Director: Tim Blake Nelson Cast: Mekhi Phifer, Josh Hartnett, Julia Stiles

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A modernized retelling of William Shakespeare's Othello, O changes its setting to an elite private school in the American South. Odin (Mekhi Phifer) is the only black student at Palmetto Grove and also the star basketball player, with hopes of reaching the NBA. A popular student, he is dating Desi Brable (Julia Stiles), the daughter of the school's dean (John Heard), and they are deeply devoted to each other despite their different backgrounds. His best friend Hugo (Josh Hartnett) is a starter on the basketball team, and the son of the hard-driving coach Duke Goulding (Martin Sheen), who considers Odin as much his son as Hugo. Hugo is jealous of Odin's widespread popularity, so he hatches a scheme to ruin Odin's reputation with the help of Roger (Elden Henson), his rich roommate who will do anything to be popular and get Desi's attention. Through carefully planned revenge, he begins to make Odin believe that Desi is carrying out an affair with teammate Michael (Andrew Keegan). As Odin begins to receive merely coincidental signs to prove it, he begins to slowly lose his grounding and turns to Hugo for help, not knowing that he is being set up. As the basketball season comes to a close, Odin's jealousy begins to consume him, resulting in the loss of everything he cares about the most. O was sometime actor Tim Blake Nelson's directorial follow-up to his well-received debut Eye of God.

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Release Date: 05/03/2011
UPC: 0096009772796
Original Release: 2001
Rating: R
Source: Miramax Echo Bridge
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo]
Time: 1:30:00

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Mekhi Phifer Odin James
Josh Hartnett Hugo Goulding
Julia Stiles Desi Brable
Elden Henson Roger Rodriguez
Andrew Keegan Michael Casio
Rain Phoenix Emily
Chris Freihofer Assistant Coach
John Heard Dean Brable
Martin Sheen Coach Dale Goulding
Doug Ayers Basketball Player (Hawks)
Jantz Baker Basketball Player (Titans)
Lisa Benavides Ms. Serney
Jerred Clarke Basketball Player (Titans)
Dal Conner Basketball Player (Dutchmen)
Zack David Basketball Player (Hawks)
Christopher Dong Dutchman Player
David Dooley Basketball Player (Dutchmen)
Justin Ferira Basketball Player (Dutchmen)
Julie Fishell Newscaster
Mike Flippo Mr. Bradley
Ken French Scout #1
James Galloway Basketball Player (Hawks)
Marshall Gitter Radio Announcer
Michael Givens Basketball Player (Hawks)
Richard Grandison Basketball Player (Bullsdogs)
Christopher Grooms Basketball Player (Titans)
Shawn Hill Basketball Player (Titans)
Jaime Ingram Basketball Player (Dutchmen)
A.J. Johnson Dell
Christopher Jones Jason
Evan Jones Basketball Player (Bullsdogs)
Parker Kirby Basketball Player (Titans)
Errol McPherson Basketball Player (Bullsdogs)
James Middleton Cop
Nathan Monroe Basketball Player (Bullsdogs)
Tony Moore Basketball Player (Bullsdogs)
Jack "Jay" Munn Lanny
Sean Murphy Basketball Player (Titans)
Kelvin O'Bryant Ball Boy
Chase Page Basketball Player (Hawks)
Dana Ratliff T. V. Announcer
Jon Rosenbloom Basketball Player (Titans)
Rachel Schumate Brandy
Bernard Smalls Basketball Player (Bullsdogs)
Ronalda Stover Woman Score Keeper
Rick Streeter Basketball Player (Hawks)
Josh Thorpe Student Basketball Manager
Quintrai Washington Basketball Player (Bullsdogs)
Wally Welch Mr. Kirby
Derek Zieminsky Basketball Player (Titans)

Technical Credits
Tim Blake Nelson Director
Marc Forster Director
Jack Ballance Art Director
Russell Fine Cinematographer
Jill M. Ohanneson Costumes/Costume Designer
Dina Goldman Production Designer
Jeff Danna Score Composer
Brad Kaaya Screenwriter,Associate Producer
David Schlesinger Set Decoration/Design
Tom Tucker Asst. Director
Avy Kaufman Casting
Kate Sanford Editor
Michael Levy Executive Producer
Mark Urman Executive Producer
Barry Cole Musical Direction/Supervision
Tom Myers Sound/Sound Designer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- O
1. Team Time [6:31]
2. Serious Allegation [6:25]
3. Good Luck Charm [5:28]
4. Black Star [6:26]
5. Suspension [5:25]
6. Seeds of Jealousy [7:07]
7. Gifts Exchanged [7:45]
8. Find the Scarf [5:43]
9. Stack It up [6:03]
10. One Dunk [5:54]
11. Betrayal [6:11]
12. A Plan, My Brother [5:52]
13. Big Game [4:44]
14. Can't Let You Go [7:13]
15. Live Like a Hawk [7:26]

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O 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I know that this movie is modeled from Shakespeare's play,''Othello'',but the plot is really brilliant and I was blown away how determined and horrible and jealous Hugo was. The ending was very sad and I really felt something deep from this movie and it broke my heart that people can act this way.
s22SP More than 1 year ago
“O” was produced by Eric Gitter, Anthony Thuden and Daniel Fried in 2001. Tim Blake Nelson was the directed. The genre for “O” would be tragedy and jealousy. “O” is the modern day version of the play Othello. In “O,” Odin James gets bamboozled by those closest to him because of jealousy of a teammate which makes him to think his girlfriend cheated on him. The all-star basketball player, Odin James, gets played with by another teammate Hugo. Hugo plays with Odin’s jealousy by forcing him to do actions that Odin wouldn't have every thought to do. ”O” would qualify for a 3.5 star rating based on its cast, being based off of the book and the plot. A few of the cast members that were in the movie were Mekhi Phifer, Martin Sheen, Josh Hartnett, Andrew Keegan and Julia Stiles. The producer used the proper cast members in the movie. In the movie, Odin James is supposed to be an African American in a white private school. Mekhi Phifer plays Odin. Martin Sheen played as the coach of the basketball team. Josh Hartnett and Andrew Keegan played as Odin’s friends. Julia Stiles played as Desi, Odin’s girlfriend. The actors and actresses played their parts very well. They showed emotions into their parts when it was necessary and the correct emotion too. The cast in the play reenacted the book.  "O” is based off of the play Othello written by Shakespeare in 1603. The producers kept most of the same characteristics in the book as well as some main points in the movie. Odin, Desi, Michael, Emily and Roger were close compared to their names in the book so it was easy to follow. One of the events that was important in both of the movie and the play was Othello giving Desdemona his handkerchief. That had a big effect on the actions Othello did. Since “O” is based off of Othello, the plot ended up being the same. "O" had a strong plot. There were two plots, but they combined together to the end. Hugo wanted revenge on Odin and Roger wanted Desi back. It all started when Hugo got upset from his father saying he loves Odin like he's his own son. Also, when Odin received the MVP award Hugo gets furious. The plot was like a ladder. Each step it took the more intense it got and the closer it got to the climax. Every step taken lead closer and closer to what happened in the end and the result of Hugo's plan all along.  In conclusion, “O” would be rated a 3.5 out of star rating because of the cast, the movie being based off of the book and because of the strong plot. “O” is a good movie to watch if you like Shakespeare, basketball and suspense.
B28 More than 1 year ago
“O” Yes!         The movie “O”, produced by Eric Gitter, Anthony Rhulen, and Daniel Fried in 2001 and directed by Tim Blake Nelson, has an intriguing theme of jealousy. The movie is based off of the play Othello written in 1603 by William Shakespeare. This tragedy is about a high school basketball star and his jealous teammate who will do anything it takes to steal the spotlight. “O” earns 4.5/5 stars based on the cast, strong plot, and the ending.         The cast of “O” does an excellent job portraying the characters from Othello. Odin plays an excellent Othello because he shows the anger that Othello had during the play. Desi also plays an excellent Desdemona because she is confused and innocent. Shakespeare would have been ecstatic with the casting choice. The way they portray the emotions and actions of the characters in the play. Because of the excellent casting, the plot is a lot more intriguing and easy to follow.         “O” starts out with Hugo’s jealousy of Odin because Hugo’s dad is the coach of their high school basketball team. Odin is the MVP of the team and Hugo’s dad “loves him like a son”, Hugo turns to steroids to become a better player, but when the steroids don’t work, he takes matters into his own hands. Desi, the love of Odin’s life, has always been faithful and honest with him, but thanks to Hugo, Odin can’t bring himself to trust her. Hugo convinces Odin that Desi is cheating on him with their friend, Michael. The plot continues to escalate until the dramatic ending.         The plan is going exactly how Hugo wants, and Odin trusts everyone except for Desi. No matter what Desi says or how faithful she is, Odin gets angrier and angrier with her. Hugo finalizes the steps that will bring his brilliant plan to an end. He recruits the help of his friends and puts his plan into action. Hugo has Odin brainwashed, and he’s willing to do whatever Hugo tells him due to his anger with Desi. Odin’s breaking point will shock everyone!         “O” was a fantastic modern day remake of the 17th century Shakespeare play, “Othello. What happens when Odin finally reaches his breaking point? Does the ending of “O” match the ending of Othello, or will there be a shocking twist?
J_14 More than 1 year ago
In the movie “O” released in 2001, Odin James is mislead by one of his own. A young man that he believed to be his friend fills his head with lies and deceit about his significant other, Desi, whom apparently is playing games behind Odin’s back. After his mind continues to be toyed with, Odin is convinced that there is a way to end all of his pain. A tragic ending is not what most enjoy, but in this case it’s what has to be.  “O” was directed by Tim Blake Nelson, produced by Eric Gitter, Anthony Rhulen, and Daniel Fried, but this movie is based off of the tragic play Othello written by William Shakespeare. “O” deserves a strong 3.5 star rating because the cast, story plot and also being based on a book, giving the movie a strong base to begin with. The main cast of “O” consists of Julia Stiles (Desi), Mekhi Phifer (Odin), Josh Hartnett (Hugo), Martin Sheen (Coach Goulding), Andrew Keegan (Michael), Elden Henson (Roger), and Rain Phoenix (Emily). At the time that “O” was released, Julia Stiles and Josh Hartnett were extremely popular in the world of Hollywood. These two actors caught the eyes of many teenagers, and young adults. This gives the movie an audience that will engage themselves into the film, storyline, and qualifies them for a successful story plot. The story plot consisted of young love destroyed by jealousy. Those who didn’t believe the love was meant to be, tried to tear the two apart. There were also had others who were not jealous of the love affair, but jealous of the attention that the main character, Odin James, was receiving from everyone in his surroundings. A tragic story always has a tragic hero, and an ending that results in death. There isn’t a way to stop a tragedy in this case, but the way the movie was put together, kept the audience guessing, whether or not they had read the book previously to viewing the film. If it wasn't for the book though, the movie “O” wouldn't be as captivating. William Shakespeare wrote the book Othello as a tragedy. It was meant to display the human vices that most people carry with them on a daily bases. Many do not realize that people covet one another due to not having what the other has in life. As humans, one does not understand that life will never be fair, and there will always be times when someone can’t change how people treat them. If it wasn't for the book Othello, the movie “O” would have never been released. As a viewer, the movie “O” is worth watching. There is not one part of the film that does not keep someone engaged, and gives the viewer a sense of urgency throughout the film as well. 
SAR22 More than 1 year ago
The R rated movie “O’ is written by Brad Kaaya and produced by Tim Blake Nelson in 2001 and. “O” is based off of the play Othello by William Shakespeare. The cast includes many famous actors such as Mekhi Phifer as O (Odin) Julia Stiles as Desi, Odins girlfriend, and Josh Hartnett as Hugo. This movie is considered to be a romance, thriller, and drama. This movie stars an African American basketball star named Odin James. Odin is faced with many different obstacles such as jealousy, lies, and deceit. Overall the movie earned a rating of four stars because of its cast, plot, and how the movie follows the plot of the book. When making a movie it is important to have good cast members that will fit the description of the characters being depicted. The choice of Mekhi Phifer and Julia Stiles together is a great choice. They have been in movies together before and seem to know each others acting styles. They make a good couple in the movies they are both featured in and show us a good connection. The other actors chosen to be in the movie are great choices as well. Weather it be Hugo with his sly bad boy looks or Michael as the innocent easily persuaded kid, all the rolls were filled correctly. Needless to say some actors that could have been chosen would have fit as well, but the movie is likable as is. The movie is exciting and is able to capture people’s attention. There are many assets that keep ones attention not only because Odin is an attractive basketball star but because basketball is entertaining as well. The story starts out with Odin receiving the MVP award for the basketball team. The coach's son, Hugo, ends up getting jealous of O and decides to get revenge on him. Hugo lies and plays people getting them into struggles that they never meant to be in. Odin ends up making some bad decisions and the movie follows all of shakespeare's original intentions of the play. The movie “O” is based on the book Othello by the magnificent William Shakespeare. Shakespeare is well known for his tragedies, and “O” definitely captures what Shakespeare is trying to make known. In Othello, characters Iago, Desdemona, and Othello play the same roles as the characters in the movie. The only differences are that in the play Othello, is a general and Iago wants to be Othello's lieutenant and doesn’t receive the position which then leads him to destroy Othello and his relationship with Desdemona. It is believed that Shakespeare would be content with the modern day depiction of his play. Many of the assets are the same and the plot stays the same throughout the both story lines. The movie “O” should be watched because it is based on a classic by famous William Shakespeare. Not only dramatic but completely captivating to watch. Time would not be wasted watching this great story of the struggles in high school, relationships with friends and a significant other, and the hard times of life in general. ''O” has a very powerful ending as well, when, in the traditional Shakespearean writings, all of the plot threads come together, the victims are killed, the survivors mourn, and life goes on. “O” is definitely an attention grabber is not a movie to be missed or chosen over.
M38 More than 1 year ago
The movie “O”  was produced very well. When reading the genre, sports and romance, it confused me on how the makers of the movie would put that together. A movie genre with sports and romance never seem interesting. In this movie the genre was perfect! It was interesting how romance and sports tied into each other. Not only was the movie  “O” is a drama and romance movie. This thriller came out in 2001 and is based off the play Othello, written by Shakespeare. The producers are Eric Gitter, Anthony Rhulen, and Daniel Fried. The director is Tim Black Nelson. The movie is about a man named Odin James. He is the captain of the Basketball team, has a perfect girlfriend, and a wonderful life. This all changes because of a man name  Hugo Goulding. Hugo makes Oden become jealous, which brings his perfect life to slow decline. I would give this movie a star rating 4/5 because of the genre, cast, and the ending.really good with the genre, it had many good actors that helped make it great. The play Othello had characters that were know for what they act and look like. The cast in “O” pulled of the characters very well. The movie was very similar to the play. In the play, Othello was shown as strong and powerful. Knowing this I was surprised at how well Mekhi Phifer showed the strength of the character O. He was the perfect  person for the role. Also in the book, Iago was devious but had to act casually and trustworthy. I felt like this character would be the hardest one to pull off. Josh Hartnett did a extraordinary job for this part. When watching the movie I thought Hugo was trustworthy and couldn't believe that he was evil. This was appropriate acting on Hartnett's part. The directors did a pleasant job putting the characters from the book Othello into a movie. Without a believable cast, the director and producers would not have successfully complete movie package, wrapped up by a extravagant ending. Reading the book, never gave a clear  imagine on how it would be possible be put into a movie. The end of the book, Othello, was very intense and the director and producers would have had a hard time creating it. The ending was the key part to the whole story. If the movie did not have a good ending it would be a horrendous movie. I was hoping that the ending to the book would be super similar to the end of the movie.The cast, directors, and producers pulled of the ending perfectly. Shakespeare would be satisfied to a point by the way his play was put into a movie. Overall the movie was very well and I would highly recommend seeing it.
bubbles36 More than 1 year ago
In 2001, director, Tim Blake Nelson, along with producers, Eric Gitter, Anthony Rhulen, and Daniel Fried, created “O,” a modern day telling of Shakespeare’s Othello. This story is based upon trust, seduction and betrayal. In the movie, Shakespeare’s Othello is compared to a modern day basketball game where Odin James (Othello), the star basketball player, is tricked by Hugo, one if his close friends, into believing that Desi, his girlfriend, is cheating on him with his basketball teammate, Mike in this tragic romance. “O” would qualify for a 3.5 out of 5 star rating based on its special effects, how well it relates to Othello, and it’s ending. The special effects of “O” were alright. Some of the scenes were very well played out and others you could definitely see the fakeness. However, back in 2001, we did not have the technology that we do today, so the creators of this movie did a splendid job with the resources they did have to produce a movie that relates so well to the original play. These effects are especially present when Odin competes in the dunking contest and shatters the backboard. Othello is very present in “O.” This movie keeps you locked in with Hugo’s scheming ways. Hugo has the amazing capability to convince anyone of anything with his persuasive voice and stunning looks. In order to keep the movie like the play, certain events had to be present like the hanky situation, Emilia and Bianca’s rolls, and the fact that Iago wanted all the attention and power. The hanky represents a token of love that Othello gives to Desi because it was his grandmother’s. In both Othello and “O,” the hanky is stolen by Emilia (Emily) and she gives it to Iago (Hugo) so he can give it to Cassio (Mike) to give to Bianca (Brandi). Also, in both the movie and the play, Emilia (Emily) and Bianca (Brandi) play very important roles when it comes to Iago (Hugo) trying to convince Othello (Odin) of Desi’s cheating ways. Throughout the whole play and movie, Iago (Hugo) wants all the attention. Iago wants Cassio’s Lieutenant position because he feels like he is stronger and has more bravery while Hugo wants the MVP award of the basketball team because he’s the one who sets all the screens that allows Oden and Mike to score all the points. The movie line strongly followed the main plot of the play all the way up until the end. In the end, do all characters get the justice they deserve? “O” and Othello have relatively the same endings, but they do not completely follow each other. Othello’s ending is more subtle while “O” ends very abruptly. Eventually, Odin’s world comes crashing down in complete disaster. Will Odin crumble under the pressure of the game, or will he stay true to his team and go on to win the championships?  From the beginning to the end of “O,” is a pretty decent movie. It is 100% worth someone’s time to watch this movie. This twisted love story based in the senior year of high school will definitely make your blood boil.
SwagmeisterL8 More than 1 year ago
“O”, produced by Eric Gitter, Anthony Rhulen, and Daniel Fried, and directed by Tim Blake Nelson, is a story of a high school basketball star who is poisoned by jealousy. Betrayal spells disaster in every way. Will this high school senior rise above a challenge, or will he crumble under the intense pressure of sadness? Released in 2001, this movie crawled up the charts despite its absence from theaters . This drama is based on the 1603 publication of “Othello”. While sporting a pertinent cast, it followed the book’s storyline very closely, and it had a strong plot. I would give “O” a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. The cast of “O” includes Julia Stiles, Mekhi Phifer, and Josh Hartnett. These three combined to make the perfect trifecta of acting excellence. Julia Stiles plays as Desi Brable, the girlfriend of basketball star Odin James. She portrays a girl who is confused and innocent in some ways. Mekhi Phifer plays Odin James. Odin is by far the best player on the team, so he is very deserving of the MVP Award. Josh Hartnett plays Hugo Goulding, another player on the basketball team, and becomes very jealous when Odin, “O”, shares the credit for the team’s success with a sophomore who might not deserve it. These characters all run off of characters in the book “Othello.” “O” resembles “Othello” very closely throughout. Everything that you think would happen does happen in “O”. If you read “Othello”, you will understand this after watching “O”.  The plot of “O” grabs your attention like no other. If you like drama and betrayal, you will love this movie. It starts when Odin James shares his MVP Award with a Sophomore on the team. He was a good player, but Hugo believed that he deserved some recognition for the team’s success. Hugo the contemplates and devises a plan to try to get the Sophomore kicked off the team. This escalates into an all out battle for sanity. If you’d like to learn more, I would highly recommend that you view this wondrous movie.
32CS More than 1 year ago
This movie falls perfectly into the genre of tragic romance and keeps its strong, modern plot deeply rooted to Shakespeare’s original Othello, earning it 4 out of 5 stars. At the very center of the tragic romance genre, Shakespeare’s works hold court. His numerous plays present tragic heroes and sinister villains plagued by the ravages of love gone wrong. His play Othello was no exception to this recurring archetype. “O” brings Othello and Desdemona’s fateful relationship alive again, letting none of the tragedy or romance slip away. Unlike most high schoolers, O and Desi seem to have an unbreakable connection. Their devotion to one another is completely unwavering, making the viewer doubt how either could ever have survived without their loving counterpart. However, the conniving of one man, Hugo (Othello’s Iago), begins to chip away at O and Desi’s relationship, allowing jealousy to take over O, jeopardizing the lives of many.  “O” does not depend solely on romance and disastrous events to attract its audiences; the film’s basis at a private high school allows other, relatable issues to also stand out, giving it a strong plot. Palmetto Grove, the high school in which the movie is based, is an exclusive school for the upper class. O’s skin color quickly puts a target on his back, as he is presumably the only black student in the school. This allows the issue of race to come up in the movie, keeping the audience thinking about this centuries old social issue. The pressure that follows many student-athletes is also present, as the school’s basketball team rallies for a state championship. Jumping from sensitive love scenes or deep, dark moments of secrecy to high-intensity action, “O”’s plot never allows its grip to loosen on the viewer’s rapt attention.  “O” also does not let the viewer forget the original storyline it is based off of. Othello’s original plot portrays a character who transcends the racial stereotypes held by his jealous peers and gives all of himself to his love, Desdemona. There are many key moments of Shakespeare’s play that make it a fascinating read. Unlike many remakes, “O” does not foolishly adapt too widely and freely and throw the original out with the garbage. “O” gets its most brilliant and stunning scenes straight from the pages of Shakespeare, albeit adding its own twist. If anything, the modern setting only makes the plot of Othello seem more vivid and believable. The same questions raised in Othello are brought up in “O.” Just how far should one be willing to go for love? Is it true love if jealousy can so easily spoil it?  To find answers to these persistent questions, dive into the cinematic experience of “O!” 
Megan2 More than 1 year ago
The movie “O” was produced in 2001 by Eric Gitter, Anthony Rhulen and Daniel Fried. “O” was directed by Tim Blake Nelson. The genre of this movie is a tragic drama. This movie’s theme is jealousy.  The movie “O” is based off of the play by William Shakespeare called Othello. “O” captured Othello by giving it a modern  twist while still containing the battles and death.  The movie “O”  used a more applicable version to the modern day, a basketball game and private school where drugs and alcohol get involved and it all gets started by jealousy.  “O”, a movie that takes place in South Carolina, is mainly about the hardship and jealousy of Odin James  “O” starts off with the a basketball game where all the players are maintaining a good relationship.  After the game, at an assembly on the following day Odin James receives the Most Valuable Player of the year . He also splits  an award Michael one of the younger players on the team. Hugo, also the coach’s son, another of Odin’s friends, starts the chain of jealousy. Hugo’s father feels like Odin is more of a son than Hugo actually is. “O”earns a 4 out of 5 stars rating  because of it’s plot, cast, and ending.  Some of the cast members of “O” include Mekhi Phifer as Odin James, Julia Stiles as Desi Brable, Josh Hartnett as Hugo  Goulding and Andrew Keegan as Michael. Mekhi Phifer did a fantastic job as playing Odin. When scenes needed to be dramatized  they were and when they needed to be relaxed they were. Julia Stiles could have did a better job as being an innocent girl. She did  well talking back to Odin when she had to but could have done better. Andrew Keegan did a satisfying  job playing Michael as well he  understood his duties to fulfill as an actor. He was able to get into the movie like it was real life.  The plot of “O” is very solid. Each scene is obviously thought upon for quite sometime. The part that could have been better is while  Hugo and Odin are talking and planning for Michael to admit that he has cheated with Desi. The part that was played out well was  when Hugo’s plan took a turn perhaps for the worse.  As the movie ended, it seemed like the ending fit the movie well. It was based off the play Othello which is still portrayed  well in the movie. It did not leave a person hanging, it was expected throughout the movie. The ending could have been longer  as well as gave more information after the main action occurred.  As stated in the paragraphs above the cast, plot and ending could have all been better. The movie was still worth the time to sit and watch.
L6 More than 1 year ago
The movie “O” was produced in 2001 by Eric Gitter, Anthony Rhulen and Daniel Fried and directed by Tim Blake Nelson. “O” is based off of the Shakespearean play Othello. “O” is a drama that combines a love story with jealousy and the effects it has on people. The main character is an African American basketball star named Odin James who is deceived into jealousy by his fellow teammate, Hugo. Hugo is jealous that the coach, his father, thinks of Odin more as a son than he himself. Hugo begins to convince Odin that his girlfriend, Desi, is cheating on him with his right hand man, Michael. “O” earns a 4 out of 5 star rating because of the cast, the difference between the play and the movie, and the ending.  The cast of the movie does an exceptional job at playing their parts and reflecting their characters in the play. In particular, Odin, Hugo and Desi all represent their characters as they are perceived in the book. Odin has the strength he needs to play Othello. Hugo does a satisfying job of tricking Odin into believing Desi and Michael are together behind his back. Desi is just as innocent in "O" as she is in Othello but shows more anger and is more defensive toward Odin when he accuses her of cheating. In the movie, her attitude may have made Odin more suspicious of her actions than in the play.  There are a few differences between the play and the movie but they are not very significant. Many of the differences are in place because “O” is written for modern day times rather than basing it off the time when Othello was written. In Othello, Desdemona is given a handkerchief and in “O,” Desi is given a scarf instead. In “O,” Hugo shoots Roger because he shoots Michael in the leg rather than in the chest. The movie never tells whether or not Michael dies while in the play, both Roger and Michael die. In "O," Hugo is jealous of Michael because he is Odin's main man whereas in the play, Iago is jealous of Cassio because he is chosen lieutenant over him by Othello. In “O,” Hugo seems to be more motivated than Iago in Othello. Even though there are some differences between the play and the movie, the ending is the most significant. Towards the end of the movie, Odin is questioning Desi and their entire relationship. He is shocked by what Hugo has been telling him and doesn’t know what to think. Hugo won’t stop until he gets revenge on Odin and Michael no matter who he hurts. Hugo wants to be in the spotlight for once and will do everything is his power to get it. Hugo wants Roger to shoot Michael to make it look like suicide and have Odin kill Desi because of his anger towards her. Will Odin crack and fall apart or will he remain strong? Will Hugo’s plan fall through, or will he get what he wants in the end?  “O” is worth watching if you like dramas and a little romance. “O” is a mixture of love, violence, friendship and betrayal. This film unveils the effects that jealousy can have on people and the consequences it causes. Once you start the movie, you’ll be hooked until the end. Throughout the entire movie you will be wondering what the end is bringing. Odin questions his friendship with Hugo and his relationship with Desi. Who will he trust? Will Odin catch Hugo in the act? Who will win? Odin, or Hugo?
18ggeenie More than 1 year ago
The Shakespearean movie “O” tells the tale of the well known play, Othello. Produced by Eric Gitter, Daniel Fried, and Anthony Rhulen, “O” transforms the tragic medieval elements into those of a basketball centric private school setting. Director Tim Blake Nelson does a remarkable job depicting Othello as Odin James, star of the basketball team and the school despite being the only African American on campus. The story follows the team’s journey to the championship and the awful consequences of teenage jealousy, as teammate Hugo plants seeds of deceit in Odin’s head. “O” will enter the folds of cinematic history as one of the truest adaptations of Shakespearean text due to the appropriate cast, exemplary soundtrack and climactic ending. Despite having numerous obvious flaws the film still retains 3 ½ stars.  Mekhi Phifer is phenomenal in his role as Odin James, star point guard, and has good chemistry with Odin’s girlfriend Desi Brable, played by well known Julia Stiles. Although not Stiles’ best performance she was still effective in portraying the sweet innocent Desdemona from Othello. Josh Hartnett attempted semi-successfully to bring one of the most devious characters in Shakespeare history to life, however flaws in the script caused trouble. In Othello, Iago was the cause of the tragic events but he never really got directly involved, whereas Hugo in “O” was up close and personal with the events. Transitions between basketball scenes and emotional high school scenes were perfectly achieved with a superb soundtrack. Jeff Danna deserves an endless amount of praise for his work on this movie’s soundtrack. He managed to combine modern rap hits with timeless opera vocals and the mix is fantastic. Transitions between scenes are highlighted with rap that really draws you closer to the movie and the way the players feel. This movie is rated R for a reason as some of the music becomes incredibly vulgar in some of the darker scenes but it all just adds to the emotion of it. The opera during the emotional climax really ended the movie in a memorable light.  Throughout the basketball games, dances and teenage affairs the tone of the movie is on a relative downhill slide from positive and cheerful to depressing and almost disturbing. The last twenty minutes of the film spirals into unjustifiable violence and anger. Hugo, who could be viewed as the antagonist, commits some especially heinous acts with not nearly enough cause. He tricks Odin into thinking Desi is cheating on him, but instead of sitting the two down and talking about it, Odin goes almost insane putting the climax into motion. Despite the fact that the ending wasn’t necessarily justified, it still was very emotional and well done by all the actors involved.  Nelson took a play many thought would never be able to transfer to a modern setting and did just that. Although there were faults, “O” drew strengths from its acting cast, music and climax producing a very tolerable movie for Shakespeare fans and normal people alike. You will watch this movie and you will be entertained. Afterwards, though you may be left a little confused by the rash results of teenage drama.   
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“O,” a Slam Dunk Producers Eric Gitter, Anthoy Rhulen, and Daniel Fried and director Tim Blake Nelson tell a love story at a private high school in the movie “O,” that released in 2001. “O” is based on the play Othello written by Shakespeare. Odin James (Othello) is deceived by those who are closest to him. It takes place in modern day South Carolina. Hugo, Odin’s friend, exhibits his jealously of Odin’s basketball skills and success as the team MVP. He tricks Odin into thinking that his girl, Desi, is cheating on him with his fellow teammate Mike (Cassio). “O,” a movie of truth and betrayal, would classify for a 4 star rating based on its cast, its strong plot, and its parallel structure to the play.  The cast of “O” enhances the movie. Hugo (Iago) is by far the best actor of the play. He kept a straight face during the crucial moments of the play such as when he is telling Odin about Desi cheating with Mike. Odin is a close second because his anger in “O” helps one relate to him and his situation. For example, during the slam dunk competition, Odin smashes the back board after seeing Desi and Mike together. This cast well suites Shakespeare’s intentions. Without an exceptional cast, the plot wouldn’t have the strength it does. “O” keeps the watcher guessing throughout the movie. Hugo does drugs which is a modern twist. This helps the audience connect better with the story. “O” is written in modern English which helps the audience understand the plot. The analogy of playing a basketball game engages one more than if the producers and director would have made the exact version of Othello. The plot is realistic allowing the audience to picture themselves as the characters in this movie. The plot of the play is strongly based off of the play Othello by Shakespeare. Despite its modern qualities, it still stays true to the play. When one reads a book or play and a movie is made based on the writing, one hopes that the writing is replicated in the movie. The movie may have been based around the game of basketball and a private school, but the characters are similar in the movie and in the play. Both the play and the movie contain the scene when Emily (Emilia) takes the scarf (handkerchief in the play) and gives it to Hugo. Hugo gives it to Mike who gives it to Brandy (Bianca.) Odin finds out. The basic plot is also the same. The ending is also close as one can get when the setting of the movie takes place in a whole different century. Since “O” is based on the play Othello, The viewer can easily understand what is going on in the movie. Based on the above criteria, “O” is a worthwhile watch. “O” is not long, so go out and give it an hour and a half of time. 
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i saw this movie maybe last month. it is really good! I heard it was based on one of william shakespeare's novels, Ophelia or something like that. It is about a popular basketball player, Odin. It is mainly about deceit. It made me think who out of ''my crowd'' is a true friend. I do recommend it, but it's unsuitable for children (there's a pretty graphic scene in it). Another good thing about it is josh hartnett's in it! It's kinda sad, if you don't like sad movies O is not for you.
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This movie tackles all issues teenagers are faced with: rascisim, presure, drug abuse and sexual relationshiips. An excellent script written by Shakespeare but made terrific with the modernised version.
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wow. all the issues teens face. sex, drugs, love, etc. it was good. at first, i was like "what the f-?" but after wachin it a few times i liked it better. i would suggest it. deserves more than 3 stars but not 5