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Outing Riley 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
OUTING RILEY may feel a bit self serving, as though Bobby Riley, the main character of the film, is sitting in a Confessional Booth revealing his secret, and in fact that is certainly the case as the film was conceived, lived, written, directed and stars Pete Jones as Bobby. This may account for some of the awkward sense of some of the dialog: it is difficult to be up front about an issue with a history as embedded as the theme of this film. But despite these minor flaws, this little film has a heart of gold and a cast of actors who bring it to life in a good way. Bobby Riley (Pete Jones) is an Irish Catholic closeted gay man living in Chicago with his partner Andy (Michael McDonald). Bobby is being pressured by Andy and by his informed sister Maggie (Julie Pearl) to come out to his family - a good Irish Catholic family of four brothers, a sister, and a dying father (Bob Riley). His facade with his brothers is a mime of voyeurism of 'chicks' and a beer drinking butch life. Each family member has a secret: Maggie can't hold a relationship and is unable to keep secrets Connor (Stoney Westmoreland) is addicted to internet porn Jack (Dev Kennedy) is a priest who has problems with the conflicts the church places on his own beliefs Luke (the always outstanding Nathan Fillion) is a pothead. Once Maggie decides she must out Bobby, the brothers are conflicted: homophobia raises its ugly head despite the bonds of close family ties. How the family comes to grips with Bobby's being gay, individually and as a family, is the crux of the tale. This is a fine cast (especially Fillion and Pearl) and the story rolls along at a fine pace. At times it feels 'dishonest' but that is in the script, not the acting. This is not a major film, but it just may be a helpful one to families and friends who are curious about the lifestyle of someone who has surprised them with a similar secret! Grady Harp
Guest More than 1 year ago
Here's a funny indie film that goes where few Hollywood films would dare--an "average Joe" gay guy deals with coming out (really being outed) to his Irish Catholic family made up of four brothers (one's a priest) and a sister. Sounds like the plot of a weepie, but director/writer/main actor Pete Jones keeps the family dynamics funny and real leading to a satisfying conclusion. In the DVD commentary, Jones admits taking on the role when he couldn't get any Hollywood actors to sign on, but he acquits himself well as a actor. It's not perfect--a few missteps with fantasy sequences don't work--but the ensemble acting make this a fun and affecting movie.