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Party Monster

Party Monster

5.0 5
Director: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato

Cast: Macaulay Culkin, Seth Green


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Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato's biopic of club kid and convicted killer Michael Alig, Party Monster, comes to DVD with a pair of transfers. The widescreen transfer preserves the original theatrical aspect ratio of 1.85:1, and is preferable to the standard full-frame image. English and Spanish soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital Stereo. Supplemental


Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato's biopic of club kid and convicted killer Michael Alig, Party Monster, comes to DVD with a pair of transfers. The widescreen transfer preserves the original theatrical aspect ratio of 1.85:1, and is preferable to the standard full-frame image. English and Spanish soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital Stereo. Supplemental materials include a commentary track recorded by the directors. Before directing this film, the twosome made a documentary about Alig, also titled Party Monster, so they are full of detail and information about the events that transpired as well as the people involved. A making-of featurette, interviews with the cast members, and a jailhouse interview with Alig are included. This is a solid release of a little-seen film from 20th Century Fox.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Brian J. Dillard
Too arch and nostalgic to condemn the excess-ridden era it recreates, yet too much the product of a 12-step recovery to skip the after-school piety completely, this mostly enjoyable faux-documentary fable displays the same strengths and weaknesses as the book on which it's based. In other words, Disco Bloodbath author James St. James is no better at wresting meaning from his gaudy heyday than any other memoirist. Portrayed brilliantly here by Seth Green as a ketamine-snorting Oscar Wilde in various states of drag and self-delusion, St. James guides the audience through a tour of Manhattan's rave-era nightlife, a period of relentless techno thump, endless pills, and outrageous stunts. Macaulay Culkin is less surefooted in the admittedly less interesting role of Michael Alig, a rave-era Eve Harrington who unwittingly orchestrates the cultural shift from celebrity-as-nightclubber to nightclubber-as-celebrity. Culkin never sounds as convincing mouthing the clever, outré aphorisms that Green intones so airily. Nevertheless, the pair breeze their way through Party Monster's first hour on the strength of the script's co-dependent banter and its giddy depictions of clubland grotesquerie. Given a national platform by nominally outraged talk show hosts, Alig metamorphoses into a fame-hungry pied piper who inspires a generation of small-town kids to move to New York armed with nothing but an appetite for drugs and a flair for self-promotion. Eventually, though, he turns to murder when his dealer has the nerve to expect payment for the mountains of cocaine Alig ingests. The constant stream of cameos -- from Dylan McDermott as Limelight owner Peter Gatien to Natasha Lyonne as a club-kid convert -- and the filmmakers' non-linear approach keep things interesting well into the retribution reel. In the end, though, Party Monster exhausts the audience's patience by indulging in the fruitless quest for perspective on events that took place less than a decade ago. A closer look at the absurd facts of the case (the police were too busy trying to bust Gatien for alleged drug trafficking to arrest Alig, who had confessed to the murder on television) might have served the material better than boring 20/20 hindsight.

Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
20th Century Fox
[Full Frame, Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital Stereo]

Special Features

Closed Caption; Featurette; Director/producer commentary; Interview with Michael Alig; Actor interviews with Macaulay Culkin, Seth Green, Marilyn Manson, and more; Behind-the-scenes; Trailer ; Scene selection

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Macaulay Culkin Michael Alig
Seth Green James St. James
Chloë Sevigny Gitsie
Natasha Lyonne Brooke
Justin Hagan Freez
Wilson Cruz Angel
Wilmer Valderrama Keoki
Dylan McDermott Peter Gatien
Marilyn Manson Christina
Diana Scarwid Michael's Mom
Daniel Franzese Actor
Lucy Liu Alessandra
Manny Perez Johnny

Technical Credits
Fenton Bailey Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Randy Barbato Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Laura Ballinger-Gardner Art Director
Wouter Barendrecht Executive Producer
Frank Gaeta Sound/Sound Designer
Jimmy Harry Score Composer
Alyson Latz Asst. Director
Michael Lerman Asst. Director
Teodoro Maniaci Cinematographer
Jon Marcus Producer
Susan Ogu Set Decoration/Design
Howard Paar Musical Direction/Supervision
Edward R. Pressman Executive Producer
John Schmidt Executive Producer
Susan Shopmaker Casting
Jeremy Simmons Editor
Bradford Simpson Producer
Sofia Sondervan Executive Producer
Andrea Stanley Production Designer
Christine Vachon Producer
John Wells Executive Producer
Michael J. Werner Executive Producer
Michael Wilkinson Costumes/Costume Designer

Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Opening Credits [3:36]
2. Notice Anyone Missing? [4:13]
3. I'm Michael Alig [4:31]
4. My First Party [3:46]
5. Hawaiian Punch [4:18]
6. Out for Revenge [2:39]
7. So Big [4:48]
8. King of the Club Kids [3:28]
9. Happy Birthday! [4:28]
10. Yoda to My Luke [4:49]
11. What's for Dinner? [3:37]
12. 300 Cheeseburgers Please [2:26]
13. America's Future [6:53]
14. Dallas Invasion [2:43]
15. Money, Success, Fame, Glamour [2:55]
16. Bugs [5:25]
17. The Show Must Go On [3:19]
18. You Dropped Your Rock [4:25]
19. First Overdose [4:03]
20. Terrible Mess [4:29]
21. Never Leave Me [2:34]
22. "Anonymity" [4:03]
23. The Rat [5:57]
24. End Credits [4:58]

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Party Monster 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie is one that I have watched many times and always enjoy. Great story, great music = great movie. Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green were both amazing in this movie!
Guest More than 1 year ago
After watching this moving I wondered WOW! It would be awsome to meet a club kid. I am only 17 and never knew about club kids untill James st. James wrote the book and the movie was made. The movie holds your attension and makes you stare honesty right in the face. After realizing wow how much of this is what happened it made me want to read the book. I am only in the begining but it is amazing to understand really what James St. James was thinking about. I have never done any drugs and they was he describes it is like this amazing sensation you wont easily forget. Although the movie doesn't portray there sexuality correctly. WIth a little thinking you can push it all together. I wouldn't usually care about these kind of movies but the grab you hold you tight and prepare you for a very steep and riviting ride thru perfection, drug, alcohol, sex, partying, and death. A++++ to James St. James, the producers, writers, Michael Alig(in a harmful way. Without him it wouldn't have happened.), and all the club kids that were portrayed in the movie and helped in the making of it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
even if youre not into drug/party movies, you still have to love this story.its powerful, not to mention true. also a plus, marilyn manson is in this movie! he plays the dancing drag queen. i love it...
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie is one of the best ive ever seen. As hanging around the manhatten club seen myself it could'nt haave been prtrayed better. Mac and seth are amazing in this movie and watching this just brings back so many memories. I hope this movie teachs people about the horrors of drug addiction
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie based on the book, Disco Bloodbath is truly one of the greatest independant films ever. I first heard about Michael Alig's story through an A&E documentary. The story interested me so much that I had to read the book. Then I saw the movie. Culkin's portrayal is phenomenal to say the least. Incedentally the real Alig grew up very close to where I live. This really showed me that you don't have to be from a big city to be involved with such a tragic event. I highly suggest Party Monster.