Moran
Broderick Crawford Willard Edson
Dog Thomas Dog Thompson
Ed Asner Chief Otto Larkin
Gavin Gordon Lt. Anderson
Gayle Hunnicutt Deborah
Gösta Ekman Larsson
Hillary Brooke Lydia Marlow
Louis Hayward Phillip Lombard
Cory Molder Kallin
Cosmo Vinyl Kosmo
Dennis Hoey Inspector Lestrade
Henry Daniell Prof. Moriarty
John Sutton Warner
Lloyd Bochner A.B. Carr
Murray Hamilton Sgt. Joe Marcus
Patricia Cameron Evelyn Clifford
Richard Kiley Frank Manning
Roland Young Detective Blore
Sam Wanamaker Sickles
Anne Helm Louise Campbell
David Wilson Baxter
June Duprez Vera Claythorne
Keith Bogart Danny Greene
Lenita Lane Lizzie Allen
Leslie Nielsen Actor
Patricia Morison Hilda Courtney
Paul Cavanagh Sir George Fenwick
Renee Godfrey Vivian Vedder
Reta Shaw Regis
Vladek Sheybal The Dutchman
Harry Cording Hamid
Mary Forbes Lady Margaret Carstairs
Matthew Boulton Inspector Gregson
Sandra Bullock Lisa Edwards
Billy Bevan Train Attendant
Eve Amber Maude Fenwick
Tom Dillon Detective Thompson
Frederic Worlock Onslow,Prof. William Kilbane
Mary Gordon Mrs. Hudson
Carl Harbord Inspector Hopkins
Leyland Hodgson Conductor
Tom Bryson Williams

Technical Credits
Charles S. Dubin Director
Crane Wilbur Director
J. Christian Ingvordsen Director
James Goldstone Director
Paul Wendkos Director
Peter Collinson Director
René Clair Director
Roy William Neill Director
Tom Clegg Director
Walter E. Grauman Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Legendary Sherlock Holmes Movies
2. A Friend Is Robbed [19:51]
3. Investigating a Song [12:17]
4. Followed by Crooks [12:10]
5. To Be Executed [18:48]
2. Asking for Help [14:56]
3. Visited by a Suspect [11:35]
4. A Distressed Daughter [14:31]
5. Planning a Trap [22:17]
2. Escorting a Client [17:46]
3. Examining a Coffin [15:11]
4. Conducting a Search [13:10]
5. The Police Intervene [10:12]
Disc #2 -- Classic Mystery Movies
2. A Very Quiet Place [16:22]
3. The Letters [12:32]
4. "We're in a Trap..." [18:30]
5. Locks and Keys [14:19]
6. A Third Person [15:48]
7. Solving the Riddle [18:15]
2. An Accident [10:47]
3. A Startling Appearance [12:10]
4. Suspicious Behavior [11:00]
5. Idle Curiosity [13:50]
6. Unlawful Entry [9:46]
7. "You've Forgotten Me..." [12:41]
2. Hearing Things [10:19]
3. Too Scared to Stay [15:22]
4. Apprehension of Disaster [11:12]
5. A Gruesome Discovery [13:59]
6. Disconnected [13:08]
7. Exposure [14:32]
Disc #3 -- Great Detective Movies
2. From the Beginning [8:19]
3. A Lot of Money [22:01]
4. A New Lead [14:44]
5. Starting to Remember [10:47]
6. A Bad Decision [17:02]
7. The Real Story [20:08]
2. The Truth Comes Out [7:19]
3. Another Patient Dies [10:54]
4. Framing an Addict [6:45]
5. Covering All the Bases [13:35]
6. All Goes Well [12:20]
7. Caught in the Act [14:22]
2. It All Goes Wrong [9:43]
3. A Set-up [12:35]
4. Wanted for Murder [7:31]
5. Getting a Confession [9:29]
6. A Bad Day [15:59]
7. Tying Up Loose Ends [6:50]
Disc #4 -- Great Spy Movies
2. Testing a Laser [23:59]
3. Stealing Information [13:46]
4. Starting a New Job [22:52]
5. Blown Cover [29:42]
2. Choosing a Spy [30:26]
3. Witnessing an Execution [30:36]
4. Rendezvous [15:16]
5. The Double-Cross [22:17]
2. A Father's Visit [21:24]
3. Kidnapped [17:38]
4. Junkyard Battle [18:13]
5. The Rescue [26:27]

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