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Open Season

Open Season

3.9 8
Director: Roger Allers, Jill Culton, Anthony Stacchi

Cast: Martin Lawrence


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A domesticated grizzly bear finds that there's more to life than being the star attraction of a mountain town nature show when a fast-talking mule deer offers him a crash course in woodland living in Sony Pictures Animation's first full-length animated feature. Raised by kindly park ranger Beth (Debra Messing) since he was a just a cub, 900-pound grizzly Boog (Martin


A domesticated grizzly bear finds that there's more to life than being the star attraction of a mountain town nature show when a fast-talking mule deer offers him a crash course in woodland living in Sony Pictures Animation's first full-length animated feature. Raised by kindly park ranger Beth (Debra Messing) since he was a just a cub, 900-pound grizzly Boog (Martin Lawrence) is content to spend his days entertaining Timberline tourists and his nights nestled safely in Beth's luxurious garage. Boog's life is about to get much more complicated, however, when paranoid hunter Shaw (Gary Sinese) returns from a recent foray in the woods with a frightened, one-horn mule deer named Elliot strapped trophy-like to the hood of his truck. Though at first reluctant to answer Elliot's desperate cries for help, gentle giant Boog eventually frees the thankful creature, who in turn decides to teach his hulking friend what it truly means to be free. Subsequently tranquilized and relocated into the wilderness after momentarily reverting to his true animalistic nature, Boog is forced to team with seasoned forest-dweller Elliot in order to find their way out of the woods before hunting season starts and Shaw comes gunning for all creatures great and small. Things are different in the woods than they were back in the safe confines of park ranger Beth's garage, though, and in order to find their way back to Timberline, Boog and Elliot are going to have to rely on the kindness of their fellow creatures, a rowdy and unruly bunch that includes an army of Scottish squirrels led by rogue critter McSquizzy (Billy Connolly), and a productive beaver construction team whose foreman, Reilly (Jon Faverau), is more than willing to lend a helping tail. With hunting season now upon them and time running out as the hunters close in, the unlikely duo of bear and mule deer put their new life lessons to good use by turning the tables on the gun-toting gamesmen, and once again making the woods safe for the furry critters who call the forest home.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble
A pampered performing bear and a misfit mule deer are nature's latest odd couple in this fish-out-of-water (or, more accurately, bear-out-of-garage) computer-animated comedy. Boog (a dialed-down Martin Lawrence) lives an idyllic, domesticated existence with Beth (Debra Messing), a forest ranger. Boog reluctantly, and with immediate regret, comes to the rescue of Elliot (Ashton Kutcher), who is strapped to the truck of a maniacal hunter. The overly grateful Elliot manages to get Boog banished to the deep forest following a late-night trashing of a convenience store. Boog is ill equipped for life in the wilderness, and on the eve of hunting season, he begins his treacherous trek home with Elliot as an unwanted sidekick. Along the way they meet a menagerie of forest creatures -- who are a species apart from the cutesy creatures who once populated Disney features -- and they band together to turn the tables on the hunters. As viewers learned earlier from Over the Hedge, The Wild, and Barnyard, hyper-verbal, pop culture-savvy animals ruled the animated roost in 2006. Open Season ups the anthropomorphic ante to amuse adults and includes enough rudely amusing bodily function gags for kids to earn a PG rating. And if hunters don't protest this movie's portrayal of them, then rabbit lovers surely will. Some of Open Season's funniest moments are at the expense of these unfortunate creatures, who are subjected to all manner of abuse.
All Movie Guide
The year 2006 had already borne witness to so many "animated animals teaming up" movies, it wouldn't have been a surprise if audiences were ready to side with the hunters when Open Season came out in late September. Add to that the two polarizing personalities (Ashton Kutcher and Martin Lawrence) providing the lead voices, and you might have heard triggers cocking in darkened theaters across America. But both performers bring plenty of warmth to their first animated roles, and Open Season, with its rich palette of Starbucks greens and browns, is as pleasant to endure from a character perspective as it is easy on the eyes. This Sony Pictures Animation offering simply pops off the screen, its canvas deep and sumptuous, its characters wild and angular. A particular masterpiece of vulgarity is the villainous hunter Shaw, snarled by Gary Sinise. A lanky hillbilly in an orange vest, he's all legs and teeth. His relentless pursuit of the buck (Kutcher) who escaped from the hood of his pickup -- with a little help from a certain domesticated bear (Lawrence) -- propels numerous imaginative set pieces in the American everywoods, including a terrific raging rapids sequence that features a truck doubling as a white-water raft. But as much as there is to take in visually, let's admit that the reluctant bond between the two main characters is pretty nicely done as well -- particularly the apparent reversal of their roles. Kudos to the filmmakers for letting Lawrence play the proud straight man, Kutcher the skittish pipsqueak. Kutcher's demeaning sidekick role certainly would have gone to Lawrence if they were just operating on procedural autopilot. Despite having all surface appearances of such conformity, Open Season is a definite breath of fresh air, the woodsy scent of pine needles seeming to emanate from the very screen.

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Original Release:
Sony Pictures
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[Full Frame]
[Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Wheel of Fortune: Forest Edition Game; Inside the Animals Studio; Behind the Trees - The Making of Open Season; The Voices Behind the Stars featurette; Voice-A-Rama - see what the characters sound like with different accents; "I Wanna Lose Control" music video; Swept Away - scene deconstruction; Deleted scenes; Commentary with the filmmakers behind Open Season; Ring Tales; Art gallery; Beat Boards; DVD-ROM link to more fun online; A Surf's Up sneak peek; Includes Boog and Elliot's Midnight Bun Run exclusive all-new animated short

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Martin Lawrence Boog
Ashton Kutcher Elliot
Gary Sinise Shaw
Debra Messing Park Ranger Beth
Billy Connolly McSquizzy
Jon Favreau Reilly
Georgia Engel Bobbie
Jane Krakowski Giselle
Gordon Tootoosis Gordy
Patrick Warburton Ian

Technical Credits
Roger Allers Director
Jill Culton Director,Original Story,Screenwriter
Anthony Stacchi Director,Original Story,Screenwriter
Ana Maria Alvarado Animator
Cinzia Angelini Animator
Isabel Auphan Animator
James Baker Animator
Anders J.L. Beer Animator
Steven Bencich Screenwriter
Joshua Beveridge Animator
Jamaal Bradley Animator
John Carls Executive Producer,Original Story
Ben Catmull Animator
Dominic A. Cecere Animator
Tim Chau Sound/Sound Designer
James Chiang Animator
Jeff Croke Animator
James Crossley Animator
Ramin Djawadi Score Composer
Luca Erbetta Animator
Mark Farquhar Animator
Kevin Freeman Animator
Ron J. Friedman Screenwriter
Derek Friesenborg Animator
Jenny Fulle Executive Producer
Carter Goodrich Art Director
Steve Pierre Gordon Animator
Luis Grané Animator
Bill Haller Animator
Dave Hardin Animator
Andy Harkness Art Director
Steve Harwood Animator
Alan Hawkins Animator
Nicole Herr Animator
Mary Hidalgo Casting
Scott Holmes Animator
Michael Humphries Production Designer
Ethan Hurd Animator
Sony Pictures Imageworks Animator
Jay Jackson Animator
Cathy Jones Animator
Amy Jupiter Co-producer
David Kalbeitzer Production Manager
Deanne Koehn Production Manager
Tateum Kohut Sound/Sound Designer
Ruth Lambert Casting
Eric Lees Animator
Eric Yueh Chih Lin Animator
Christopher Lindsay Animator
Joe Mandia Animator
Nat Mauldin Screenwriter
Kenn McDonald Animator
Steve Moore Executive Producer,Original Story
Gavin Moran Animator
Matthew J. Munn Animator
Michelle Murdocca Producer
Kevin O'Hara Animator
Joseph Oh Animator
Partick Osborne Animator
Keith Paciello Animator
Sydney Padua Animator
Irene Parkins Animator
Brett Paton Animator
Jayson Price Animator
Tim Ranck Animator
Sandra Ryan-Moran Animator
Abel Salazar Animator
Henry Sato Animator
P. Kevin Scott Animator
Brian Scott Animator
Bradford Simonsen Production Manager
Keith A. Sintay Animator
Steve Moore Executive Producer
Chad Stewart Animator
David Stodolny Animator
Bill Tessier Animator
Alex Tysowsky Animator
Jeff Vacanti Animator
Pepe Valencia Animator
Roger Vizard Animator
Michael C. Walling Animator
Dan Wawrzaszek Animator
Paul Westerberg Score Composer,Songwriter
Larry White Animator
Alex Whitney Animator
Alex Williams Animator
Chris Williams Animator
Dougg Williams Animator
John Wong Animator
Pamela Ziegenhagen-Shefland Editor

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Open Season [P&S] [Special Edition]
1. Start [2:56]
2. Boog & Elliot [3:03]
3. Bedtime [3:12]
4. Inside/Outside [2:07]
5. Punimart [2:20]
6. Party's Over [3:15]
7. Bringing Down the House [4:31]
8. Goodbye [2:13]
9. Timberline Is Missing [2:50]
10. McSquizzy's Army [1:46]
11. Partners [3:16]
12. Forest 101 [2:18]
13. "Let the Bear Do His Thing" [3:04]
14. The Great Migration [1:17]
15. Herd Mentality [3:27]
16. Once There Was a Magical Elf [3:50]
17. Shaw Sees the Future [2:08]
18. Going in Circles [2:37]
19. Swept Away [3:08]
20. "We're Done" [3:22]
21. Civilization [5:10]
22. Open Season [3:48]
23. Brothers in Arms [1:52]
24. Charge! [2:59]
25. Mr. Happy [1:31]
26. The Mighty Grizzly [2:44]
27. Boog's Decision [2:03]
28. Home [9:12]


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Open Season 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this is a really cute movie with many likable characters. that last part depicting how they run off the hunters is fantastic. very imaginative. also promotes teamwork concepts.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It is a funny movie
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago