Perry Mason - Season 3, Vol. 2

Perry Mason - Season 3, Vol. 2

Director: Arthur Hiller, Arthur Marks, Gerald Mayer
Cast: Raymond Burr

DVD (Full Frame)

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By the time Perry Mason rolled into its third season in the fall of 1959, the series was the 10th most popular program in America, and the uncontested leader in its Saturday night timeslot--despite formidable competition from the upstart NBC western Bonanza. Ironically, Perry Mason would ultimately wither on the vine in its ninth season when once again CBS moved it opposite the by-now extremely profitable Bonanza, but that was still several years in the future. Ratings and popularity, aside, the series' star Raymond Burr and his costars Barbara Hale, William Hopper and Ray Collins had ample reason for complaint this season, thanks to a corporate decision by parent network CBS. In March of 1960, William Talman, who played defense attorney Mason's friendly adversary, prosecutor Hamilton Burger, was hauled into jail for throwing a wild party (marijuana may or may not have been involved). Though Talman was never charged with anything, the network invoked the "morals clause" in his contract and fired him on the spot. Only the combined protests of the cast members--led by Burr, who threatened to quit the show if Talman wasn't reinstated--and tons of supportive fan mail compelled CBS to reverse its decision in December of 1960. By this time, however, Talman had missed several episodes (most of which were seen in the series' fourth season). March 1960 Talman had his wild party. Fay Wray murdered in "The Case of the Watery Witness," "The Case of the Lucky Legs," in "The Case of the Prudent Prosecutor," Burger asks Mason's help to clear an old friend on a murder charge. Otherwise, things moved smoothly on the series, with Perry Mason consistently proving the innocence of his clients and and exposing the real murderer on a weekly basis. Also, as in previous years, Season Three had its share of noteworthy guest performers, ranging from old-timer Francis X. Bushman to comparative youngsters Barbara Bain, Bert Convy and future Oscar winner Louise Fletcher.

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Time: 12:08:00
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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Raymond Burr Actor
Anne Benton Trudy Holbrook
Barbara Hale Actress
Herbert Rudley Edward Nelson
Hugh Marlowe Cmdr. James Page
Jeremy Slate Bob Lansing
Joan O'Brien Betty Roberts
Lori March Paula Wallace
Louise Fletcher Gladys Doyle
Mala Powers June Sinclair
Marie Windsor Flavia Halliday Pierce
Marshall Thompson Arthur Poe
Ray Stricklyn Gerald Norton
Ruta Lee Vita Culver
Tom Coley James Frazer
William H. Wright Adam Thompson
Barbara Bain Madelyn Terry
Bert Convy Harry Thompson
Beverly Garland Mauvis Meade
Elisabeth Fraser Hazel Bascombe
Francis X. Bushman Lawrence King
Frank Maxwell Harry Scott Wilson
Henry Lascoe George Anclitas
Henry Norell Frederick Bell
J. Pat O'Malley Jefferson Pike
Jack Ging Seaman Robert Chapman
Joe Maross David Lambert
John Conte Charles Pierce
Kasey Rogers Lois Langley
Virginia Arness Sylvia Nelson
William Hopper Actor
Bethel Leslie Sylvia Sutton
Carl Benton Reid Victor Logan
CeCe Whitney Thelma Frazer
Chris Warfield Ennis
Douglas Kennedy Lucky Sterling
George Mitchell Amos Catledge
Hayden Rorke Jay Holbrook #1
John Stephenson Frank Avery
Leslie Parrish Hope Sutherland
Lew Gallo Richard Gillman
Philip Bourneuf Asa Culver
Robert Emhardt J.J. Flaherty
Robert Simon Anthony Beldon
Tom Drake Richard Harkens
Allison Hayes Sadie Bradford
Byron Palmer Charles Houston
David White Henry de Garmo
Denver Pyle Tom Quincy
Francis de Sales Jay Holbrook #2
Joel Lawrence Elliott Carter
Kathryn Givney Amelia Harkens
Kenny Lynch Calvin Boone
Lawrence Dobkin Gregory Dunkirk
Mort Mills Barry Scott
Phillip Terry Robert Doniger
Richard Shannon Ben Sutton
Sue George Sally Norton
Walter Coy Denver Leonard
Alexander Davion Gilbert Ames
Barbara Fuller Joan Leonard
Carmen Phillips Lisa Carson Lambert
Charles Aidman Arthur Siddons
Charles Bateman Roy Dowson
Crahan Denton Frank Jarrett alias Norman Justine
Doug Odney Arthur Hayden
Edward Mallory George Halliday
H.M. Wynant Joseph "Slim" Marcus
Henry Beckman David
John Reach Duke Lawton
King Calder Floyd Gordon
Maggie Hayes Vivian Bell
Robert H. Harris Gordon Russell

Technical Credits
Arthur Hiller Director
Arthur Marks Director
Gerald Mayer Director
Richard Kinon Director
Robert Ellis Miller Director
Walter E. Grauman Director
William D. Russell Director

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Perry Mason - Season 3, Vol. 2 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
pviverito More than 1 year ago
If only today the crime shows had the social and production values of the late 50's and early 60's. A simple formula with a conclusion. Perry Mason might seem dated but it gets the job done. Someone dies (without the gore which modern society feels so important to telling a tale) and his or her killer is found out. The musical score adds to the various moods of the scenes as it should. The main characters (Perry and Burger), while at odds manage to create a workable friendship of sorts. The supporting cast with Della, Paul and Lt. Tragg are perfect characters equal to Poirot's Captain Hastings and Miss Lemon. In wonderful and glorious Black and White you will find 4 disks {only one episode was ever done in color and not found here}. Some 14 episodes bring you back to adult TV as it should be done. Real people with a sophistication we lack today. It was a time when you could smoke and drink and drive fast cars with pretty women sitting beside you. People were just as evil and greedy then but you know we were happier regardless. To take a quote from the Film "Ben Hur", I would have those times again. This is a great tool to see the cold war period and the values we had once held; the way we were. Break the law and you can't take the pressure anymore as you the criminal break down in court confessing to everything. Imagine criminals who have enough morality remaining to confess. It is all part of the world of Perry Mason; the Perry Mason formula which is so lacking in modern crime dramas which are today nothing more than blood and gore tabloid. If you want interesting characters, good stories with a purpose and a morality that goes beyond our fascination with blood and gore then turn to the Mason series. I am getting them all!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago