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North & South

A privileged middle-class girl raised in rural southern England gets a rude awakening to the world when a family move forces her to contend with the unseemly inhabitants of a northern mill town in director Brian Percival's adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's timeless love story. Margaret Hale (Daniela Denby-Ashe) is the daughter of a middle-class parson and a girl accustomed to decidedly refined company. When her family is uprooted and forced to move to the northern mill town of Milton, the prim and proper country girl is notably contemptuous of her new working class neighbors - and especially of charismatic mill owner John Thornton (Richard Armitage.

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Release Date: 03/01/2016
UPC: 0883929514656
Original Release: 2004
Rating: NR
Source: Bbc Warner
Sales rank: 18,919

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North & South 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 109 reviews.
meangreenmachine More than 1 year ago
As an avid Pride and Prejudice fan, I was- of course- prejudiced in its favor when I heard BBC's North and South was an equal, if not superior, series. For several years, I put off watching it, believing that there was no way it could be as great as everyone said- or that the leading man of N&S gave Colin Firth a run for his money. When I finally took the time to watch "an hour or two" of North and South, I discovered that, well- I can't believe I'm saying this- it is BY FAR the superior of P&P. Not only was the cast sensational, but the script, the scenery, the story were all more fleshed out and believable. As for the comparison of the romances in N&S and P&P, Margaret Hale and John Thornton make Lizzie Bennet and Darcy look pale and lifeless. Now don't get me wrong- there are some blatant similarities between the two of them... boy meets girl, girl doesn't like boy, boy proposes to girl... and so on. The proposal scenes in N&S and P&P have often been compared. They certainly have similar outcomes. However, Darcy's even response of "this all the reply I am to expect" compared with Thornton's impassioned "I do not wish to possess you, I wish to marry you because I love you!" just seems lame. Sorry! The cast. I'm sure there are hundreds of reviews singing the praises of Richard Armitage, who plays John Thornton in North and South. And they are all deserved. I have never seen an actor with the intensity that he displays in every scene. As for his looks, I will make no attempt to deny that he is an attractive man... Daniela Denby-Ashe is Margaret Hale, the main character of the series. She is the epitome of the South- a fine, pretty, plump, healthy young girl. Her looks compared with Armitage's harsher, darker features perfectly show the differences between the two regions. The interactions between these characters is really what makes the series. Thornton's immediate attraction to Margaret is obvious, as in several scenes he looks at her in a less than pure way... However, he loves her as a person as well, not just because she is pretty. Margaret too has an almost instant interest in him, but she cannot bring herself to admit it. As for the rest of the cast, all are splendid. There is nothing more to say... Except for the music. I simply must say that the score in N&S is so dark and lush and sensual that I felt enveloped in the story. It made me want to cry, dance, laugh, or just plain smile. Nuff said. Please watch. If you do not like it more than Pride and Prejudice, I'll be very surprised... In fact, I think I'll go watch it right now.
stellar70 More than 1 year ago
That is the DVD that comes up when you first goggle North & South. This North & South was a BBC production first presented in late 2004, on the English Masterpiece Theatre, in weekly installments no less! Four weeks of sitting on the edge of your seat wondering how the miniseries was going to end. Each week hundreds who watched the installment went onto the BBC message board and posted, questioned, talked to each other about what happened in the story. There were so many bloggers the BBC set up a North&South message board which was eventually shut down. We have to give the English bloggers the credit for having North & South placed on DVD. The BBC didn't really take its production seriously, it was a fill in for the holiday season. The viewers kept asking for the DVD and their wish was finally granted. The soundtrack has also been requested, but it has not yet been recorded. I found N&S in 2006 after goggling Pride & Prejudice 2006. North & South was one of those 'like' period dramas. Almost all reviews were 5 stars (how could that be?). I bought it along w/some other DVDs but didn't watch it for several months, pushing it aside. I finally put it on one night and was blown away. How come I had never heard of Elizabeth Gaskill? How come this production was never seen on USA PBS? (It has been shown on BBC America but is so chopped up w/commercials and editing it is really impossible to watch.) Why is this production not known in the world of film? There is so much to glean from it--costumes, direction, period drama, cast, script, score, scenery. It is a masterpiece! This is not just a love story, it is a multi-layered story about English society, prejudice, and the working class. The presentation is such that even though the story dates back to 1855 what happened then could just as well happen today. The only warning I can give you is it is 4 hours long, and you will most likely end up watching the full 4 hours so give yourself plenty of time. Is it worth the money? IMO Yes! One more thing, you'll probably want to buy the book after watching the DVD. The storyline is a little different but we've forgiven script writer Sandy Welch, for N&S BBC has the best (10 out of 10) screen kiss ever!. My advice, buy the DVD and avoid watching clips to get the full effect. Get lost in the BBC production of North & South, its a keeper.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Absolutely beautiful! This is the best love story I have ever seen. I had to watch the entire movie in one evening and did not want the story to end. The storyline was wonderful and I can not express enough how awesome the actors and actresses were. Especially Richard Armitage as mill owner John Thornton. He has the most expressive eyes. And when he smiles he pulls the strings to your heart. Everything about this movie was spectacular, from the music to the cast. Treat yourself and get this movie. The story of John and Margaret will stay with you FOREVER!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This DVD is really, really good, especially if you like Jane Austen or other victorian novels/movies.I'd say that this is as good as the Pride And prejudice mini series from A&E, which is great.
Living_4_JESUS More than 1 year ago
I am an avid fan of Pride and Prejudice and Jane Austen's other novels, and I thought that never there would be an equal to them. I was wrong. North and South does not surpass Pride and Prejudice, however, I can scarcely believe I am uttering these words, it is equal to it. Or at the very least very near second. It is incredibly intriguing and well made. The chosen actors performances where flawless and very believable. The story and script are so well made and intricate. Truth be told, I don't understand why North and South is not better known. It certainly deserves to be. It is a wonderful, interesting love story that will keep you watching it 'till the very end...and then make you watch it again.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This whole production is marvelous from the first haunting strains to the last. A superb cast, script, and director lead us back into a world we only have known from the authors who lived it. Until now, that is. "Pride & Prejudice" (BBC 1995) showed us Lizzie Bennett's world but "N&S" gave us John Thornton and Margaret Hale's worlds in a much more satisfying way. As I watched this story unfold, I was transported back to the world of 1855 in the fictional place known as Milton. My main guides were MH (Daniela Denby-Ashe) and JT (Richard Armitage) but every character put his or her hand into the mix to ensure that I'd have an insightful and meaningful experience. Daniela Denby-Ashe, Sinead Cusack, Lesley Manville, Tim Pigott-Smith, and Brendan Coyle are but a few who delighted me with the ways in which they brought to life their characters so realistically. But there was one performer who stole the show...Richard Armitage! From the first bellowed "STEPHENS!" until the last soft, boyishly joyful "Coming home with me?" I simply couldn't take my eyes off of the male lead. RA's performance was remarkably seamless as he eased his tall, dark, and handsome body into this 150-year-old literary character and closed up the entry point. He has the most incredibly expressive eyes and subtle facial expressions I've ever had the pleasure of viewing. He gave such energy and emotion to his JT that I can only think that Elizabeth Gaskell has undoubtedly formed some heavenly branch of the "Armitage Army" in tribute to his astute and nuanced reverance for her JT. It was such a joy to see such a fully developed male character come to life in a period drama for a change. Generally, the focus is on the female's story and her counterpart is rarely called upon to do much more than pine for her from a distance or cut a fine leg in period dress. This is truly a "tour de force" performance by an actor so beautifully cast in the perfect role that I could just sit here and string superlatives together nonstop and still be inadequate in my praise. Do yourself a good deed and buy this DVD. I guarantee that you will wear it out before you lose interest in this fine story adaptation and its wonderful characters. I certainly haven't. Each time I watch it, I'm re-enchanted! RA Rulez! diane
BekahSC More than 1 year ago
I don't think I can provide anything new to the reviews for this BBC adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel of the same name, but I wanted to add my voice to the chorus of fans who love this miniseries. Someone had recently recommended North & South to me (and specifically raved about the lead character's charisma and intensity) and since I've loved so many of the Jane Austen films and, most recently, Downton Abbey, I decided to give this one a try. It was spectacular. The time period is fascinating in itself because the Industrial Revolution brought about the emergence of a new class- the self made men like John Thornton who came from nothing, weren't particularly well educated but who made fortunes by embracing the new technology. He's bold, intense, physical. Quite different from the "gentlemen" Margaret Hale knew at home. She's like a fish out of water in the industrial mill town of Milton with its smoke, noise and dirt. Her dislike of this new environment centers on Marlborough Mill owner, John Thornton, whom she sees as a tyrant, someone who doesn't care about his workers or the conditions they're forced to work under. Despite the initial dislike, there's a strong current of awareness between them, one that strengthens into attraction even though Margaret tries to deny any feeling for him. John Thornton played magnificently by Richard Armitage is a revelation. He smoulders. Everytime he looks at Margaret, you can see the heat in his gaze, and any restraint he feels explodes during his proposal when he protests that he doesn't want to possess her, he wants to marry her because he loves her. Who wouldn't want a passionate declaration of love like that? Surrounding this unfolding romance is the strife and unrest of 19th century factory life, misunderstanding, personal loss and financial hardship. For me, the scene that packed the most emotional impact occurs when Margaret is leaving Milton and John, watching her carriage depart, says, "Look back. Look back at me." Oh my.
80NEPatsGrl More than 1 year ago
From the acting, story, scenery, music. Unfortunetly I wasn't able to watch all four parts in one sitting, but when I could watch I hated to have to turn it off. Wonderfully done. Now adding this to my personal all time favorites list. Can't wait to watch it again and again!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really liked this movie even though I don't like romantic movies that much. I wil admit that there are some out there that are pretty good. The visuals were good. The leads were great and is the story. I've never heard of the book by Elizabeth Gaskell. Though now I'm thinking I might read it. When you really like the movie the book is based on then it makes you wonder what the book is like and maybe compare it with the movie. This is the story of how Margeret moves with her parents to the North and there meets Mr. Thornton and it shows of what they think of each other. In a way similar to Pride and Prejudice. She even makes some friends. I'll admit that I heard this movie being compared to Jane Eyre for some reason. After watching it I find they're completely different, sure they're some similarites I guess but thats it. Both are good though. Richard who played John Thornton looked familiar. I realized later that he's from the show Robin Hood as the character Guy. He reminds me so much of Gerard Butler and Sean Bean (well the voice anyway). The actress Daneila, who played Margaret Hale did a good job too. Still, the ending was...adorable. Recommend this if you like romantic dramas or the book itself.
steveforbertfan More than 1 year ago
There is a lot I could say, how it is a faithful version of the timeless, magnificent novel, etc. I will sum it up w/o wasting time w/ just one word BRILLIANT!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this movie, I am a big fan of BBC movies and this was definitely no disappointment. I watched the whole movie in one sitting and will definitely watch it again and again. You will not regret it if you buy this movie.
EmVA More than 1 year ago
I absolutely adored this series! It was very reminiscent of Jane Austen's story lines; so if you like Austen, you'll like Gaskell.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this movie. This is a love story. I almost cried, because at the end this scene tey kiss each other and both going home. They got married. I had also got this book.
kattwin1 More than 1 year ago
My friend showed me this film and I loved it! It made me cry on three separate occasions, and touched my heart on so many levels I knew I had to own it. I've always loved romantic movies, but I'm picky when it comes to what I actually spend money on. North and South meets all my standards and then some. Next to its talented actors, moving music, and poignant story line, I admire the direction of this movie. Anyone with an appreciation for delicate and subtle artistry when it comes to the art of a film will see this movie as something beautiful to behold. It is pure entertainment for the eyes as well as the soul.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's's's brilliantly acted...beautifully shot...carefully detailed...and bone-meltingly romantic. I have been a fan of historical dramas my entire life and NOTHING compares to this. The 1995 "Pride and Prejudice" has been completely overthrown for me. Mr. Darcy is just an average rich guy next to the force of nature that is John Thornton.
Dreamer_Gal More than 1 year ago
I fell in love with this movie when I first watched it that I had to run out and purchase now has a spot right next to my Pride & Prejudice. It is a gripping tale of a love that was meant to be but....we'll you'll have to watch it to find out. It is an old fashioned, full of etiquette, twist and turns, full of why's and doubts kind of movie with a little mystery thrown in for good measure. John Thornton gives Jane Austen's Fitzwilliam Darcy a run for his money :) (Talk about necessary longing)
atruefan More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend this movie. I LOVED it. I have become obsessed with it. I keep watching it over and over again. I adore the love story and the subtlety of the actor's expressions. I could watch Mr. Thorton all day. I love watching the characters develop, and the story in the story is thought provoking. I now have another period drama to enjoy along with my Pride and Prejudice and Wives and Daughters. If you like Jane Austin, you will love this story. It gives Jane Austin a rival that can give her a run for her money. To me it was worth every penny.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved it. Great believable characters, well written all the way to the end. Worth every penny. I have watched it twice already.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I stumbled on the BBC miniseries of this first, but after watching that I had to read the book. It was well worth it! This has definitely become one of my favorite Classics.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The details for the period are amazing (like the patch on Mr.Thornton's pants, at one point) and there are times when you feel you should be wiping away grime from your screen as you watch because you feel like you're really in the city - and the country scenes are shot so well you can almost feel the warmth on your skin. The acting and writing hold up to the filming. Beautiful. And it has such compelling characters, especially in the leading pair, but throughout the whole cast as well. Worth a watch, even if you're just there because you're a fan of one of the cast or just because you like period pieces. It isn't GONE WITH THE WIND, having lots of heated arguments and passionate embraces - it is more understated and subtle. I would still recommend it though, I only warn it isn't friendly to those with shorter attention spans as there are scenes with almost no dialogue.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love Mr. Thornton
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Better than Pride and Prejudice and that's saying a lot! Mr. Darcy is not my ideal man. Richard Armitage's John Thornton is, and by the look of the other reviews I'd say I'm in good company!