Naked Gun Triple Feature

Naked Gun Triple Feature

Director: David Zucker, Peter Segal Cast: Leslie Nielsen, George Kennedy

DVD (Color / Wide Screen)

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Naked Gun Triple Feature

Leslie Nielsen returns as the intrepid (and accident-prone) Lt. Frank Drebin in Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear, "un film de David Zucker." This second feature film from the "Police Squad!" series finds Drebin as a guest at a White House dinner, receiving an award for shooting his 1,000th drug dealer, although he admits to shooting only 998 -- he ran over the last two in his car. ("Luckily, they turned out to be drug dealers"). Also at the White House dinner is energy czar Dr. Albert S. Meinheimer (Richard Griffiths), whom President George Bush (John Roarke) has chosen to start a new national energy policy. Since Meinheimer believes in promoting alternative energy resources, the evil leaders of the polluting energy industries (coal, oil, and nuclear power--or the lobby groups SMOKE, SPILL and KABOOM) are horrified at Bush's choice. Joining together with arch-villain Quentin Hapsburg (Robert Goulet), they plan to kidnap the real Meinheimer and substitute a fake Meinheimer in his place who will enact energy policy according to the dictates of the energy lobby. Drebin becomes deeply involved in the conspiracy when he runs into his ex-girl friend Jane (Priscilla Presley), who is not only Meinheimer's public relations director but also Hapsburg's current paramour.

Product Details

Release Date: 08/07/2007
UPC: 0097361249346
Rating: PG-13
Source: Paramount
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo]
Time: 4:11:00

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Naked Gun
1. Beirut of All Evil [3:10]
2. Opening Credits [1:58]
3. Going Overboard [2:24]
4. Time Wounds All Heels [2:25]
5. Perfectly Frank [3:25]
6. Press Leak [2:32]
7. Money Talks [1:57]
8. Fishing for Clues [3:39]
9. Lady in Red [3:41]
10. Fiber Optics [3:19]
11. Service for Two [2:29]
12. Driving Lessons [3:59]
13. Safe Sex [6:06]
14. I'm Into Something Good [2:01]
15. House of Cards [4:58]
16. Leftovers [3:41]
17. Dead Meat [1:27]
18. Table Manners [4:05]
19. Bad News [2:16]
20. Op-Erratic [4:46]
21. The Umpire Strikes Back [4:51]
22. I Love L. A. [2:24]
23. Seventh Inning Stertch [2:34]
24. God Save the Queen [2:29]
25. Fall Guy [1:46]
26. Funny Face [3:11]
27. End Credits [3:10]
Disc #2 -- The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear
1. Bush Whacked
2. Opening Credits
3. Bombshell
4. Picking up the Pieces
5. Police Blues
6. The Hapsburg Empire
7. Tanks a Lot
8. Dangerous Moves
9. Guns and Roses
10. Feet of City
11. Dropping in
12. Double Trouble
13. Plan B
14. Proposals
15. End Credits
Disc #3 -- The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult
1. What a Nightmare!
2. Opening Credits
3. The Big Target
4. Hip to Be Square
5. Baby Blues
6. The Happy Hausfrau
7. Mr. Smith Goes to the Bank
8. Unenchanted Evening
9. Man Hater
10. Back in Action
11. Good Escape Plans
12. Kiss and Make up
13. The Academy Awards
14. Drebin Does Donohue
15. The Star of Something Big
16. The Bomb
17. Nine Months Later

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